The Cavenaugh Family of Eastern North Carolina, 1790-1930
The Cavenaugh Family of Eastern North Carolina, 1790-1930
Nearly all of the Cavenaughs and Cavanaughs in Eastern North Carolina are descended from Silvester Cavenaugh who died in Duplin County in 1799, and many still live in Duplin and Onslow counties and the surrounding area. I created this website to share my information on the Cavenaugh family and get in contact with other descendants and researchers.

I am currently working on getting the site up and running, so some of the links and pages are not online or complete yet, but the basic categories are:

Descendants - An index and family tree for about 1,950 people.
Obituaries - Obituaries and death notices for 734 Cavenaugh descendants, dating from 1911 to the present.
Census - Information from the population, agricultural, mortality, and slave schedules. (Not yet online)
Estates - Transcriptions and scans of wills and estates records dating from 1799 to 1912. (In progress)
Military - Information on Civil War soldiers and those who registered for the WWI draft. (Not yet online)
Deeds - Transcriptions of land deeds, focusing on the earliest records.

There are plenty of things I hope to add in the future. As I get more of the above record types I will put them on the site. I also want to survey and photograph the Cavenaugh cemeteries between Wallace and Chinquapin and the one in Richlands and include that information here. And depending on the response and willingness of others, I would like to include photographs of Cavenaugh descendants.

I have included a list of links to other sites worth visiting for the genealogy- and history-minded person, and contact information and more about my connection to the family is under About.

*Note: I have not had the time I had hoped to work on the website, so I will not be able to update until the summer of 2007, but I will have more information to post online then. In the meantime, I will still reply to any e-mails about the Cavenaughs.*