Wilcox / Pearson Family Genealogy Information

Wilcox / Pearson Genealogy

Welcome to the Wilcox & Pearson Genealogy Pages. This website is meant to duplicate and supplement the information found at WorldConnect. WorldConnect has genealogical information for our ancestors, starting with my parents, Karl Wilcox and Grace Lee Boggess and my wife's parents, Lennart Pearson and Carol Landon. You can trace the family tree, or download a gedcom file which will give you the names and relationships of the other ancestors.

Once you have a specific name, you can come back here to look up additional information. You can click to read more detailed information starting with my family or view information about the Wilcox family name and crest. Feel free to browse and copy anything you'd like from WorldConnect, or from these pages, but keep in mind that most of this information has not yet been proven.

A large amount of this work is handed down from others, for which I'm very grateful. If you happen to find a mistake, or have additional information, I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me by using the email link below.

When building these pages, I tried to strike a balance between the desire to share family information, and the need to maintain privacy. I only included the kind data on WorldConnect that was publically available via birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage licenses. If you happen to find information within these pages regarding any living person, please email me to let me know. I tried to remove all information other than names about living persons before posting anything. If you find any mistakes, please let me know that also.

If you already have a specific name that you are researching, you can look in the surname list, family group sheets, or list of resources.
While this project is not complete, I've had the help of many family members and friends over the years. My wife's grandmother, Margaret Landon, made all of her family research available to me. Over the years she meticulously researched both her own ancestors and well as those of her husband, Kenneth Landon.

I was also blessed to have a maternal grandmother, Lilian Martin Boggess, who was interested in genealogy. While she was alive, I never had much of an interest in all of the data she collected. Funny thing, though. After she died, I realized that I didn't want the family information to die with her, so I suddenly became interested in my roots.

I was equally blessed to have a paternal uncle, Howard Judson Wilcox, Jr. who was equally interested in his roots. He spent many years and resources compiling his information, which he generously shared with me.

I am also equally blessed to have a wonderful cousin, Micki Fiorini, who gave me everything about the ancestors of Bill McGarry and Nellie Mae Baker.  Without her I would have almost nothing.

I hope you find something of interest here. I hopy you find something that benefits your own research. Most of all, I hopy my children can use this information to understand the fantastic heritage and legacy that they have.

John Wilcox