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Oregon Indian War Pension Records

reprinted from Genealogical Forum of Oregon's quarterly, Bulletin, September 1998, with permission.

The following list of names was abstracted from a card file at Oregon Historical Society of the Indian War pension files. There are two series of numbers, each being roughly alphabetic in order. There is no significance to that fact, the numbers were assigned to the alphabetized files, and then additional files were discovered. They were put in rough alphabetical order and numbered with a leading letter "O."

The historical society has microfilmed the files through #600, and hope in the future to complete the project. Until they are microfilmed, these files are available at the manuscript department of the Oregon Historical Society, and cannot be photocopied.

What will you find in a pension file? There is usually lots of good information. The following is an abstract of some of the genealogical information found in the pension file of Justine Fry (# O356), the widow of soldier Richard A. Fry:

A letter dated 7 Jan 1898 from Richard Fry reported that "Laban Fry and Amherst Fry and Alferd Fry are dead and have no widdows living, in fact they were never married..."

Richard was born March 6, 1838 in Knox County, Illinois. He married Justine Sustiken on January 3, 1860. Justine was born November 5, 1838 in Coleville, Washington.

Richard Fry enlisted in Company H, commanded by Captain Davis Layton, and served about 10 months.

His personal description indicated that he stood 5'10" tall, had grey eyes, dark hair, and a dark complexion. His occupation was that of a farmer.

Upon leaving the service, he lived at Albany, Oregon for two years, then for twelve years at Coleville, Washington, and has since resided at Bonners Ferry, Idaho for the past twenty-seven years.

Witness to his service was given by Mr. Lyman Markham, of Laclide, Idaho and by Mr. Olney Fry, of Linn County, Albany, Oregon

The widow, Justine Fry made application for a pension on August16, 1902.

She said that her husband was born in Fannington, Knox County, Illinois. They were married January 3, 1860 in Coleville, Washington by Father Joseph, a Catholic Priest. Richard A. Fry died in Bonners Ferry, Idaho on December 14, 1898.

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The index to the Oregon Indian War Pension files. The original files can be found at the Oregon Historical Society

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