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[Large M]y name is Jim Krautlarger, author and creator of this "Home Page" and this is my lovely wife Roberta. I retired from Civil Service with the United States Air Force (USAF) at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio in December, 1999. Roberta had previously taken early retirement from Civil Service in 1996 to enjoy the leisure life of being a house wife and traveling. Since retirement we have moved to Seneca, SC and we have built our retirement home on Lake Keowee. My hobbies are traveling, genealogy, and my computer. Although, we have traveled extensively, we haven't traveled much (internationally) lately. I have, however, devoted a lot of time to my computer, developing this home page, and my newest hobby, genealogy. If it were not for my computer and the internet I probably would not have gotten involved with genealogy, and I want to thank my sister, Nita, for helping me for she has the "corporate" knowledge of the family. I would also like to thank, my cousins, Bonnie and Wayne Soverns, Doug Johnson, and Edie Eader who are working on their own branch of the family tree, for there input. I will introduce you to my extended family later, see the genealogy link.

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