Jim Ward’s Genealogy Pages: Alvah Wilson’s Will & Probate Information



In the name of the Benevolent

                        Father of all,

                        I Alvah Wilson of the Township of York

                        Medina County and the State of Ohio Being

of  Sound Mind do Make and Publish this

My Last Will and Testament as follows towit

Item 1st             It is my Will that all my just Debts and

                        Charges be Paid out of my Estate

Item 2ond         I give and Devise to my Beloved Wife

                        Anise B. Wilson all my Property both Real

                        And Personal moneys and Credits to be at

                        Her Disposal by Will or to Sell and con-

vert to her own use or any other way she

may think Best.

Item 3ird          I hereby nominate and appoint my said

                        Wife Anise B. Wilson Executrix

                        On this my last will and Testament; and

                        I hereby authorize her to sell all or any

                        Portion of my Real Estate and dead or deeds

                        To make for the same; and I also authorize

                        Her to adjust settle and compromise any

                        Debts that may be Due My Estate the same

I could was I living.

Item 4th            I devise that my said Executrix be not

                        Required to give Bail; and that no inven-

                        tory of my Personal Property be made and that

                        the probate Court omit the same

                        according to law.

Item 5th            I hereby revoke all Former wills by

                        me made.

                        In testimony hereof I have hereunto set

                        My Hand and Seal this 3ird day of November

                        A.D. 1884


                                                            Alvah Wilson


                        Signed and acknowledged by said

                        Alvah Wilson as his last Will and

Testament in our presence and signed

By us in his presence and at his request

This 3ird day of November A.D. 1884


                                                                        H.L. Phillips

                                                                        John (?) Pearson



The Will above is exactly as laid out on paper, including the use of  “2ond” in place of 2nd and “3ird” in place of 3rd.


In the “Application to Admit Will to Probate,” (file #3757), Alvah’s children & grandchildren were listed, the females by their married surname, as well as their residence.


Name                           Degree of Kinship         Post Office Address

Orange Wilson             Son                              Mallet Creek, Ohio

Amy Swartz                 Daughter                      Mallet Creek, Ohio

Phineas Wilson             Son                              Elk Point, Dak

Lewis Wilson                Son                              Black Creek, Wis

Anise Stone                  Daughter                      Hudson, O.

Jane Sw???                  Daughter                      Mallet Creek, O.

Alice Baker                  Granddaughter              Mallet Creek, O.

John Lampson              Grandson                     Litchfield, O.

Newton Lampson         Grandson                     Mallet Creek, O.

Cora Miller                   Granddaughter              Stanton, Mich.

Nora Fenn                    Granddaughter              Stanton, Mich.

Amy Wilson                 Granddaughter              Savannah, O.

Bella Colby                  Granddaughter              Mallet Creek, O.


The application was written and signed by Annis B. Wilson on 10 March 1888, and signed by Probate Judge John  J. or T.  Evans.  As I wrote in my Wilson page, Alvah’s wife’s name appears as Annis and Anise. Daughter Salina E., one of my great-great-grandmothers, died 10 March 1873 from a miscarriage. 


Of the remaining probate papers, the big puzzle is the Probate Court paper (Docket F, No. 3614) alleging that Alvah had become an “imbecile.”  The “affidavit alleging imbecility and necessity for a guardian” was filed 6 October 1886.  “Notice to alleged imbecile  issued October 6th 1886.”  The next line is a “Subpena for Defense, issued Oct 19 1886.”   The hearing was continued to October 20th, when it was “dismissed without prejudice and without record.”  Maybe he had Alzheimer’s Disease?


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