Durham Family Cemetery

Durham Family Cemetery is a small family cemetery on private property.   It is located in Simms, Texas, which is in Bowie County.  There are currently 6 tombstones with names and dates for 7 people and 2 stones of unknown graves.  Also, there are numerous other people who have been known to be buried at this cemetery.

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Graves with Tombstones:

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James Henry Durham (Son of James Marion Durham & Winnie Elizabeth Purser Durham)                                        

b.  25 Apr 1877            d.  5 Oct 1885

James Marion Durham (Son of Henry B. Durham & Melinda M. Robbins Durham)             

b.  23 May 1857            d.  22 Dec 1912

Thaddy Durham (Son of James Marion Durham & Winnie Elizabeth Purser Durham)        

b.  4 Mar 1892              d.  9 Jul 1899

Thomas William Taylor (Husband of Beadie Ann Meridian Durham)                                                                                

b.  19 Jan 1869             d.  27 Dec 1932

Beadie Ann Meridian Durham Taylor (Daughter of Henry B. Durham & Melinda M. Robbins Durham)            

b.  11 Aug 1871              d.  Between 1898-1900 (Tombstone says 1901)

Lucy A. Crabtree (Wife of T.F. Crabtree)

b.  1 Nov 1895               d.  2 Feb 1930

Elmer Thomas Taylor            

b.  20 Mar 1931            d.  15 Jan 1932

Unknown Grave (Possibly T.F. Crabtree - Husband of Lucy Crabtree)

Unknown Grave (Marked with the name "Kemp")

Ealey Durham's Record of Burials

William Henry Durham        1820-1875       CSA       (Ealey Durham's Grandfather)

Malinda Durham                  1827-1920                      (Ealey Durham's Grandmother)

J. Alex Durham                   1879-1913                      (Jessie Alex Durham, Son of James Marion Durham)

J. Marion Durham               1857-1912                       (Listed above)

Thaddy Durham                  1892-1899                       (Listed above)

James H. Durham               1877-1885                       (Listed above)

Charles Durham                  No dates                          (34 Years Old)

5 Other Durham Graves     No dates

Elmer Thomas Crabtree     1931-1932                       (Listed above)

Lucy A. Crabtree                1895-1930                       (Listed above)

Bates-Rolf Funeral Home Cemetery Records for Durham Family Cemetery

Francis Durham Anglin        13 Feb 1884 - 26 Jan 1971

William F. Dodge                 No Dates

Henry Durham                    No Birth Date;  Died December 1965

Houston Durham                 No Birth Date;  Died 2 Mar 1975

L.T. Durham                        7 Jul 1895 - 8 Aug 1967

William E. Durham              13 Aug 1937 - 4 Apr 1991

Jennie Roxie Mills             12 Mar 1872 - 23 Sept 1961

William Mills                       6 Jul 1876 - 17 Jul 1961

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