CamCo Marriages


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The following marriages were sent to us by Bernadine Teague

Wm. McLaughlin of Camden Co., Mo. and Sarah C. Edwards of Camden Co., MO., on the 25th of April 1875 at the bride's parents by Isaac N. Anderson.  Witnesses:  Silas Edwards, Sarah Anderson.

Ralph A. Twitchel and Mary Jane McLaughlin were married by I. N. Anderson March 3, 1995

Melvin E. Kuykendall and Priscilla McLaughlin were married by L. W. Pickins January 7, 1901

Milton B. Long and Lizzie McLaughlin were married April 26, 1903

James W. McLaughlin and Willie Twitchel were married November 16, 1903

Aaron McLaughlin and Althea Anderson were married December 23, 1906

Woodle Earp and Dillie McLaughlin were married July 30, 1905

Thomas W. McLaughlin and Hattie Mae Scott were married August 27, 1908

William J. Earp and Ida McLaughlin were married January 10, 1912

Harry W. McLaughlin and Effie Blanche Mathens were married November 15, 1920

William Edwards and Alice Shipman were married July 15, 1883

CULLEN, James Everett and HEIMBEAUGH, Cartha,  Bond #00001-00015, Book 1, Page 458   Aug. 15, 1909

CULLEN, Arthur and ZIGLAR, Effey Bond ,#00001-00017, Book 3, Page 38      Nov. 25, 1910

CULLEN, Ethel and MONEYHAM, Andrew L.,  Bond #00001-00063, Book 3, Page 35   Nov. 30, 1910

CULLEN, Mary and CARLILE, Alva U., Bond #00001-00013, Book 1, Page 146,   June 5, 1904

CULLEN, Virgil and CARLILE, Edna G.,  Bond #00001-00013, Book 1, Page 165,   Nov. 1, 1904

ROGERS, Green Berry, and CYRUS, Bertha F., both of Colleda, Jan. 26,
1902, Jasper Green, Minister of the Gospel

HAINES, Henry, and DOYLE, Delia B., Ha Ha Tonka and Colleda, Sep. 13,
1902, H. L. Parrack M of G, at home of the Bride

MORRISON, William N., and EVANS, Ada F., , both of Edith, Alex Morrison,
father of Wm. and Mrs. S. J. White, mother of Ada give written consent.
Sep. 25, 1902, A G O Bryan, Justice of the Peace, in his office.

CAPPS, George W. and WATERS, Bertha P., both of Edith, Oct. 1, 1902, D.
L. Allen M of G, Residence of Groom

WHITE, Henry C., and NORTH, Bertha, both of Colleda, Sep. 21, 1902,
John F. Osborn M of G, in his home

WHITE, Johnny, and LAUGHLIN, Sophia, Colleda and Ha Ha Tonke, John White
father, gives consent, Nov. 9, 1902, John Osborn M of G

WHITWORTH, Porter R. and TOBY, Della, Nonesuch? and Barnumton, Dec. 7,
1902, Ben F. King, J.P. Home of brides parents.

MOULDER, Chester M., and EVANS, Della M., Linn Creek and Ha Ha Tonka, Nov.
22, 1902, Jasper Green M of G, in Colleda

McGUIRE, James and GREGORY, Rebecca E., Ha Ha Tonka and Decaturville, W.B.
Gregory, father consent, Mar 29, 1903, D.D. Grimes, J.P.

WHITWORTH, Cephus and TAPP, Viola, both of Colleda, Wm. R. Whitworth and W.
J. Tapp fathers, give consent Jun 12, 1903, I. R. Green, J.P. in his

MORRISON, Alfred C., and CULLEN, Maude, Decaturville and Ha Ha Tonka, Alex
Morrison, father present gives consent, J. D. Cullen father consent in
writing, October 10, 1903, L. L. Allen M of G, at the home of J. D. (J.S.) Cullen.
Marriage Oct. 17, 1903  Bond 00001-00061 in Book 1, Page 111.

MEADS, Carroll T. and WHITWORTH, Normey E., both of Edith, parents consent,
Nov. 1, 1903, Eld. J. B. Smith, J.P.

