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Patrick Ward's Will

This will is word for word, as best can be figured out from the handwriting.  Punctuation and capitalization of words is as is written in the Will. When there is  a guess made about a word, it is in parentheses. It was a bit hard to read, but with help from my mother, we figured it out. There were no paragraphs in the main body of the Will except at the end of the document where Patrick dates it. Other documents copied involved written testimony by persons that they knew Patrick and that the will was written in his own handwriting, and Surrogate Court documents involving the probating of the will.

In the name of God Amen I, Patrick Ward of the township of Drummond being of weak and distempered body, but, of perfect mind and memory do make and declare this my last will and testament. First. I bequeath my soul to God, and my body to be decently interred at the discretion of my executors; And as to all other property it has pleased God to bestow on me - I leave and bequeath as follows. I do leave and bequeath to my beloved wife ["wife" partially smudged or scratched out] Anne Keating the South West half of Lot No. Seven in the first concession of the township of Drummond containing one hundred acres is to be held and managed by her in the best manner she can to her (word unknown) advantage and that of the family during her natural life. Then after her decease the said land to be sold to the best advantage and the proceeds to be regularly divided amongst all my beloved children vis. Edward Ward, John Ward, James Ward, Thomas Ward, Elizabeth Ward, Anne Ward, and Martha Ward. I leave and bequeath to my beloved son Edward the mare Known by the name of the  {unknown word] mare, and also the two colts known by the name Sam and Bill there to be removed or sold off the farm by him as soon as convenient, and all other personal property which it pleased God to bestow on me. I leave and bequeath to my beloved wife Anne Keating to be kept or disposed of at her will and pleasure for her own and her childrens support. I further order and will, that if any of the above named children should get married they are not to bring either wife or husband to dwell on the above named piremises [premises] so as to encumber their mother or the rest of the children. And I do (hereby [page folded over]) nominate and appoint as my executors (of [page folded over]) this my last will and testaments Messieurs Mike [Michael?] Stanley, Jno. Doran Junior and Edward O'Hare all of the town of Perth. And I do declare this my last will and testament hereby revoking and (unknown word) all others heretofore made by me.

Dated this fourteenth day of February one thousand eight hundred and forty nine.

Above is: In witness hereto in presence of the testator and in presence of each other we set our hands, this fourteenth day of February 1849. J.H. McDonagh Edward Vaughan. Click the image for a full screen view!

J.H. McDonagh is refered to in other copied documents as Reverend John Hugh McDonagh.  The other documents date the probating of the will as 10 September 1873.  The documents indicate he died two days later on 16 February 1849.

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