There may be some repeats here, if so, I apologize.  At least there is a record.

CARTEE,  Henry Elson  to  SWEATT, Roseltha  Nov. 30, 1909
CULLEN, W. B. to McGUIRE, Anna    1907

GIBSON, J. O. to POPE, Cora W.   1909
GIBSON, Thomas to SHUMATE, Octavia   1904
GIBSON, W. C. to WEBSTER, Dora  1904
GIBSON, William A. to STARKS, Mamie   1908
GUEST, Marion McConnell "Mack" to HARBORD, Mary Evelyn   Aug. 26, 1900

MORRISON, A. C. to CULLEN, Maude  1903
MORRISON, Anna to DICKERSON, Walter W.  1911
MORRISON, S. Riley to GARRISON, Harriett  1906
MORRISON, Saddie to BREEDLOVE, Joseph  1912
MORRISON, Viga J.  to SHATTUCK, N. W.  1905
MORRISON, William N. to EVANS, Ada F.  1902

ROGERS, Allen to ROUSLY, Rosa Amine   1909
ROGERS, Berry to FLEYMS, Bertha  1902
ROGERS, Eli to COROLISHAW, Mary    1904
ROGERS, Elisha to ROOFENER, Stella  1902
ROGERS, Emma A. to WEDDLES, John  1905
ROGERS, Eva to BOAN, Floyd  1916
ROGERS, Gillum to GRAHAM, Letta  1911
ROGERS, Jno to GRAHAM, Lottie  1913
ROGERS, Joe to HOGUE, Bertha 1915
ROGERS, Lile to MOON, Ida
ROGERS, Lou to MOON, James  1906
ROGERS, Lou to WEBSTER, W. P.  1915
ROGERS, Mary to GRIFFITH, J. H.  1909
ROGERS, Mirtie Ellen to DAVIS, Geo. W.  1913
ROGERS, Naincie to LOVELL, John  1915
ROGERS, Rachel J.  BROWN, Roy 1912

SCOTT, Arthur to BLOUNT, Ersula  1908
SCOTT, Arthur to PURECFULL, Nancy  1902
SCOTT, C. C. to HOPKINS, Girtie  1913
SCOTT, Carrie to CROSS, R. W.  1903
SCOTT, Charles to EMERY, Lulu  1904
SCOTT, Charles F. to LIVINGSTON, Minnie  1903
SCOTT, Clarence to BANGESS, Josie  1905
SCOTT, David G. to EMRY, Anna  1903
SCOTT, David M. to LEFFERT, Margaret  1902
SCOTT, Ellis M. to BELL, Jessie  1902
SCOTT, Emma to BRONSON, Alford 1905
SCOTT, Emma to McCASLAND, Walter  1915
SCOTT, Geo. H. to SNYDER, Flay  1903
SCOTT, James to McGREGOR, Margaret C.  1908
SCOTT, Janie to PARRISH, P.S.  1908
SCOTT, Jessie M. to STONER, Arthur M.  1907
SCOTT, John W. to WILLIAMS, Carrie A.  1905
SCOTT, Le Claire Allyon to BRUNDAGE, Nona Maude  1909
SCOTT, Lou E. to McDOWELL, 1913
SCOTT, Martha to MILLER, M. C.  1911
SCOTT, Mary E. to WHALEN, John W.  1907
SCOTT, Mary J. to HIBDON, Marion M.  1903
SCOTT, Nancy to KENNY, Austin H.  1906
SCOTT, Rhoda to DAVENPORT, Dave  1914
SCOTT, Rosa to CLARKE, James P.  1907
SCOTT, Ursulla to GEORGE, Jiohn L.  1915
SCOTT, Walter W. to PARRISH, Ida  1906

TRASK, William David to CONNELL, Ettie Belle  Feb. 1, 1888 at Connell's Ben(?) King, JP

WATERS, Effie to CHILDERS, Wesley  1905
WATERS, Joseph B. to CLARK, Mary L.  1910
WATERS, Nelson to GRAHAM, Esther  1902
WATERS, S. C. to RAINWATER, A. B.  1915
WEBB, Albert J. to CARLTON, Bertie M.  1903
WEBB, Jessie to MACE, Ellen  1903
WEBB, Marion to BINGMAN, Agnus  1907
WEBB, R. A. to HILL, Adelaide  1904
WEBB, Ursula to JEFFERIES, Richard  1914
WEBB, W. R. to HUDDELSTON, Hattie  1915
WEBB, William M. to OSBORN, Bettie M.  1906
WEBSTER, Lee to ARNOLD, Oma  1910
WINFREY, J. L. to CHALFAN, Gretta  1915
WINFREY, James M. to KISNER, Barbara E.  1914
WINFREY, Roannie to LUCAS, William F.  1908
WINFREY, Snodie to JONES, Jane  1908
WINFREY, Walter to McDOWELL, Vernettia  1906
WINFREY, William to PARISH, Kate  1910
WINFREY, William F. to MOULDER, Emma M.  1909
WINFREY, Ziepha to SELLERS, Marion O.  1902