Broughton Photos


flour-mill in the 1920s L & N at the Broughton Depot
Elevator in Broughton 1920 Inside Broughton Depot
  Broughton Depot in 1917
1937-flood Ed Gholson's garage  
Griswold's Barn 1937 flood Home of James Anderson Porter
house in the 1937 flood Broughton Baptist Church
Barn in the flood of 37  
  Broughton Map
Dawes St in Broughton Allen Family and the Hamilton Store
  Hamilton Store Wrapping Paper
Telephone Phone from Allen Store
Broughton Post Office Allen Store wrapping paper
Ruth McElvain Allen Store Advertisement
Winifred Hughes  
  1905 School Souvenir
Checks that went through Broughton Bank Broughton Grade School Teachers 1957
Broughton Funeral Home 1895  
Barber Shop Steel Bridge
Sullivan Repair Shop Broughton IL. 1940 Old Bridge in the 1930s
Gunter Blacksmith Shop