A Condensed History of Our Branch of The Miller Family in America

The author of this record is unknown. It's probably a Miller ancestor or a sibling of, but I'll never know. Inaccurate information is noted with a number between parentheses and explained after the account of the document. The spelling and punctuation or lack thereof, is as written. See Sources listing below.

Except for the part about Joseph Miller which leads off the "Condensed History..." most of the first few paragraphs are copied nearly word for word from Charles Bradbury's History of Kennebunkport, Maine, available for download at archive.org in a number of file formats, including PDF. See Sources for a link.

Joseph Miller came to Boston in the "Hopewell" Septermber 15, 1635(1). His son, Richard Miller, born 1620, came with him. They brought certificates of conformity to the Church of England. Richard Miller settled in Kittery, Maine, 1640. He married Grace Rogers, 2nd wife. He died in Kittery in 1693(2).

John Miller, his son, born in Kittery, 1647, married a daughter of Dennis Donney(3), was a proprietor in Arundel, Kennebunkport, in 1669, was on the jury there in 1670, submitted to the government of Mass. in 1680(4). In 1881 he had 100 acres of laid out to him on the south side of the Dencot Marshes (5); was chosen one of the selectmen of Saco in 1688, the next year was elected to that office in Cape Porpoise (6).

In 1690 of that year, the inhabitants of the town were driven into the fort on Stage Island (7) by the Indians and defended it until their ammunition was mostly expended and then withdrew to the southern tip of the island where they could not be surrounded and were exposed only on one side; they defended themselves until they were destitute pf provisions and were rescued by a vessle from Portsmouth just as their last charge of ammunition was in their guns, at the last they had been obliged to cut up their bullets to make them hold out.(8)

The inhabitants of the town were unable to return for ten years until the Indian war was over. John Miller after being carried to Portsmouth settled in Newington, N.H. where he soon after died(9).

John Miller Jr., his son, born in 1660 (10), was on the voting list at Kennebunkport in 1881. His daughter, Susannah, married John Donney Jr (11) in 1683. he also removed to Newington (NH) when the town was evacuated and returned to Kennebunkport in 1721.

He was appointed Capt. of the troops raised by the town, the first to hold that rank. Jeremiah Miller, son of John Miller Jr., born in Newington, N.H. June 23, 1711, came to Kennebunkport in 1737 and that year married Elizabeth Lassel. Their children were Andrew, Elizabeth, Jeremiah Jr., Mary, John Benjamin, Lemuel (he served as an officer in the 12th Mass Reg. (Col. Brewer) through the Revolution.), Joseph, Hannah and Lydia.

Jeremiah Miller Jr. born March 1, 1743, (13) married Mary Walker, their children were John, Sarah, Polly, Esther (died in infancy), Susan, Daniel and Esther.

John Miller, born Sept. 28, 1764, died Feb. 27, 1847. Married in Kittery, Maine, Love Kingsbury, March 9, 1794. She died Feb.5, 1854 (14). Their children were Sarah, Cynthia, Jeremiah (Jeremiah G., see below)(15),Mary, Alpheus,Daniel, Joseph Kingsbury, Milbrey Walker and Clarissa.

Jeremiah Miller (AKA Jeremiah G. Miller(15)), born October 27, 1798, died Dec. 9, 1836. Married first, Mary Green, daughter of Eliphalet Green of Andover, N.H. Oct. 12, 1823. She was born Sept. 2, 1799, died Dec. 8, 1825. Second, married Jane Green (16), daughter of Eliphalet Green, born Feb. 6, 1803, died Sept. 29,1868. She had two sons, Charles Carroll, born in Kennebunkport, Maine, March 11, 1830, died in Cadillac, Michigan, March 28, 1914 (17). They were the parents of eight children, of whom six attained mmaturity. The second son, Jere Judson, was born in Kennebunkport, Maine, April 5, 1836, died January 22, 1914, in Worcester, Mass.

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