Will of William Chandler

"being in perfect sence and memory...." To my son Robert Chandler one cow to him & his heirs forever. To my three oldest daughters namely,
Susanna wife of William Lax, Bettey wife of John LeGrand, Hannah wife of John Smallman two negroes, Fillis & Tom & half of my cattle and sheep &Ten pounds apiece to be equally divided among them & to their heirs forever. I have given to my son William Chandler one negro girl Hanna for his part of my estate. To my son Timothy one negro by Ben to him & his heirs. To my daughter Keziah one negro girl Fanne with increase &one feather bed to her & her heirs. To my daughter Mary Ann one negro boy Tom & one feather bed to her & her heirs. To my son John Chandler all of the land on the east side of the Beaver Pond Creek to him & his heirs. To my son Frederick 150 ac. of land whereon I now live & to his heirs. To my son Shadrack Chandler all the remainder part of my land to him & his heirs. To my loving wife Judith one negro wench Lucey & all the rest of my estate not mentioned to her during her natural life or widohood & after to be equally divided between her three sons John, Shadrack, & Frederick. Exr: My son Timothy and John Legrand. WD 9 march 1779. Signed William (W) Chandler

Witnessed: John Wood, Richard Stanle

WP 20 May 1779. Presented by Timothy Chandler oen of Exr. & porved by the several wit. Sec: John Smallman & Thomas Bingham.