This is the closet Coat of Arms I could find to Jaskowiak, so I'm not sure it is the right one.

The Shield is: Azure, a lion's head erased sable, incensed.
Translation: A lion symbolizes Strength, Courage and Majesty.
Crest: The lion's head of the shield.
Origin: Poland

Jas- < name element Ja- < Jan, Jaczemir, Jaromir + suffix -s; Jas(781), Jas(235), Jaschewsky(-, x Jaszewski, Jasek(2863), Jasewicz(29), Jasiak(3300), Jasicki(595), Jasiczek(567), Jasiecki(498), Jasiek(254, or < jasiek, "beans"), Jasielonas(36), Jasielski(391, < name of town Jaslo, Galician powiat seat, Krosno prov.), Jasiewicz(1424), Jasik(3153), Jasiliniak(-), Jasina(641), Jasinkiewicz(29), Jasinowski(366), Jasinski(35545), Jasista(-), Jasiuk(308), Jasiukiewicz(489), Jasiulewicz(408), Jaska(2), Jaskiewicz(8039), Jasko(832), Jaskowiak(2115), Jaskowski(1638), Jaszewski(1213), Jaszka(76), Jaskowski(510), Jaszowski(206), Jesiak(202), Jesko(201), Josko(601), Jósko(114), Joszko(798).

Note: Numbers in parentheses show how many Polish citizens bore that particular surname as of 1990, according to the Slownik nazwisk wspólczrsnie w Polsce uzywanych.

Sources: Family Heritage Shop

Polish Surnames: Origins and Meanings
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