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Miller Family, Christmas 1890

The Miller Family, Christmas 1890.

TOP ROW - L to R: Emma Ashley, Ashley Grant Miller, Frank Ashley, Dr. Carroll E. Miller, Reverend Charles Carroll Miller, Mrs. C.C.  (Miriam Cross Dyer) Miller, Frank A. Miller, Judson Lincoln Miller, Jessie Alice Miller Edgerton.

SECOND ROW: Jessie Warren Miller, Francis Miller Ashley, Mrs. C. E. (Alice) Miller, baby Miriam, Mrs. Frank A. (Cora A. Fenn) Miller with baby Hazel, Mrs. Judson (Nettie Jane Palmer) Miller &  baby Ralph Judson Miller, C. DeVere Miller, Carroll Ashley.

FRONT ROW: Jessie Ashley, Carroll Miller, Fred Ashley, Ruth Mary Miller (Ward), Grace Lois Miller (Daoust), Dorothy B. Miller (Duckwitz).

Persons in this photo were identified by Ruth Mary Miller Ward several years before her death in 1988.

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TOP ROW -  Emma Ashley was a teacher in a school in Big Rapids, married Fred Fuller 29 June 1910. Ashley Grant Miller was a son of  Rev. & Mrs. C.C. Miller Frank Ashley, husband of  Frances Miller.  Dr. Carroll E. Miller, who acquired the nickname "Uncle Doctor" from his nieces, was also a son of Rev. & Mrs. Miller. Charles Carroll Miller was a Baptist minister, and had pastorates in Grand Rapids, Mi., Wisconsin, and in Cadillac, Mi., where he and Miriam C. Dyer Miller both died in 1907 and 1914, respectively. Pictures of my father Robert H. "Bob" Ward (son of Ruth Mary Miller) bear a strong resemblance to his grandfather, Frank Augustus Miller, at about the same age. Grandma Ruth recalled that her father's last word was "Bob," showing his concern for his grandson, who was in the Marines in 1945. Judson Lincoln Miller, another son of  Rev. & Mrs. Miller, acquired his middle name from his father's political beliefs.  The Reverend Miller was one of the first persons in Michigan's Kent County to support Abraham Lincoln for President, and let that support be known to all that would listen. Judson later became the Postmaster in Cadillac, Mi. His children were Dorothy B., born 6 Sept. 1885;  Ralph Judson, born 18 May 1890; Lucille F., born 8 Sept. 1891, and Josephine C., born 23 Jan. 1894.  Jessie A. Miller Edgerton was the daughter of  Dr. Carroll E. and Alice Miller.

SECOND ROW - Jessie Warren Miller, daughter of Rev. & Mrs. Miller, never married; Frances Miller Ashley, nicknamed Fanny, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Miller, wife of Frank Ashley;  Alice Miller, wife of Dr. Carroll E. Miller, with their baby Miriam, who was accidentally shot and killed by her brother Carroll in 1895; Cora A. Fenn Miller, wife of Frank A. Miller, with baby Hazel, who died at age 8 or 9 of spinal meningitis; Nettie Jane Palmer Miller, wife of Judson L. Miller; with baby Ralph J.;  C. DeVere Miller, son of Dr. Carroll E. and Alice Miller, became a prominent physician in Northern Michigan, likely Cadillac Carroll Ashley, son of Frank and Frances Ashley, later married Myrta Draper.

FRONT ROWJessie Ashley, daughter of Frank & Frances Ashley, married Erwin Leiphart 7 June 1906, died in Cadillac in 1908;  Carroll Miller, son of Dr. Carroll E. & Alice Miller;  Fred Ashley, son of Frank and Frances Ashley my paternal grandmother Ruth Mary Miller (Ward), eldest child of Frank A. and Cora Fenn Miller; Grace Lois Miller (Daoust), also a daughter of Frank A. and Cora; and Dorothy B. Miller (Duckwitz),  daughter of Judson L. and Nettie Jane Palmer Miller.  Dorothy became a famous pianist and a teacher. Frank A. & Cora Fenn Miller had two more daughters and a son, all three born after this photo was taken. Nona, who later married Fred Eisenlord, was born 4 March 1893, and was likely named for Cora's sister, Nona Fenn (Jones). Miriam Lucille was born March 1895, but passed away on 19 October 1895.  Frank C. was born 26 October 1896, and died 20 July 1971.  Given that Cora's death occurred one day after Frank C. was born, I can accurately guess that Cora died of childbirth complications.  Frank A. Miller later married Nellie Conklin on 22 June 1900.

New information: My sister obtained death record information about The Reverend C.C. Miller and Miriam C. Dyer Miller from the Wexford County Clerk's Office.  They indicate that the Reverend died of "gangrene foot" on 17 August 1907, at the age of 77 years, 5 months, 6 days, and Miriam died of "senility" on 31 March 1914, at the age of 83 years, 8 months, and 22 days. What's interesting is that Ruth Mary Miller Ward, the Reverend's granddaughter, also died from complications of gangrene caused by a blocked femoral artery to the left leg.

Additional information in the notes above was supplied by Bill Duckwitz and my sister, Anne Ward. Thanks!

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