Family Mottoes from Coats of Arms

Family Mottoes


Names begining with " De " are listed under the first letter following the prefix
e.g. De Jersey is under "J", De Courey under "C", etc.

Family Name Gaelic Equivalent Original language English Translation
Dale - Spectemur agendo. Let us be judged by our actions.
Dalrymple - - Be firm.
Dalton Daltún - God is my defender.
DaltonDaltúnTristus et fidelis.Sad and faithful.
DalyÓ DalaighDeo fidelis et patria.Faithful to God and country.
Dalyell - - I dare.
Dalyell - - Right and reason.
Dalzell - - I dare.
Dancer - Vincit qui patitur. The one who is patient wins.
Daniel - Toujours pret. Always ready.
Daniell - Pro fide et patria. For faith and country.
Darbishire - Ubi amor ibi fides. Where there is love, there is faith.
Darby - Spero meliora. I hope for better things.
DarcyÓ DorchaidheUn Dieu un roi.On God one king.
Darely --Dare.
Darley - Per mare per terras. By land and sea.
DarganÓ DeargáinPro Deo et patria.For God and country.
Darlington - Cruce dum spero fido. While I breath I hope.
Darroch - - Be watchful.
Dauglish - - Be hardy.
Davenport - - Fear God, honor the King.
Davies - Esse quam videri. To be, rather than to seem.
Davies - Heb Dduw heb ddin a Duw a digon. Without God, without anything, God is enough.
Davies - Sic itir ad astra. This is the way of the stars.
Davis Daibis - I will.
DavisDaibisVirtute et fidelitate.By valour and fidelity.
DavoranÓ DuibhdabhoireannNunquam non paratus.Never unprepared.
Davys - - Forget not.
Dawes - - Fear not.
Dawson Mac Daibí Manus hoec inimica tyrannis. This hand is hostile to tyrants.
Dawson Mac Daibí Perseverando. By perservering.
DawsonMac DaibíToujours propice.Always propitious.
Dawson Mac Daibí Virtute non verbis. Deeds not words.
Day - Sic itir ad astra. This is the way of the stars.
Dayman - Toujours prest Always nimble.
O'DeaÓ DeághaidhSic itir ad astra.This is the way of the stars.
Deacon - In utrumque paratus. Prepared for both.
Deakin - Fidelitas vincit. Faithfulness conquers.
DeaneÓ DéinAarte vel marte.By art, or by work.
Deane Ó Déin Forti et fideli nihil difficle. To the brave and faithful man nothing is difficult.
Deane Ó Déin Fortiter et fideliter. Boldly and faithfully.
Dease - Toujours pret. Always ready.
DeasyDeiseacToujours pret.Always ready.
Delacourt - Fortis et fidelis. Brave and faithful.
DelaneyÓ DubhshláinteDepressus tamen extollor.-
Delap - Merito. With merit.
Deline - Esse quam videri. To be, rather than to seem.
DempseyÓ DiomasaigElatium a Deo non deprimat.Upheld by God I am not depressed.
DennehyÓ DuineachdhaLabore et honore.Labour with honour.
Dennis - Dieu a la mer. God is the sea.
Mac DermotMac Diarmada Honor virtutes praemium. Honor is the reward of valour.
Mc DermottMac Diarmada Honor et virtus. Honour and virtue.
Mc DermottMac DiarmadaHonor probataque virtus.Honour and approved valour.
DesmondÓ DeasunaigVirtutis praemium honore.Honour is the reward of virtue.
DevaneyÓ DuibheamhnaNon sibi solum.Not alone for oneself.
DeverouxDéabruisBassis virtutum constantia.Constancy is the foundation of all virtue.
DevlinÓ DoibhilinCrux me stella.The cross is my star.
Dewhurst - Spec mea in Deo. God is my hope.
Diamond - Miseris succurrere disco. I learn to succour the unfortunate.
Dicey - Fide et amore. Faith and love.
Dick - Semper fidelis. Always faithful.
Dick - Virtute. By virtue.
Dickin - Vincit veritas. Truth conquers.
Dickins - Semper fidelis. Always faithful.
Dickson - Cubo sed curo. I rest but care.
Dickson - Fortes fortuna juvat. Fortune favours the bold.
DillonÓ DuilleainDum spiro spero.While I breath I hope.
DinneenÓ DuinnínToujours pret.Always ready.
Dirom - - Be sure.
Disney - Vincit qui patitur. The one who is patient wins.
Dixon Mac Riocairo - Peace.
DixonMac RiocairoCubo sed curo.I rest but care.
Dixon Mac Riocairo Fortes fortuna juvat. Fortune favours the bold.
Dobbin - Re et merito. By reality and merit.
Dockrell - Semper eadem. Always the same.
DoddDodaIn copia cautus.Careful and plenty.
DohertyÓ DochartaighÁr ndútcas.Our inheritance.
DolanÓ DubhhláinVirtute et fidelis.By faith and virtue.
Dolling - Spero. I hope.
Domenichetti - Nunquam non paratus. Never unprepared.
Mc DonaghMac DonnchadhaVirtus gloria merces.Glory is the reward of virtue.
Mac DonaldMac Dónaill - My hope is constant in thee.
Mc DonaldMac DónaillPer mare per terras.Over land and sea.
