Tragic Deaths are Recalled

G.W. Allen (George) of Broughton Illinois has kept a record of a number of tragic deaths, most of which have occured in the community surrounding here which he has furnished us and we are printing below. Some of these will be recalled by many of our read ers.

James Mings committed suicide July 5, 1879 by hanging himself in his barn. Motive unknown.

Frank Burnett was killed by Phil Smith at Walpole December 24, 1890.

Jefferson Davis committed suicide November 11, 1891 by hanging himself in his barn. Motive: Someone had stolen his gold.

Emory Donley was killed by a train in Broughton Illinois November 9, 1894. He was the son of George Donley.

James Anderson Porter and son Sheridan were killed in a cyclone in St. Louis Mo. May 27, 1896.

Reece C. Roberts was killed at Doug Lightfoots in Pope County May 16,1897. Doug Lightfoot was arrested for his murder and was aquitted.

George Garner was murdered by Francis M. Hosick Sunday night, April 9, 1899 at 7 P.M. He was stabbed in the heart and bowels. Hosick committed suicide by hanging himself in McLeansboro jail using a towel for a rope. May 3, 1899.

Jessie Riggs committed suicide at Broughton Il. by taking carbolic acid. Ill health was given as the motive. (No date)

Leslive Johnson, son of Logan Johnson was killed by lightning at Buck Lively's July 8, 1903.

Pete Murphy, son of John Wess Murphy was killed by the L&N train at Carmi Il. Mar. 13, 1907.

Alonzo Griffen was killed in Colfax, Cal., Dec. 5, 1907 by falling into a turnpit.

On June 10, 1912 Issac Irvin, son of Orval Irvin was killed by a team of mules hitched to a roller. The team became frightened and ran away.

Raymond Ritchey was killed in Harrisburg switchyards July 28, 1913.

Austin Allen was accidently shot by his brother Wesley Allen while out hunting near Taylortown school, Feb. 15, 1914.

William Mings of Saline county was killed on the Big Four in Hamilton Co. Aug. 27, 1915 by turning his car over. Other occupants of the car were Ed Latham, his wife Edith, and Horace Allen. Children of G.W. Allen. Edith received a broken nose, While Mrs. Latham a badly bruised leg.

Nov. 25, 1915 Eugene, the son of Frank Reeves of Broughton, Il. was accidently shot by Joe Barger while out hunting.

William Reasons and wife were murdered by Ed Rettinger Sept 18, 1918 who shot them with a shotgun. Rettinger was killed that evening by Sheriff John Sneed's posse in Hamilton Co. Burial was in Gholson Cemetery.

Ann Allen, mother of Harry Allen, was killed by the L&N train in Broughton, Aug. 22, 1920.

Charlie Linburg took his own life with a shot gun Dec. 1, 1920. Family trouble was the cause.

Nancy Vickers Gholson, widow of John Wesley Gholson took her own life by drowning in her well, 1920.

April 27, 1921. Lee Wooldridge shot and killed his wife Ruby Ellis Wooldridge at Walpole Il. She was shot five times with a revolver. Wooldridge went 1/4 mile away to his Aunt Lewis' house and shot himself.

Claude Lockwood committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor, Sept 21, 1922.

Mark Miller killed himself with a target Jan 1, 1923.

Thomas Johnson's wife and daughter Rea were killed by the IC train near Galatia Dec. 12, 1925.

Fred Miller, the little son of Sam and Ella May Reeder Miller of Broughton was killed by a Ford Car driven by Lora Sutton Dec. 12, 1925.

Jan. 14, 1926 Tom French, a blind man, took his own life by drowning in a well.

John Mann was assassinated by the Schoolcraft brothers. (No date.)

This information was hand written by Bernice Wooldridge and was found in some of her papers after she died in November of 1997. Copying was done by Rick Moore 12/1997.