McLeansboro Times, October 3, 1918

"ED RITTINGER about 63, had been residing with the families of William Reasons and his wife, about 70, and Charles Reasons and wife, all residing at the same house about  1 3/4 miles south of Broughton.

Rittinger was a charge of Saline county and was notified by the Saline county authorities that his allowance had been cut off, whereupon he was notified by Reasons that they could not keep him longer and this is what likely prompted him to commit the awful crime.

Charles Reasons was not at home at the time Rittinger became enraged and when he went to get the gun Mr. and Mrs. Reasons and Mrs. Charles Reasons fled from the house and as they ran Rittinger shot William Reasons in the back and then shot his wife both parties dying almost instantly.  Mrs. Charles Reasons made good her escape.  After committing these crimes he fled to the bottoms where he met the same death as he had administered to his victims.

Copied by Rick Moore, November 14, 1994


The William Reasons are buried in the north-east part of Douglas cemetery in Northern

Saline County.  Jess Nelson told Rick Moore that after Rittinger was killed, they "put him out on the freight platform at the depot in Broughton."

Hardin Porter told Claud Moore who told Rick Moore that he (Hardin) was a part of the posse that went after Rittinger.  Hardin said that bloodhounds trailed him to some treetops east of the Eaton Hole where a shoot out took place. Hardin said he had a high powered rifle and he always thought that he was the one that killed Rittinger. Rittinger was supposedly buried in an unmarked grave in Gholson cemetery.