Mac DonaldMac Dónaill Pro patria. For my country.
Donaldson - -My hope is constant.
Donaldson - Si Deus vobiscum qui contra nos. If God be with us, who can be against us.
O'DonavanÓ Donndubháin Vir super hostem. A man above an enemy.
DoneganÓ DonnagáinVirtus non vertitur.Virtue does not turn.
Donelan Ó Domhnalláin Omni violentia major. Greater than all violence.
Mac DonellMac Domhnaill Per mare per terras. By land and sea.
Mac Dongall - - Fear God.
Donkin - Disce pati. Learn to endure.
DonlevyMac DuinnshléibheMerito.With merit.
O'DonnellÓ DomhnaillIn hoc signo vinces.Under this sign you shall conquer.
Mc Donnell Mac Domhnaill Sero sed serio. Late but in earnest.
Mc DonnellMac DomhnaillToujours pret.Always ready.
DonnellyÓ DonnghaileLám bearg éirannThe red hand of Ireland.
DonnellanÓ DomhnalláinOmni violentia major.Greater than all violence.
DonoghueÓ DonnchadhaNunquam non paratus.Never unprepared.
O' Donovan Ó Donndubháin Crom a boo. Crom defying.
DonovanÓ DonndubháinGiolla ar a'namuid abú.A youth over his enemies defying.
DoolanÓ DúlainnFortis et egregius.Brave and distinguished.
DooleyÓ DuighlaichFortes fortuna juvat.Fortune favours the bold.
DoranÓ DeoráinSpec anchora vitae.Hope is the anchor of life.
Douglas Mac Dúglais- Do or die.
Douglas Mac Dúglais- Forward.
Douglas Mac Dúglais- God for us.
Douglas Mac Dúglais- Lock sicker.
Douglas Mac DúglaisFortis et fidelis. Brave and faithful.
DouglasMac DúglaisGluaiseact ar agaid.Forward motion.
Douglas Mac DúglaisPro patria. For my country.
Douglas Mac DúglaisSpero. I hope.
Douglas Mac DúglaisSursum. Upwards.
M'Dowall-Pro Deo, rege, et patria. For God, king, and country.
M'Dowall-Sic itir ad astra. This is the way of the stars.
M'Dowall-Victoria. Victory.
O'DowdÓ DubhdaVirtus ipsa suis firmissima nititur armis.Bravery is best sustained by arms.
Mc DowellMac DugaillFortis in arduis.Brave under difficulties.
DowdalDúdulFidelis usque ad mortem.Faithful even to death.
Dowine - -Hold fast.
DowlingÓ DunlaingFortis et egregius.Brave and distinguished.
Downfield - Virtute et labore. By valour and exertion.
DownesÓ DubáinParle bien ou parle rien.Speak well or say nothing.
DowneyÓ DúnadhaighLám láidir in uactar.The strong hand uppermost.
DoyleÓ Dubhghaillbraidimse neas. Fortitudine vincit.He conquers by fortitude.
Doyne - Mullach a boo. Victory for the Duns, or the inhabitants of the hills.
Drake - - The eagle does not catch flies.
DrewÓ DraoiDrogo nomen et virtus arm dedid.Drogo is my name, and valour gave me arms.
Drinkwater - Ne quid nimis. Nothing too much.
O'DriscollÓ hEidirsceoildún an óir.Fort of the gold.
Drummond - - Gang warily.
Drummond - - Have it all.
Drummond - - Lord have mercy.
Drummond - Consequiter quodcunque petit. He obtains whatever he seeks.
Drummond - Dominus providebit. God will provide.
Drummond - Dum spiro spero. While I breath I hope.
Drummond - Loyal aut mort. Loyal to the death.
Drummond - Per mare per terras. By land and sea.
Drumson - Spectemur agendo. Let us be judged by our actions.
Duckett - Spectemur agendo. Let us be judged by our actions.
Dudgeon - - With heart and hand.
DuffÓ Duib - Be true and ye shall never rue.
DuffÓ Duib - Kind heart.
DuffÓ DuibDeus juvat.God assists.
Duffield - Semper fidelis. Always faithful.
DuffyÓ DufaigDeo patria amicis.To God, country and friends.
DugganÓ DubhagáinVirtute et valore.By virtue and valour.
DuignanÓ DuigeannáinHistoria magistra vitae.History is the mistress/teacher of life.
Duke- Gradatum vincimus. We conquer by degrees.
Dukinfield-Ubi amor ibi fides. Where there is love, there is faith.
Dunbar-Disce pati.Learn to endure.
DuncanÓ DonnacáinDise pati.Learn to endure.
DuncanÓ DonnacáinPerseverando.By perservering.
Duncombe - Deo, regi, patriae God, king, country.
Dundas - -Live to live.
Dunlop - Merito. With merit.
DunneÓ DoinnMullac abú.Victory to the chief.
DunphyÓ DonnchadhaGenerosa virtus nihil timet.Generous valour fears nothing.
Dunscombe - Fidelitas vincit. Faithfulness conquers.
Dupuis - -Persevere.
Durham - Per mare per terras. By land and sea.
DurkinMac DuarcainVirtue et claritate.By virtue and high repute.
O'DwyerÓ DuibhirVirtus sola nobilitas.Virtue is the only nobility.

Irish Family Mottoes "The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales."
By Tomás ó Baoillby Sir John Bernard Burke

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