WHITE, B. F. and DODSON, Rosa both of Roach, Nov. 7, 1903, L. Asa J.P., at
Linn Creek

GIBSON, W. C. and WEBSTER, Dora, both of Ha Ha Tonka. Sarah Webster mother
gives consent, Apr 13, 1904, H. N. Chalfaunt, Judge Probate Court at

HARDY, James H. and WHITE, Jennie, both of Osage Iron Works, Jun. 8, 1904,
Ben F. King, J.P. at Barnumton

WHITE, John W. and TUCKER, Nora, Osage Iron Works and Crittenden, R. H.
White, father, consent, Aug. 23, 1904, Charles A. Kincaid, J.P. in his
office near Osage Iron Works.

WEBSTER, Milton and HUDSON, Ida, both of Ha Ha Tonka, Aug. 30, 1904, James
A. McGuire M of G, at brides home.

EVANS, Eugene and DOYLE, Della M. of Ha Ha Tonka and Roach, Sep. 18, 1904,
Elder Wm. H. Dykes, Minister

WHITE, Henry and JACKSON, Janie, both of Colleda, Aug. 21, 1904, John F.
Osborn M of G in his home.

OREL, H. G. and WEBSTER, Isaline,(Mary Icline), both of Ha Ha Tonka, Mary
A. Orel and Sarah Busker give written consent, Mar. 21, 1905, D. L. Allen
M of G, at his home.

McGUIRE, Thomas and WEBSTER, Fannie, both of Ha Ha Tonka, N. C. McGuire
father, gives written consent, Jun. 18, 1905, James A. McGuire M of G, in
his home.

GREGORY, George and LOONEY, Louvina, both of Decaturville, Sep. 17, 1905,
James A. McGuire M of G, at brides home.

PIRTLE, Virgil and PALMER, Lizzie, of Colleda and Springfield, Green Co.,
Oct. 9, 1905, H. L. Parrack M of G in his house.

SHATTUCK, H. W. and MORRISON, Eliza J., both of Montreal, Mary Shattuck
mother and Alfred Morrison give written consent, Oct 8, 1905, R. D. Fudge,
Christian Minister, in Montreal

WINDS, William T. and WHITWORTH, Ada T., Linn Creek and Ha Ha Tonka, Nov.
5, 1905, J. P. Jeffries, J.P. at Ha Ha Tonka.

WHITE, Everett and JACKSON, Rebecca, both of Roach, John White father
gives consent, Nov. 12, 1905, J. L. Parrack M of G at Brides home.

OSBORN, Levi and WHITE, Zena, of Corkery, Dallas Co. & Ha Ha Tonka, S. J.
White mother, gives written consent. (Zena not yet age 15)

SNELL, Frank and WEBSTER, May, Roach and Ha Ha Tonka, Rosa White mother of
Frank and Martha Rowley mother of May give written consent, Jun. 29, 1906,
C. L. Heimbeaugh, J.P. at Ha Ha Tonka

WHITWORTH, Sopha and CYRUS, Cittie?, both of Colleda, Gove Cyrus, father
consents, Oct. 7, 1906, John F. Osborn M of G in his home.

McGUIRE, Thomas and MOSIER, Lillie, both of Ha Ha Tonka, John L. Mosier
father consents, Sep. 2, 1906, Wm. B. Gregory M of G, at residence of J.
P. McGuire, father of groom.

NICHOLSON, Everett and JACKSON, Sister of Linn Creek and Colleda, Oct. 14,
1906, J. P. Jeffries J.P. at his residence.

DOYLE, John W. and ROOFFENER, Emma F., of Road and Ha Ha Tonka, J. R.
Rooffener consents, Nov 4, 1906, J. L. Parrack M of G at brides home.

WEBSTER, Thomas and LOONEY, Jane of Ha Ha Tonka and Decaturville, Feb. 10,
1907, James A. McGuire M of G, at brides house.

McGUIRE, Albert and MOSIER, Della both of Ha Ha Tonka, John P. McGuire
father gives written consent, Apr. 12, 1907, James A. McGuire M of G at
his home.

WEBSTER, Ace and McGUIRE, Sarah of Ha Ha Tonka and Decaturville, Aug. 10,
1907, H. W. Calfaunt Judge Probate Court at Linn Creek

BISHOP, John D. and WHITWORTH, Myrtle both of Macks Creek, Dec. 25, 1907,
A. W. Kain Ordained Gospel Min. at Macks Creek.

