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By 1830, public roads were opened in Mayberry Township and a Post Office was established called Rector, after John Rector a surveyor. According to my dad James Everett Gholson, Rector was cutting brush when he was attacked and killed by Indians in 1805. The spot was about a half mile North of Rector creek and East of US Route 142, and a half mile South of Douglass Cemetery. I believe the town was called Rectorville because the Post Office was called Rector.

Rectorville was plotted at the crossroad, February 25, 1857. The section lines formed Main and Market streets, which were 66 feet wide. The alleys in back of the lots were 16 feet wide. There were 32 lots in the village. The plat was recorded in Deed Book K page 86 in Hamilton County, McLeansboro, Illinois.

Samuel B. Allen & Tomzen Gholson opened a general store in Rectorville and the Rector Post Office was moved to the store. S. B. Allen also served as a Notary Public and as such his name appears on many documents. Ira Smith, & Porter Bros. also operated general stores in the village. Quackenbush and Company operated a sawmill.Photo S. B. Allen Photo Tomzen Gholson

The railroad missed the village by about a mile and a quarter and since the railroad wouldn't come to Rectorville, the inhabitants would go to the railroad. North of Rectorville the Railroad crossed land more suitable for a town site. This land belonged to Dr.Edward Dawes that he donated to the railroad. Everyone who had lots in Rectorville were given lots in Broughton. The Railroad set up a station at Broughton. Dr. Dawes sold 112 lots for $ Joseph Castles. Dr. Dawes would not see his dream for Broughton become a booming town. He died on May 2 1873 of a heart attack, 17 days of the sale.

Dawes, Dr. Edward page 06B on People & Places of Broughton at Centennial Time. b. Mar. 1820, Washington D.C. d. 2 May 1873 at home in New town of Broughton. March 22 1842 received certificate to practice medicine from a Louiville, Ky. medical school. Served in Mexico War. Capt of Co. K, 6th IL. Cavalry during Civil War. Married Miss McCrie- - d. ca. 1848 no children Click for photo ...............Click for Civil War action

Married Delilah Thrasher June 30 1852 of Rectorville. She died October 30, 1861, 3 children Tom, Meg & Louisa. Married Nancy Parmelia Clary; 3 children Tessie, Nellie and Arthur Dawes. Dr. Dawes instrumental in bringing R.R. to area. Citizens wanted to call the new town Dawesville but he insisted on Broughton after the Surveyor Broughton Temple who helped to locate the town. See Golden Era 27, Jun 1873-12.

Rectorville's physician, Dr. Edward Dawes was an influence on his Son-in-law, James Tomzen Gholson to become a doctor and was my Gr. Grandfather. Click for photo Dr James T. Gholson lived at the west end of Dawes Street on the north side in Broughton, IL. James completed his medical training at St. Louis Missouri Medical College in 1879. His sponsoring physician was J.G. Wheeler also of Rectorville. Click here to see letter

One of the above mentioned stores that moved to Broughton, the Firm of Allen & Gholson, the owners being S. B. Allen and Tomzen Gholson. Tomzen was my great great grandfather. One of his sons John Gaines Gholson became a lawyer, another son James Tomzen Gholson (my gr.grandfather) married Celeste Louisa Dawes the daughter of Dr. Edward Dawes and was a school teacher and later a physician for Broughton. His home was at the west end of Dawes St.

Tomzen Gholson’s wife, Mary Elizabeth Gaines, died on Nov 7, 1875. He then married Nancy Parmelia Clary Dawes, the widow of Dr.Dawes on Jan 16,1877 and had 2 children, Edward Gholson 1879 and Elizabeth "Bessie" Gholson 1882. Also in 1882 Tomzen’s son, Dr James T.Gholson who went to deliver a baby and got wet and came down with pneumonia, died on Jan 18, 1882. The firm of Allen & Gholson continued in Broughton until Tomzen’s death on Nov 27, 1899.

Samuel Berry Allen continued to operate the store known as Allen’s store until 1902. He died February 11, 1917.


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