This is the start of a long overdue redesign and information update of my RootsWeb site. If you have any questions about a particular surname, email me.

Thirteen years have passed since I started in genealogy and learning the basics of html in order to construct and publish my research. I'm working with a template designed for genealogy so it looks better thn the old table-based "stuff" I used years ago.

I traveled to Ireland in October 2013, saw some great scenery and had lots of fun driving some 650 miles around the south end of the island on the left side of the road before joining a group led by professional genealogist Donna Moughty in Dublin for eight days of research. Donna specializes in Irish genealogy and I highly recommend her.

Researching your Ireland ancestry is a bit difficult for certains groups, but some think the Four Courts fire in 1922 destroyed "everything." That's not true! Read this: 'All Irish genealogical records were destroyed in the 1922 fire': Myth or fact?

Besides having genealogy for a hobby, I'm also a photographer. You can see my Ireland trip photos by clicking on "Albums" and choosing "Ireland Trip Pix" here.

This is the first page redesign update of many in the next few weeks and months. Note that I have done some of the research on this site but some of it was done by others. I have credited them for their information but may have missed some, so kindly let me know and I will make it right. Anyone with conflicting information is welcome to email me and cite references, etc. It's all about getting it right, hey?

Jim's Family Photo Album
Photograph of Patrick Ward.
Great-great grandfather Patrick Ward. See my Ward page for more information.
Photograph of Ruth Mary Miller Ward.
Paternal grandmother Ruth Mary Miller Ward at about age 18.
Photograph of Rev. Charles Carroll Miller.
GG-Grandfather Rev. Charles Carroll Miller, grandfather of Grandma Ruth Mary Miller Ward.
Photograph of Frank Richard O'Brien.
Maternal grandfather Frank Richard O'Brien, abt. 1917 in WW1 uniform.
Photograph of Lodema Beach Spencer.
Maternal great grandmother Lodema Beach Spencer.
Photograph of Frank Emmet and Hattie Smith O'Brien.
Maternal great grandparents Frank Emmet and Hattie Smith O'Brien, about 1933.

More Family Photos
Photograph of Evelyn Spencer O'Brien.
Maternal grandmother Evelyn Spencer O'Brien.
Photograph of Spencers.
Lodema Beach Spencer and children.
Photograph of Frank R. O'Brien.
Maternal grandfather Frank R. O'Brien.
Photograph of father Robert H.Ward.
Father Robert H. Ward at 15 months.
Photograph of Daniel Dibble Fenn.
3rd G-Grandfather Daniel Dibble Fenn.
Photograph of Miriam Cross Dyer Miller
2nd G-Grandmother Miriam Cross Dyer Miller.