GRIMES, Thomas and BOLES, Rachel both of Decaturville, Jan. 10, 1908, D. D.
Grimes J. P. at Macks Creek.

OSBORN, Elfred and TREASE, Eva of Macks Creek and Roach, J. D. Osborn,
natural guardian of Elfred gives written consent, Feb. 2, 1908, A. W. Kain
Ordained Gospel Min. at Roach.

PERCIVAL, John and CAVINESS, Mary both of Linn Creek, A. S. Cabiness
consents to marriage Aug. 30, 1908, John P. Blankenship J. P. at brides

WHITE, Walter and BISHOP, Eunice, Osage Iron Works and Climax Springs, R.
H. White father being present in person consents, Sep. 6, 1908, Charles A.
Kincaid J. P. at Climax Springs

NORTH, W. F. and NATIONS, Rebecca of Edith and Macks Creek, Sep. 10, 1908,
John F. Osborn M of G, at brides home.

WHITE, William and EVANS, Tressie of Colleda and Mosier, Dec. 13, 1908, H.
L. Parrack M of G at Pleasant Grove

PIRTLE, T. M. and WALL, M. E. both of Macks Creek, Dec. 27, 1908, H. L.
Parrack M of G at grooms home.

GRIFFITH, Robert and WHITWORTH, Martha, both of Linn Creek, E. C. Whitworth
father gives consent, Feb. 14, 1909, A. L. Scott M of G at brides

WILLIAMS, George W. and CYRUS, Gracy of Roach and Colleda, J. D. Cyrus,
father gives consent Feb. 24, 1909, A. W. Kain, Ordained Gospel Min. at

HICKS, Elmer and EVANS, Pearlie of Macks Creek and Cluny, J. J. Evans and
Syntha Evans parents give written consent Feb. 28, 1909, Eld. J. M. West,
Preacher of Gospel, Pleasant Grove Church.

WHITWORTH, Kelly and GREEN, Stella both of Banister, Mar 4, 1909, Eld. J.
M. West M of G at Climax Springs.

WHITE, Claud and ROBINSON, Anna L. of Osage Iron Works, John White father
gives sonsent, Jun. 19, 1909, J. P. Jeffries, J. P. at Linn Creek.

ADAIR, Claud F. and NICHOLS, Alice, of Bannister and Crittenden, Jul. 4,
1909, Charles A. Kincaid, Jr. J.P. at Osage Iron Works.

McGUIRE, J. G. and COWLISHAW, Mary E. of Ha Ha Tonka and Decaturville, S.
T. McGuire father and Mrs. Martha Cowlishaw, mother consent, Jul 25, 1909,
James A. McGuire M of G at home of bride.

CHILDERS, Charley and McGUIRE, Della of Mosier and Decaturville, Aug. 8,
1909, D. L. Allen M of G, at home of James McGuire.

CYRUS, Volley? and EIDSON, Bertha or Colleda and Macks Creek, Jun 2, 1910,
H. L. Parrack M of G at grooms home.


NOLAND, Ezekiel and RUSSELL, Nancy Margaret, Aug. 25, 1895, J. M. Russell
M of G at brides residence.

WEBSTER, Spencer and CAVINESS, Mary, Oct. 14, 1866, M. B. Nim, J. P.
Witnessed by William J. McGuire and Sarah McGuire.

FOWLER, Lewis A. and McCLANAHAN, Mary Frances, Apr. 20, 1876, Charles
Wescott J. P., Witnesses, Edwin F. McClanahan present at residence of E. C.
McClanahan in Camden Co. and Margaret E. McClanahan.

ALLISON, Joseph and PIERCY, July 10, 1864

The following was contributed by:   KATHY WILSON

Contributed also by:   KATHY WILSON

Submitted June 18, 2000 by:    Lorena Velasquez   

TOLAR, John Lawrence to SINNETT, Cora Alpha in Coelleda, MO, 16 Dec. 1896.  Performing the ceremony was James M. Russell, Minister.   John Sullivan and James M. Sullivan, witnesses.

Information taken from the Tolar Family Bible.

Submitted Feb. 3, 2000 by:       Charlotte Iker    

Marriage Record for Grace Gruber

Spouse: Frank G. Holt
Date: 15 Mar 1905
B/G: Bride
Residence: 1
Age: 180
Source: Book:over 21 Page:
Bond #: 00001-00037
County and State: Camden Co. MO