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The Hudsons & Peels in Perth 

New Stuff: I recently hired researcher Bob O'Hara to check the Public Record Office in London for evidence of Edward Hudson & his military service in Gibraltar.  His search uncovered three by that name, but only one with the right time frame.  Once the copies arrived in the mail, I matched the signature on the 30 June 1816 pension form to the marriage document Edward & Frances signed in 1811. Except for one dissenter, everyone else agreed that the signatures were likely made by the same person.  See for yourself...

The top signature is from the May 1811 marriage document, and the bottom signature is from the pension form.  Granted the H is slightly different, but there's  5 years between the two signatures.  

I plan to hire a handwriting expert to check these signatures.  If this is the same person, then Edward was born in London's Cripplegate Parrish about 1786, was 30 years old at time of disharge, was 5'6" tall, had brown hair, blue eyes, fair complexion, and was a "labourer" by trade.  The reason for his discharge was stated that he "lost an eye."  No details were provided.

My trip to Perth in May 2002 yielded information in microfilmed pages of The Perth Courier that Frances died 7 May 1879 at the age of 90.

July 16, 2001 - Mail from The King's Chapel in Gibraltar brought a copy of the marriage document of Great-Great Grandparents Edward Hudson and Frances Robson.  They were married in the Garrison Chapel, so I don't have to search any more microfilmed church records.  The document is signed by the Chaplain, J (or I) Hughes, and signed also by witnesses Ma___y Fitzg____, Elisha Robinson, Rebecca Robinson, and what looks to be James Kehoe.  TEXT - "Edward Hudson, Batchelor, and Frances Robson, Spinster, Inhabitants, were married by Licence in this Garrison, this Twentieth____ Day of May, in the Year of Our Lord, One Thousand, Eight Hundred and Eleven, by me,  J. Hughes  A.M., Chaplain."  

The date listed is a tough call.  I  say it looks like the writer wrote "Twentiethfifth" then scribbled "eighth" over the "fifth."   You guess!  I have entered the 28th in my record for their marriage date.

The bottom left of the document is the image below:

To see the whole document (391kb), click here.

I took the following to be a record of their arrival in Canada.  I have had no luck locating more info.  "Land Transaction - Edward Hudson, emigrant, 1 adult male, 1 adult female, 1 male under 12, country England, ship Krisly? Via at York, 1817, located January 2, 1818, Bathurst, C1 SW8, first located to Matthew Walker, emigrant."   Source:  http://sites.rootsweb.com/~onlanark/Land_Property/landgrt3.htm  (entry #458).  York is now Toronto.

Information from my Uncle Ed's genealogy notes included correspondence with the late Inez Bellows Strouse, daughter of Mary Alice Peel (see table below) and Elliott O. Bellows. Her typewritten letter and answers to Uncle Ed's questions were very interesting! The details.

Information from Parish Registers  of St. John The Baptist Roman Catholic Church in Perth - (Thanks to Peter Andersen for the information!).

"Edward HUDSON, s/o Edward HUDSON & Frances ROBERTSON/ROBSON, was first married to Mary Ann DOHERTY. d/o Edward DOHERTY & Mary KEAN, on 29 Aug 1841.  At least one child was born as there is an entry for an Edward HUDSON, s/o Edward & Frances ROBSON, who married one Mary TOVEY, d/o Edward TOVEY & Rebecca WRATHALL, on 8 Feb 1870.  Edward HUDSON, s/o Edward & Frances ROBERTSON HUDSON, married a second time on 12 July 1846, to Sarah McKAY, d/o John McKAY & Isabelle LOGHRAN. They had at least one son, as a Henry HUDSON, s/o the above couple was married on 31 Oct 1871 to Margaret GRAHAM, d/o George GRAHAM & Anna MORRISON.

A daughter of Edward & Sarah, Anna HUDSON, married on 7 Sept. 1886 to Richard J. HALE, s/o Francis HALE & Eliz. McSPADDEN. Another daughter (of Edward and Frances), Mary HUDSON, married on 20 Feb 1854, to James PEEL, s/o Nicholas PEEL &Catherine BRENNAN. A third daughter, Bella HUDSON, married on 7 Feb 1882, to James SHAW, s/o Peter SHAW & Bridget MURPHY."

My thoughts:  I was surprised by the maiden name for GGRandmother Frances - Robertson or Robson?! Maybe she was the daughter of yet another marriage of a British Military father and Spanish mother in Gibralter?  One question answered raises more!

According to FHL microfilm of parish records of St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church in Perth, my GG-Gf Edward Hudson "was buried 10 March 1837, having died two days prior."  Thanks to cousin Chuck for that info!

