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The Shield is: Argent a saltire vert between a dexter hand couped at the wrist in chief gules, two trefoils slipt of the second in fess and a boat with oars proper in base.
The Crest is: None.
The Motto is: "Justitia Et Fortitudo Invincibilia Sunt", 'Justice And Fortitude Are Invincible'.
Variant spellings for Hughes are: MacHugh, McHugh, Hughe, Hewson, MacKay, and MacCoy.
Gaelic spelling: Mac Aodha (son of Hugh).

Mac Hugh (MacAodha) means son of or descendant of Hugh. The original gaelic name has become Mackee, MacKay, MacCoy and Hughes in cases. Hughes, a well known settler name, is more popular than McHugh. This is not suprising since Hughes is among the 20 most common names in Wales and England.

In Keatings History Mac Aodha, Aodha or MacHugh are principal chiefs of Teffia, (Muintir Tiamain). "O'Haodha, O'Hugh or O'Hea" is cited as a chief of Ui Degadh by O'Heerin, in Co. Kildare.

Futher locations for the family are found in Keatings History. "O'Haedha, or O'Hugh, chief of Esruadh, now Ballyshannon, in the barony of Tir Hugh in Donegal (Tir Connaill). "O'Haedha, or O'Hugh", chief of Fernmoy, Co. Down, on the borders of Antrim and in the barony of Lower Iveagh. Mac Hugh is given among the clans who settled in Cavan and was also found as "Mac Aedha, or Mac Hugh, also called Hughes", chief of Clan Cosgraigh, a district on the eastern side of Lough Corrib in Galway, where they were chiefs of the barony of Clare. O'Hughes was numerous in Mayo and Sligo, and "O'Haodha, Hughes or O'Hea" served as chief near the barony of Skrine, near Tara.

Huges is one of the top 40 names in Ireland. In 1659 O'Hugh is in Armagh, Monaghan, Carlow, and Longford. McHugh was in Fermanagh and Hughes was in Louth then. By 1890 McHugh was mainly in Mayo, Donegal, Fermanagh and Galway. Hughes was in Armagh, Antrim and Dublin.

The Hughes family of Ballycross, of Co. Wexford, came here from Wales.

Arms for the name are found on plates 61, 160, and 251 in the Irish Book or Arms.

Source: The Book of Irish Families Great & Small
Michael C. O'Laughin
1997 Irish Genealogical Foundation




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