The Shield is: Azure, a cauldron handle with points upward argent, between its branches a sword reversed proper.
The Crest is: A leg in armor or, flexed at the knee and spurred.
Origin: Poland

The Polish family name Witkowski is classified as being of habitation origin. The name was based upon "Witko" a Polish pet form of the Latin personal name "Vitus", derived from "Vito", meaning "life".

The name Witkowski is very common -- there were at least 42,173 Witkowskis in Poland as of 1990. This name generally originated as a way of indicating a person or family came from a village named Witkow, Witkowo, Witkowa, etc., and there are a great many such places in Poland. All those names basically mean Witek's place, usually suggesting the villages or estates were founded or owned by somebody named Witek (that's a short form or nickname of several first names such as Wit, Witold, Witoslaw, etc.). This name is found in large numbers all over Poland, with no discernible pattern to the distribution.

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Polish Surnames: Origins and Meanings
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