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The Shield is:
Irish origin: Chequy or and gules a lion rampant argent, armed and lanqued azure.
English origin: Or, a fesse between three wolves' heads couped sable.
The Crest is:
Irish origin: Out of a ducal coronet or, a dexter and sinister arm in armor, the hands grasping a sword all proper, pommel and hilt gold.
English origin: Out of a ducal cornet or, a plume of five ostrich feathers azure.
Supporters: English origin: Two Cornish choughs proper beaked and membered gules.
The Motto is: English origin: "Uteunque placucrit Deo".
Variant spellings for Howe: Hough, Hoey, Haughey, Hoy, How, Hows, and Howes.
Meaning of surname Howe: "Hill, burial mound". (Old Norse), places in England. Possibly a modern form of the ancient Irish name "O'Haughey".

The Irish family name Howe is classified as being of personal name origin. According to scholars the "oldest and most pervasive type of surname is that derived from a given name." With regard to the family name Howe, this name is an occasional synonym of the Irish family names Hoey and Hough. Hoey is an anglicized form of the Gaelic surname O hEochaidh, an important sept in early times whose chiefs were Kings of Ulster. Hough is an anglicized form of the Gaelic surname O hEachach, a sept that originated in Co. Limerick. Most Irish families named Howe are of English extraction. This well-known English name is classified as being of habitation name origin, derived from the location of the residence of the initial bearer. In this case, the name signifies "one from Howe", a hamlet located six miles southeast of Norwich, Norfolk, England, or Howe Hill, located in East Riding in Yorkshire. These place names are derived from the old Scandinavian "haugr" meaning "hill or barrow".

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Sarah Howe settled in Boston in 1635, along with Isaac, Ephraim, Elizabeth, Edward, and William and others.

Source: Family Heritage Shop