GLUNZ: From Hausen ob Verena to Buffalo (Genealogy)

From Germany to Buffalo & Cincinnati: Albert, Betz, Glunz, Jauch, Schmidt, Sess

Glunz: From Hausen ob Verena to Buffalo

I am descended from Paulina GLUNZ (1847-1930).

While researching my GLUNZ line, I have been fortunate to connect with a number of other researchers, most of whom are distant cousins. As a result, and especially thanks to the diligence of Glunz descendant, Karen Clickner, we discovered that at least two branches of GLUNZes emigrated from Hausen ob Verena to Buffalo, NY.

If you'd like your GLUNZ research efforts to be added to this one, please feel free to email me. (You'll have to edit that email address for it to work.)

--Jillaine Smith, Washington DC
Last updated: 17 March 2006

Fred, John, Caspar & Paulina Glunz c. 1900 Buffalo NY
L to R: Siblings: Fred, John, Caspar and (seated) Paulina Glunz, Buffalo, NY c. 1900
Photo courtesy of David A. Glunz

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The (My) GLUNZ Story

In the very southern part of Germany, not too far north of the Swiss border, is the city of Schwenningen (now Villingen-Schwenningen). It is surrounded by many small towns. Fifteen miles from Schwenningen, in the county of Tuttlingen, at an elevation of 2,400 fett is the town of Hausen ob Verena, which translates to Houses above the Verena Chapel. (Hausen ob Verena resident Martina Westphal-Mahner explained to me that the name Verena goes back to Roman times. "In the third century the Saint Verena lived in Zurzach (today on the Swiss border). From Zurzach a Roman military road crossed Hausen. Along this road were erected many little chapels in honor of Saint Verena were erected. One of these was near Hausen. Consequently the name Hausen ob Verena means: "houses above a Verena chapel".) Here's a photo of what Hausen ob Verena looks like today (population 732 or so):

Hausen Ob Verena Today

In this town, two families frequently married into each others' lines: The HALLERs and the GLUNZes. Between 1865 and 1875, many of these families emigrated to America. And the forefather of these families was PETER GLUNTZ, born around 1700; he also served as town mayor (vogt). We have not found his birth record yet so he may have been born elsewhere and settled as a married adult in Hausen ob Verena. Or perhaps the churches there didn't keep or lost early records.

Peter GLUNZ left quite a legacy. His progeny were quite prolific. To date (December 2001), we have documented two branches of Peter's many offspring, that of Johannes and and his brother Christian. While the table below attempts to track all emigrating descendants of these two, my own research focuses on those who settled in Buffalo, NY, USA.

The Emigrating GLUNZes

All Descended from Peter GLUNTZ
Branch #1
Through Joh. Christian Gluntz
Branch #2
Through Johannes Gluntz
Elias Glunz (1829-1912) and his wife Katharina Faude; lived at 100 Mulberry St., Buffalo, NY. Came over earlier than my gr-grandmother, Paulina (see below right), possibly at the same time as Paulina's father, Casper. Most likely that Elias came over with brother Georg and mother-in-law Maria Haller Glunz before 1867. Casper Glunz (1825-~1880); father of Paulina; came over before 1867; before she did. He married Christina Schweizer (1827-1864) of Cannstadt. We believe he emigrated shortly after her death in Hausen ob Verena.

Christian Glunz; possibly emigrated with wife Magdalena Unknown. Casper Glunz, Jr. (ancestor of Karen Clickner); came over with brother Friederich and sister Paulina (JLS' grandmother) in 1867.

Paulina Glunz (ancestor of Jillaine Smith); came over with her two brothers, Casper (Jr) and Friederich. Married almost immediately upon arrival to Ludwig JAUCH.

Johannes Glunz (1868-aft. 1900); emigrated possibly with wife Paulina (1869-?) Frederich Glunz; brother of Casper Jr and Paulina. To Cleveland, then on to Detroit. Married Anna.
Christian Glunz (1841-?); 1900 census at 313 High St., Buffalo, NY. Rosina Glunz (emig. not long after 1867); when she got to Buffalo, she married William Haller.
Johannes Glunz (1865-?); with siblings "to America" but where? Tom? Glunz (shows up on later census as Casper Sr.'s son, although no record of him born in Hausen.
Elisabetha Glunz (1866-?); with siblings "to America" but where? John Glunz (was Johannes); last child of Casper Glunz & Christina Schweizer; youngest brother of Paulina. Married Margaret Enck.
Jacob Glunz ; with siblings "to America" but where?  
Elias Glunz; with siblings "to America" but where?  
Maria Glunz (1875-1972); to Colorado (with parents?)  
Christian Glunz (b. 31 Aug 1837 to Christian Glunz and Anna Burer) emigrated to Marshall, Illinois. Was joined in 1857 by his nephew (son of his sister, Agnes), Andrew Maurer. Andrew served in the civil war, was captured and imprisoned in Georgia. Gene ( is descended from Andrew.

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