Obituary Courier Gazette, Mckinney, TX, Monday, May 3, 1909

Obituary Courier Gazette, Mckinney, TX, Monday, May 3, 1909

John H. Lewis

JOHN H. LEWIS, aged sixty-four years, died at 2 o'clock this morning at his home on South Benge Street, after having long been a sufferer from heart trouble.  Mr LEWIS was sixty-four years of age on the 14th of last December and was a native of Tennessee.

In 1872 he moved to the state of Kansas, moving from that State to Texas and Collin Countin in 1891, locating in the Walnut Grove Community where he resided until January 19, 1908, when he moved to McKinney which has been since his home.

In early manhood, while still a resident of Tennessee, Mr. LEWIS married Miss MOLLIE KYKER of that state and is survived by his devoted wife and several children, all of whom have the sincere sympathy of the entire community in the loss of the noble husband and father.

Mr. LEWIS was a consistance menber of the C.P. Church of faithful Odd Fellow, a member of the Prosper Lodge and was a good man and citizen in all that these terms imply.

The funeral will be helf under I.O.O.F. auspices tomorrow afternoon, the procession leaving the family residence here at 1 o'clock for Walnut Grove Cemetery where the interment of the remains will be made at 3 o'clock.

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This is the grave marker at Walnut Grove Cemetery for John H. and Amanda M. (Mollie) Kyker Lewis.  

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Notes on this John H. Lewis born December 14, 1846 in Cocke County Tennessee.  He was the son of Asa Perry and Susannah LNU Lewis.  In the 1850 census of Cocke County the family was listed as follows:

                                                                             449 -749 Lewis, Asa P.       25   M  TN  Farmer  (+Married w/in year)
                                                                                           Susannah  22   F. TN
                                                                                           Millie         6    F   TN
                                                                                           John          3    M  TN


Asa Perry Lewis is reported to be the son of Richard and Polly Lewis who are also listed in the Cocke County Census of 1850 living next door.

                                                                             445 -749 Lewis, Richard          48  M  TN Farmer  
                                                                                           Polly              40  F    TN  
                                                                                           Joel                18  M  TN Farmer
                                                                                           Amelia (twin) 15  F    TN
                                                                                           Betty (twin)    15  F    TN
                                                                                           Dialtha?         14  F    TN
                                                                                           John               12  M  TN
                                                                                           Susan              11  F   TN
                                                                                           Parmelia          8  F   TN
                                                                                           Elijah               6  M TN
                                                                                           Hamilton          4  M TN


Appears to be the same John H. Lewis listed as being sold property in the Walnut grove area by Felix Lewis.  Here is the information from the land records.  This was the largest land tract sold by Felix and it is a curious one as well.  There is a story that Felix and others during the end of the Civil War had hung Asa Perry Lewis his cousin for having sympathy towards the North.  Felix and others were Confederate and Felix was said to be part of a group called the Lewis Scouts.  This is all family stories and only bits and pieces of this has been confirmed.  It seems that Felix did not go home after the Civil War but was hiding out in Middle Tennessee with family.  This information comes from a story of the trip to Texas from Cocke County by one of Martin Lewis' sons.  You can read that story here.  On March 2, 1895, Felix sold 200 acres of land in J. Crutchfield survey to John H. Lewis, a cousin, and son of Asa Perry Lewis. It was a Quit Claim and was recorded April 12, 1895.