Family Mottoes from Coats of Arms

Family Mottoes
Ca - Cl


Family Name Gaelic Equivalent Original Language English Translation
Mc CabeMac CábaAut vincere aut mori.Either to conquer or die.
Mc CaffreyMac CafartaigJustitia et fortitudo invincibilia sunt.Justice and fortitude are invincible.
O' Cahan - Felis demulcta mitis. The stroked cat is meek.
CahillÓ CathailIn Domino confido.In God we trust.
Caldecott - In utrumque paratus. Prepared for both.
CaldwellMac ConluainEnse libertatem petit inimico tyrannis.-
Mc CallMac CamaoilFurio tego.I core with iron.
CallaghanÓ CeallacháinFidus et audax.Faithful and bold.
Callander - - I mean well.
CallinanÓ CallanáinFortis dominabitur astris.Strength dominates the stars.
Calthorpe - Gradua diversi via una. There is but one way to all difficulties.
Cambridge-Esse quam virderi.To be, rather than to seem.
Cameron Camgrón - Unite.
CameronCamgrónPro rege et patria.For king and country.
Cammell - Perseverando. By perservering.
Campbell Mac Catmaoil - Forget me not.
Campbell Mac Catmaoil - I bear in mind.
Campbell Mac Catmaoil - I will not forget.
Campbell Mac Catmaoil - Thus far.
Campbell Mac Catmaoil - True to the end.
Campbell Mac Catmaoil - Wisdom's beginning is God's fear.
Campbell Mac Catmaoil Constantia et prudenter. By perseverance and prudence.
Campbell Mac Catmaoil Fortitudine et prudentia. With fortitude and prudence.
Campbell Mac Catmaoil Pro patria semper. For my country ever.
Campbell Mac Catmaoil Terra marique fide. With faith by land and sea.
CampbellMac CatmaoilVix ea nostro noco.I scarce call these things our own.
CanavanÓ CeannubainSepientia Donum.Wisdom is the gift of God.
Mc CannMac CanaCrescit sub pondere virtus.Virtue thrives under oppression.
CanningÓ CainínNe cede malis sed contra.Yield not to the misfortunes, on the contrary meet them with fortitude.
Cantrell - Proprio vos sanquine pasco. I feed with my own blood.
CantwellCantualProprio vos sanquine pasco.I feed with my own blood.
CantyÓ CainteBuan dílis.Firm friendship.
Capel - Fide et fortitude. By fidelity and fortitude.
Capron - Sub cruce salus. Salvation under the cross.
Carden - Fide et amore. Faith and love.
Carew - Nil admirari. Not to admire.
Car(e)yÓ CiaraSine macula.Without stain.
Carlton - Nunquam non paratus. Never unprepared.
Carmichael - Toujours prest Always nimble.
CarmodyÓ CearmadaHonor et amor.Honour and love.
Carnac - Sic itir ad astra. This is the way of the stars.
Carnegie - - Dread God.
Carnagie-Alis aspicit astra.Flying, he keeps his eye on the stars.
Carney - Semper fidelis. Always faithful.
CarolanÓ CearúlláinNunquam non paratus.Never unprepared.
Carpenter - Audaces fortuna juvat. Fortune favours the bold.
Carr(e) Ó CearaTout droit. Always right.
Carr(e)Ó CearaFide clavo.Made sure with a nail.
(O')CarrollÓ CearúillIn fide et in bello.Firm in faith and in war.
Mc CarronMac CearáinNon dormis.I sleep not.
CarsonMac CorsainVirtute et valore.By virtue and valour.
Mc CartanMac ArtáinBuailimse é.I strike.
CarterMac ArtúirSub libertate quietem.Rest under liberty.
Mc CarthyMac CartaineForti et fideli nihil difficle. To the brave and faithful man nothing is difficult.
Mc CarthyMac CartaineLám láaidir in uactar.Strong hand uppermost.
Mc CartneyMac CartaineSpe et amor.I rejoice in hope.
Cartwright - Fuimus. We have been. (We have made our mark.)
Carvick - - Be steadfast.
Carwardine - -On in the right.
Carwright - - Defend the fold.
Cary - Comme je trouve. As I find it.
