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More photos - Ward, Moffatt, Klees surnames

My mother, pack rat that she is, saved all the family photos belonging to her mother-in-law, my Grandma Ruth.  Those photos have only recently seen the light of day again after she found them in a closet.  The following are photos of my Granpa Phon's sisters and a brother-in-law...

This one, labeled Edith & Fred by my Grandma Ruth, is of Edith & Fred C. Moffatt.  Edith was the older sister of my Grandfather Alphonsus Edward Ward Sr., and first child of Edward & Mary Hudson Ward.  Date unknown.


The photo on the left was identified by Grandma Ruth as Edith, but no date was written on it.  Based on her 1872 birth, this was probably taken when she was a teenager in the 1880s.  The right photo also was undated.  She appears to be 20-something in that pic.

This is supposed to be Edith & Fred, but I have doubts about it.  Again, no date was originally written on the back of the photo.  Edith passed away at the age of 47 in 1919.  The woman in this photo looks a bit older, has a diffrent hairline, and just doesn't look like the woman in the top photo...my opinion only!  The man does look like Fred, so maybe I'm wrong...

This pic was labeled Blanche Klees, but some thought it was Edith.  She & Fred were childless, and this lady doesn't look like Edith to me, so it likely is Blanche.  My Uncle Ed's genwork established that John & Blanche Klees had no male children.

For several pix of Mary Alice Peel Bellows, half-sister of Grandpa Phon & Aunts Edith & Blanche, click  PIC 1 or PIC 2.  There might be about 20 years between these two pix.  The younger, first one was taken by a photog named Fred Biemer in Greenville, MI., and the second one was taken at Chapman's in Stanton.  

Check out my photocomp page for some comparisons of other Wards.  Also, newly received pix from Cousin Tracey Crow necessitated another page named Wardphotos2.  It has one pic identified as Patrick Ward and one of two of his daughters Anne and Martha, plus one of daughter Elizabeth.


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