 About a year ago, another researcher sent me some information about GGrandmother Mary Hudson's first marriage to James PEEL, so I wasn't sure whether his name was John, as in my Uncle Ed's notes, or James.  Maybe it was John James Peel, as that is the name of his son, according to the 1861 Ontario, Canada, census for the town of Perth.

THANKS to...

A BIG help in compiling information about Edward & Frances and their children was provided by cousin Chuck Hudson.  See his website.  Also, a big THANKS to Dave Chappell of Canada for sharing his research on the descendfants of Edward Hudson (b. 1814 in Gibraltar), his first wife Mary Ann Doherty, and second wife Sarah McKay.  Another big THANKS to Bob Jackman of Canada for sending me his research in gedcom files detailing the Tovey and Wrathall families and daughters who married  Hudsons. 


1871 Census Info:

A trip to the Library of Michigan recently yielded more information about the Hudsons and Peels from microfilmed pages of the 1871 Ontario Canada census. The information was found on page 39 of the section on persons living in the town of Perth. It gives up heretofore unknown information on several points - Frances "Fanny" Hudson's nickname and age, her daughter Mary's  occupation and surname, and Mary's children.

Name Gender Age Born in Religion Descent Occupation


Hudson, Fanny F 76 Spain Catholic Spanish  


Peel, Mary F 35 O      " English Seamstress


  "   , John M 16 "      " Irish Factory Hand


  "   , Mary F 12 "      " Irish  


Many conclusions can be drawn from this information when added to what I already know:

1. Fanny, being a nickname for Frances, confirms earlier information about Mary Hudson's marriage to John James Peel in 1854. Her parents were listed as Edward and Frances Hudson. Now we can put information on our forms that she was born in Spain in about 1795, and was 41 years of age when her daughter Mary was born.

2. Fanny's husband Edward passed away 08 March 1837, according to microfilm of St. John's Church records and burial records from the Craig Street Cemetery in Perth.  An "M" or a "W" was entered on the census record for Married or Widowed, but nothing if Single. 

3. Mary Hudson Peel was a widow when the census was taken, which would put her marriage to Edward Ward at sometime in June 1871.  THANKS to cousin Chuck in Oregon, who found record of Edith's birth on 12 March 1872, in Perth.  Another copy Chuck sent was of an incomplete entry noting that the Priest had married , on 4 January 1872, Edward Ward...  So Mary was "with child" at the time of her second  marriage?  Hmmmmmm...

4. Apparently John or James Peel, Mary Hudson's first husband, was Irish, as his children list their descent as Irish.

5. John Peel's listed age puts him as being born in about 1855, coinciding with the 1854 marriage year of Mary Hudson and John Peel. The Canadian researcher who found a reference of Mary Hudson's first marriage gave her husband's name as James. Middle name? Young John had a middle name listed on the census form, but it was nearly illegible. It could be James.

6. Young Mary Peel's listed age agrees with the 1859 birth date found on her headstone in Forest Hill Cemetery in Stanton, MI.  It also means her listed age of 28  in the 1884 State of Michigan census is wrong.  Links to photos of Mary Alice Peel Bellows can be found on this page.

1861 Census Info

Microfilm of this census has a few more clues. On page 17 of the east ward of the Town of Perth, Enumeration District One, is Frances Hudson, born in Spain, Roman Catholic, age 62 (did she cheat on this one??), and widowed.  Next is Mary (Hudson) Peel, born in Canada West, Roman Catholic, age 27, widowed. So her husband John Peel died between 1859 and 1861. Children are John Jxxxx (could be James) Peel, age 6; Fanny Peel, age 4; and Mary Peel, age 2. We now know that 2-year-old Mary Alice had a 4-year-old sister nicknamed Fanny.  She isn't in the 1871 census, however. 

Also on the same page as Frances Hudson's son Edward. He's 57 years-old in the 1871 census, 47 in this census, and has a wife Sarah (McKay) and 7 children. New information gives their marriage date as 12 July 1846,  at St. John's Roman Catholic Church in Perth. 

Names published in the Perth Courier on 19 May 1905, in conjunction with "The Perth Old Boys and Old Girls Reunion" lists Robt. Hudson, 122 South Chester St., Syracuse, and Fred Hudson, Peterboro. These two men may be grandsons of Edward and Frances Hudson. Their family, with parents Edward and Sarah McKay Hudson, are on the same page in the 1861 census. Click this link for the Lanark County Genealogical Society page about the reunion.

1819 Census info:  Granny's Genealogy Garden has the 1819 Bathurst Township Census for males.  On it are Edward Hudson Sr. and Edward Hudson Jr.  The 1819 Census for females does not list Frances.  Wonder why?

A trip to Perth, Ontario, yielded the death date of Frances.  The May 9, 1879 edition of the Perth Courier lists her date of death as 7 May 1879, age 90.  That means the census reports of her age are off by about 6 years.

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