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Click here for the page with an image from a painting of The Reverend Charles Carroll Miller's boyhood home in Kennebunkport, Maine.

The Reverend Charles Carroll Miller was one of two sons born to Jeremiah G. and Jane Warren Green Miller.  Jane was Jeremiah's second wife, the first being Jane's older sister Mary, who died about two years after her marriage. Charles was born in Kennebunkport, York County,  Maine, lived for a time in  Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan, and in Wisconsin.  He was a Baptist minister, as was his brother, Jere Judson Miller.

The following account about Jeremiah G. Miller was told to my Uncle, A. Edward Ward Jr.,  by his Grandfather Frank A. Miller:  Jeremiah was the Captain of  a sailing ship (merchant ship?) from Boston, trading to The West Indies.  His crew jumped ship there, and Jeremiah "recruited"  natives for the return trip to Boston, and they also mutinied. Captain Miller suffered a severe head injury in putting down the mutiny.  He brought his ship to Boston, dropped anchor, held court on deck, hung the mutineers, then went ashore where he died soon after from his wounds.

My Uncle's work lists 8 children for John Miller and Love Kingsbury: In order of birth - Sarah, Cynthia, Jeremiah G., Mary, Alpheus, Daniel, Joseph Kingsbury, Milbrey Walker, and Clarissa Miller. I have no birth dates for those other than Jeremiah G. Miller.

Jane Warren Green's ancestor tree can by had by clicking here.

Text of a genealogy letter detailing the descendants of Richard Green and a peek at their lives.

Text of a letter from Jeremiah G. Miller to wife Jane Warren Green, dated 08 September 1835.

I'm trying out GedHTree software by Gary Welker. It looks like an easy way to present a pedigree chart in html, thus avoiding a long load time for the JPEG version. Start with the Ancestors of Ruth Mary Miller and follow the Miller link. Let me know what you think of the GedHTree software by emailing me.

Jeremiah Miller and Elizabeth Lassell were parents of 10 children. In order of birth - Andrew, born 3 April 1738, 6 children; Elizabeth, m. Samuel Emmons; Jeremiah Jr., m. Mary Walker, 8 children; Mary, m. John Goodwin; John, m. Betsy Nason, Benjamin, m. the widow Isabella McCormac, 1 child;  Lemuel, m. Anna Burbank in 1773, 11 chidren; Joseph, died young; Hannah, m. Joseph Mason; and Lydia, who married a man with the surname of Harvey, of Wells, Me.   My Uncle's work also notes that lemuel was a Sergeant and clerk of Captain Dorman's Company of Cambridge in 1775, and later a Lieutenant under Colonel Brewer's 12th Massachusetts Regiment during the Revolutionary War.

My Uncle referenced a book titled Kingsbury Family, by Kingsbury & Talcott for this account of Joseph Kingsbury in The Revolutionary War:   "Joseph Kingsbury, York, or Kittery, Maine, served in Captain Cutts' Company, Major Littlefield's detachment, of York County Militia, July - September 1779; served two months on the Penobscot Expedition; in Captain Thomas Bragdon's Company, Colonel Prime's Regiment, April - December 1780, under General Peleg Wadsworth, 'at the Eastward.' " They used this for a reference in the book:  Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors, IX, 293.

John Miller's father and Grandfather, Richard Miller and Joseph Miller, came to America on  the ship Hopewell, which arrived in Boston 15 September 1635.  Richard was said to be 15 years old at the time. the Old York Historical Society which covers York County, Maine, and the cities of Kittery and Kennebunkport, sent information about my millers, mainly probate records. I have no other information on Joseph Miller at the present time.

For the following information, he lists a book titled Kennebunk Port, by Bradbury.  The eight children of Jeremiah Miller Jr., and Mary Walker are listed as, in order of birth (no dates or spouses names for the others), John Miller, m. Love Kingsbury; Sally, Polly, Hannah, Esther (died in infancy), Susan, Daniel, and Esther.

I have more information on related lines, but can't put it all on these pages.  Send me email if you need more information, and I'll do what I can to help.

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