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My Parke Ancestry

Many people have Robert Parke as an ancestor, including the late Princess Diana of Wales. Robert was a friend of and fellow immigrant to the new world with John Winthrop, who became the first governor of the area that became Massachusetts. Both men's names are on genealogy societies, with the Winthrop Society being open to any descendent of a person who sailed to America in the fleet organized by Winthrop in 1630. Robert was nearly 50 years old then, having been born 3 June 1580. Robert's sons changed Parke to Parks. Some succeeding generations changed the surname to Park.  The name Robert was quite popular in succeeding generations. 

The Parke Society and The Winthrop Society are both on internet.

I'll just list them in order, starting with my last Parke descendent, Olive Parks, followed by the parents. Each family had many children, but I'll only list my direct line.

Olive Parks, b. 23 December 1813, d. 16 July 1870. Married 3 June 1832 to Nelson Madden, b. 30 October 1804, d. 8 May 1855. Related child: Mary Madden.

Robert Parks, b. 12 February 1776, d. 29 June 1863. Married (date unknown) Mary Polly Smith, b. about 29 June 1781, d. 30 June 1844. 14 children.

Robert Parks, b. 4 December 1737, d. 1810. Spouse: Elizabeth Hall (dates unknown). 8 children.

Joseph Parks, b. 11 June 1708, d. 1786. Spouse: Sarah Jemison, b. 1710, d. 1786. 8 children.

Robert Parks, b. 6 May 1676, d. 12 May 1752. Spouse: Tamsen Parker Brumley (or Bromley), (dates unknown). 8 children.

Samuel Parks, b.20 January 1620/21, death date unknown. Spouse: Hannah (maiden name unknown). 7 children.

Robert Parke, b. 3 June 1580, d. 14 March 1664. Married 9 February 1601/02 to Martha Chaplin, b. 4 February 1583/84, d. 1643. Married second wife Alice Freeman Thompson on 30 May 1644.

Samuel Parks had remained in England after his father sailed to the colonies. He came to America after his father's death to collect his inheritance as stipulated in his father's will . Samuel was sixth and likely last child of Robert and Martha.

Robert Parke and some of his sons and daughters came to the new world on the ship Arbella, part of John Winthrop's fleet. The Massachusetts Historical Society has the original letter from Robert to John Winthrop, dated 28 February 1629, asking to join the fleet. Historians think that the year was actually 1630. The Winthrop fleet set sail from Cowes, Isle of Wight, England, on 29 March 1630. The fleet arrived in Boston Harbor 17 June, a passage of 78 days. Upon his death in 1664, he was buried in Whitehall Cemetery, Mystic, Ct. A memorial tablet attached to a boulder was set at his grave by his decendents in 1930.

Robert Parks (1776 - 1863) served in the War of 1812. He enlisted in the New York State Militia and became a member of the 158th Regiment of the New York Infantry. He was made a Captain, and served as such until the end of the war. He and his family moved to Oakland County, Michigan, in May of 1823. Source: American Biographical History - 1878: Representative Men of Michigan, District V.


The late Diana Frances Spencer's genealogy can be viewed by clicking here. Scroll down the list to Dorothy Parke and click on her name.

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The Parke Society, and The Winthrop Society.

The Massachusetts Historical Society 

The Oakland County (Mi.) Historical Society

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