Genealogy in Fiction

Genealogy in Fiction
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The following list was compiled primarily by the members of the Librarians Serving Genealogists list. Listing a book is not meant to imply a recommendation. While intended to  be a list of books in which genealogy or genealogists play a part in the plot, books on the list may not fit that criteria. Multi-generational stories are not intended to be on the list.

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Some of the best sites for finding used and out of print books are: Bibliofind, Alibris, or ABE Books.

Deborah Adams, All the Crazy Winters.

Rita Mae Brown, Murder at Monticello.

______________, Riding Shotgun

Jill Churchill, From Here to Paternity : A Jane Jeffry Mystery.

Mary Daheim, Major Vices

____________, The Alpine Escape.

Anne George, Murder Runs in the Family.

Margo Glantz; translated by Susan Bassnett, The Family Tree : An Illustrated Novel.

Martha Grimes, The Horse You Came in On.

Charles Haden, In Times Like These, 1994.

Jonathan Harrington, The Death of Cousin Rose.

Brenda Joyce, The Third Heiress.

Kathleen Kunz, Murder Once Removed.

Graham Landrum, The Famous DAR Murder Mystery.

_____________, The Historical Society Murder.

Rett MacPherson, Family Skeletons: a novel.

_____________, A Veiled Antiquity.

_____________, Comedy of Heirs, 1999.

Lee Martin, Genealogy of Murder.

Brian Moore, The Mangan Inheritance.

Elisabeth Ogilvie, The Silent Ones.

Dorothy L. Sayers, The Dawson Pedigree.

Gene Stratton, Killing Cousins: A Mort Sinclair Mystery.

G. G. Vandagriff, Cankered Roots, out of print.

______________, Mystery at Oxford, out of print.

Judith Van Gieson, The Stolen Blue, 1998.

Archivist investigates the death of a local historian as she disposes of his book collection.

Robert Vaughn, Legacy.

Patricia Wentworth, Blind Side, 1989.

Laurlai Wright, Mother Love: a Karl Alberg Mystery.

Diana Gabaldon, Outlander.

______________, Voyager.

______________, Dragonfly in Amber.

______________, Drums of Autumn.

David Black, An Impossible Life: a Bobeh Myseh.

Octavia Butler, Kindred.

Robert Clark, My Grandfather's House : A Genealogy of Doubt and Faith:

Jonathan Coe, The Winshaw Legacy.

Rose Jordain, Those the Sun Has Loved.

Sharyn McCrumb, The Songcatcher2001. In the afterword of this wonderful novel, the author writes "... to me it symbolized the fragility of one's heritage. Each of us is the link between the past and the future, and it is up to us to pass along the legends, the stories, the songs, and the traditions of our own family. If we don't they will be lost..." How could a genealogist not appreciate such an author!

Mary Meigs, Box Closet, 1994.

Alex MillerThe Ancestor Game. 1993.

Elisabeth Ogilvie, The Devil in Tartan.

Nancy-Lou Patterson, Apple Staff and Silver Crown.

Nancy-Lou Patterson, The Painted Hallway, 1992.

Naomi Ragen, The Ghost of Hannah Mendes: A Novel.

Eleanor Florence Rossellini, Puzzle in the Portrait, 1999.

Patricia Techenor Westfall, Mother of the Bride.


Alphin, Elaine Marie, Ghost soldier. 2001.

Katherine Ayres, Family Tree, 1997.

Joan Bauer, Backwater, 1999.

Pierre Coran & Marie-Jose Sacre, Family Tree, 1999.

James Dunbar & Martin Remphry, When I Was Young, 1999.

Sheila Greenwald, Rosy Cole Discovers America!, 1992. Out of print.

Betsy Haynes, Melanie's Identity Crisis (Fabulous Five, No. 15), 1990. Out of print.

Betsy Hearne & Bethanne Anderson, Seven Brave Women, 1997.

Christopher Moore, Santa and Pete.

Joan Lowery Nixon, Search for the Shadowman, 1996.

Katharine Wilson Precek, The Keepsake Chest, out of print.

Cynthia Rylant, Henry and Mudge in the Family Trees

Anne Shelby & Wendy Anderson Halperin, Homeplace, 1995.

Carol Shough, All the Mamas

Karen Halvorsen Schreck, Lucy's Family Tree. 2001


Marcel Möring, In Babylon, 2000.

Ayelette Jenness, Who am I, 1992.

Francis Leary, The Swan and the Rose, 1953.

Dorothy Porter, Rockwood, 1991.

Arthur C. Johnson, Early Morgan County, 1974.

Elizabeth Goudge, Little White Horse.

Paula S. Rowan, Remember This, 1998.

Charles Haden, In Times Like These, 1994.

Nancy-Lou Patterson, Painted Hallway, 1992.

Robert Barnard, At Death's Door.

Robert Vaughn, Legacy.

Mary Daheim, The Alpine Excape.

Patricia Potter, The Perfect Family.

Beverly Swerd Brown, The Myth-adventures of Kraken the Sea Monster, 1978.



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