The Shield is: Azure, a horseshoe or, the points upwards, between which a crosslet pattee of the same.
Translation: Azure (blue) symbolizes Loyalty.
The Crest is: A mullet or within a vol couped, the sinister wing gules and argent, the dexter wing vert and or.
Origin: Poland

In Polish Kozlowski is written with a slash through the L, which I render on-line as L~. The surname is pronounced roughly "koz-WOFF-skee." It is one of the most common Polish surnames; as of 1990 there were 72,368 Poles by this name, living in large numbers all over Poland. So we can't point to any one area and say "That's where a Kozl~owski family came from"; people by this name could come from anywhere in Poland.

The name means "one from Kozl~owo" or other, similar place names from the rott _koziol~_, "he-goat." In other words, it means literally "of the he-goat," but usually referred to places with names from that root, places named Kozl~owo or Kozl~ów or something similar. The problem is there are a great many places in Poland by those names, so without the kind of detailed background information produced by successful genealogical research, there is no way to know which place the surname refers to in a given instance.

The very first record of the family name Kozlowski was found in Stanislawow , which is located in Poland.

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Polish Surnames: Origins and Meanings
William F. "Fred" Hoffman