Wards in Lanark County, Ontario, Canada

This page will focus on land records found online and on microfilm at the Algonquin College, Perth Ontario, branch, for Drummond Township & Montague Township in the 1800s.

Specifically, this page focuses on the family of third great grandparents Edward Ward and Anastasia Molloy, mostly two of their sons - Patrick and Jeremiah "Darby" Ward. The original version of this page was published in 2003 with now-outdated HTML code, so, I'm sure this will be easier to read.

First Settler in Lanark County, Ontario, Canada

It appears from land records that there was an Edward Ward in Drummond Township, Lanark County, before 1826 and that Patrick Ward, Edward's son, was a witness to a land transaction. I corresponded with genealogist and author Carol Bennett McCuaig, who was researching information for a book about Irish immigrants to Lanark County, specifically those not part of the Peter Robinson Expedition. That list of settlers had no Wards in it. Ultimately, Carol stated in an email to me that she was sure the Edward Ward mentioned in the land transaction is Patrick's father. Neither she nor I could prove from the information available then that Jeremiah "Darby" Ward was also a son of Edward & Anastasia.

The source for the following records: "Lanark County Land Transactions, 1820 - 1900," by Robert Sargeant and J.R. Ernest Miller. On page 4, titled "Register of Land Transactions, in Bathurst District Recorded in 'Book A' at Perth from APR. 4th. 1820 to July 14th. 1827." A search did not find this book available online.

Noted on Page 4, Edward Ward, father of Patrick Ward and brother Jeremiah, bought land in Drummond Township, Concession 2, lot 06P, from Henry Graham on 8 October 1824. The witnesses were Patrick Ward and William Tully. The price was 80 (pounds sterling?). The transaction number was 141. I do not know what the letter "P" in Lot 06P means.

On page 10, "Recorded at Perth, in 'Book B' from JULY 14th.1827 to DEC. 28th.1830" is the following: Transaction number 578, Patrick Ward bought Concession 1, Lot 7W, from Benjamin Holmes of Montreal, Canada, on 28 November, 1829. The price was noted as "MOO" or "M00." I have no clue. Witnesses were Robert Robinson and G.D. Arnoldi of Montreal. The Concession and Lot numbers match information found in the 1841 census and other information I have.

In the same 'Book B' but unknown page number is Transaction 123, notes Edward Ward selling concession 1, Lot 26P in Montague Township to Thomas Ward, also of Montague Township, on 1 November 1843. Witnesses were John Ward, James Ward and Daniel Murphy. I'm speculating that the buyer, Thomas Ward, was Edward & Anastasia's son, as he was born in 1814 and possibly old enough to purchase land. One of the witnesses, John Ward was probably Thomas' brother, as he was born in 1817. The other witness, James Ward, is a mystery. Maybe another son we don't know about? Patrick Ward's son James Keating Ward would have been 11 years in 1843, so, he's not the one. Darby & Ellen had a son named James one year earlier, 1842.

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More information can be found on my main Ward surname page.