Casement - Dum spiro spero.While I breath I hope.
CaseyÓ CatasaigPer varios casus.By various fortunes.
Casley - Malo mori quam foedari. Death rather than dishonour.
CassidyÓ CaisdeFrangas non flectes.You may break, but shall not bend me.
Castleman - - Without God castles are nothing.
Caswall -Non multa, sed multum. (Say) not many (words), but much.
Catbcart - - By faith we are saved.
Cathcart - -I hope to speed.
Cator - Nihil sine labore. Nothing without labour.
CaufieldMac CatmaoilDeo duce fero commitante.God my guide, my strength, and companion.
Mac Causland - Virtus sola nobilitat. Virtue alone ennobles.
Cave - - Cave.
Cayley - Nul q'um. Only one.
Cecil - Cor unum via una. One heart one way.
Cecil- Sero sed serio. Late but in earnest.
Chadwick - Toujours pret. Always ready.
Challen - Gloria Deo. Glory God.
Chalmers - Spero. I hope.
Chamberlayne- Audaces fortuna juvat. Fortune favours the bold.
ChambersMac AmbróisSpero dum spiro.I hope while I have life.
Chambre - En Dieu est tout. In God is all.
Chaplan -Labor omnia vincit. Work wins everything.
Chapman - Crescit sub pondere virtus. Virtue thrives beneath oppression.-
Chapman-Numine fertus crescit sub pondere virtus.Virtue thrives beneath oppression.
Chard - Nil desperandum. Never dispair.
Chatterton - Loyal á mort. Loyal to death.
Chawner - Nil desperandum. Never dispair.
Checkland - Omne bonum Dei donum. All good things comes in the gift of God.
Chester - Vincit qui patitur. The one who is patient wins.
Chesterman - Semper fidelis. Always faithful.
Cheston - Ex merito. With merit.
Chinn--The eagle does not catch flies.
Chisholm -Vi et virtute. By strength and valour.
M' Chlery -Labore et honore. Labour with honour.
Chrisop -Mens conscia recti. A mind conscious of rectitude.
Christie - Pro rege. For my king.
Church - Virtute. By virtue.
St. Clair - - Fight and faith.
ClancyMac LanncaidFide et fortitude.By fidelity and fortitude.
ClarkÓ Cléirig Fortiter. Boldly
ClarkÓ Cléirig Sans changer. Without changing.
ClarkÓ Cléirig Turris fortis mihi Deus.God is a tower of strength to me.
Clark Ó CléirigVirtute et labore. By valour and exertion.
Clarke Ó Cléirig - The time will come.
Clarke Ó Cléirig Carpe diem. Seize the present opportunity.
Clarke Ó Cléirig Constantia et fidelitate. By perseverance and fidelity
ClarkeÓ CléirigVir gregis.A man of the people.
Mc CleanMac GiollaeáinVirtue mine honour.Virtue is my honour.
Cleather - Dum spiro spero. While I breath I hope.
M' Cleish - - Love.
Cleland - - For sport.
Mc Cleland - - Think on.
Cleland -Non sibi. Not for himself.
ClementsMac LagmainnPatris virtutibus.By hereditary virtues.
Clere-Virtute non verbis. Deeds not words.
Clerke--Free for a blast.
CleryÓ CleirigVir gregis.A man of the people.
Clevland-Audaces juvat. Fortune the bold.
CliffordMac RifeartaigSemper paratus.Always prepared.
Clinkscales- Manu forti. With a strong hand.
Mc ClintockMac GiollalonntógVirtute et labore.By valour and exertion.
ClintonCliontúnLoyaulte n'a honte.Loyality knows no shame.
Clipsham - Fortiter. Boldly
CloseÓ ClusaigFortis et fidelis.Brave and faithful.
Cloville - - All is in God.
Mc ClureMac GiollallirSpectemur agendo.Let us be judged by our actions.
Mc CluskeyMac BhloscaidhSica inimicis.A dagger to his enemies.

Irish Family Mottoes "The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales."
By Tomás ó Baoillby Sir John Bernard Burke

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