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The Lewis Family of Collin County  Texas

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The Old Court Collin County House In The Center Of The Town Square At McKinney, Texas

Our Family In Collin County Begins With Martin And Winnie Lewis.  Their Journey From Cocke County Tennessee To Collin County Texas Began In December Of 1867.

Martin Lewis was born in Cocke County Tennessee and moved to Collin County Texas in December of 1867. Little is known as to why they packed up and left a few days before Christmas in that year. What we do have is a story written by Martin's son, C.T. Lewis, given to his daughter who preserved it for the family. It tells of the trip that took them 3 months by boat, on foot, and wagon.

Martin And Winnie's Trip  See The New Pictures Of Muscle Shoals Alabama Taken May 2016

The Mother and Father Of Martin Lewis

  History of Cocke County, Tennessee

Well At "Long" Last We Have A Better Picture Of Martin Lewis. Due To The Generosity Of Another Relative, Mrs. Pricilia Long. My Grand Children And I Met Mrs. Long On The 29th Of July In Carrollton Texas And Brought Home This Old Photo Of Martin That We Want To Share With The Family.
Our Thanks To Mrs. Long For All Her Help!

Martin Lewis

 This Just In From Carolyn Whitaker. Information On Martin's Oldest Brother, John Leith Lewis, His Family And Other Relatives.

See Carolyn's pages and read the information on John Leith Lewis's Family.

 The Gravesite Of Martin & Winnie Lewis
Martin And Winnie Lewis' Gravemarker Located In Walnut Grove Cemetery At Rhea Mills Texas, 7 Miles West Of McKinney In Collin County Texas. Take Hwy. 380 West Of McKinney To Custer Road And Right On Custer Road To The Walnut Grove.
The Last Will And Testament Of Martin & Winnie Lewis

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Lonely Grave In Walnut Grove Cemetery of Hooper Lewis identified! Read The Story Here!

John H. Lewis son of Asa Perry Lewis of Cocke County Tennessee who married Amanda M. (Mollie) Kyker.  

 Curious Story About The Surnames Lewis and Martin

Old Newspaper Obituaries and Personal Information
All of the information is searchable in our search box above. We even have the original papers forsale should someone wish to have them.

Kansas City Daily Journal Jan. 25, 1882 - Kansas City Journal Mar. 21, 1882
 Grandmother's Coffee Table And Granddad's Chair.
See The Pictures and Story Here!
Land Transactions Of Felix Grundy Lewis And Family Partnership.

From Old McKinney Texas Newspapers
1880 Newspaper Article About C.T. Lewis ,Martin Lewis' Son.

1883 Newpaper Article Gathering Of Ex-Confederate Soldiers Mentions F.G. (Felix Grundy) Of Rock Hill . This Is Martin Lewis' First Son.

1897 Newspaper Article Mentions 'Mart' Martin Grundy Lewis and Jim Lewis,Who Was James Felix Lewis. These Were Son's Of Felix Grundy Lewis. Martin Grundy Was 24 At The Time And James Felix Was 19.
See Newly Found Picture of "Jim Lewis" James Felix Lewis

The Will Of William Lax, the father of Elizabeth Lax.

The Will of William Chandler father-in-law of William Lax.

John Lewis' wife Millie Cannady father and sisters found.

  Click The History File Box to see the information given to Lawrence Allen Lewis, son of Martin Grundy Lewis, by his uncle Andrew Jackson Lewis, who was my Great Grandfather, about the family's adventure from Cocke County Tennessee to Collin County Texas..
 Walnut Grove Cemetery A great many of the family are buried at Walnut Grove Cemetery near Rhea Mills Texas just west of McKinney Texas. You may view the family tombstones by clicking the picture of the gate to the cemetery above.

Lori Ann Lewis Mincer
Oldest Daughter Of Jim Lewis
Aug. 10,1967   *   Oct. 10, 1997

 Family Photo Album
1850 Census of Cocke County Tennessee
The Lewis Family Living In Tennessee In 1850.

Jim Lewis As A Detective Of The Jacksonville, Arkansas Police Department. Pictures And Police Stories.
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Lewis Surname DNA Project
The LEWIS Surname DNA Project was created to develop a collection of various Lewis family groups who descend from the same male Lewis ancestor.

 The Latest Information A Perfect 67 Marker DNA Match

 Read about the most recent DNA matches For OUR Family

 Check Out The New Genealogy Tidbits. Over the course of time we have run into many family histories and important information that did not link to our own family. Since some of these pieces of information come from rare sources that have come into our hands some not avaible to everyone; we have decided to make them available to others here as a public service. If you find relatives and enjoy this service please E-mail us and let us know.

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