The town of Mount Barker in South Australia


It has been some time - probably close to 2 years - since I took my Mt Barker site down for reconstruction and movement to a new home. Bowing to pressure I have overhauled the site and it now has a new home. 

The town of Mount Barker in South Australia, lies at the foot of the mountain after which it is named. A pretty rural town in its early days, has now become a satellite suburb of Adelaide, some 35 kilometres from the city centre, along the South Eastern Freeway.

The purpose of this site is to give researchers some insights into the early days of the town, as it enjoys the 160th year of its existence. It is my intention to include as much information as I can here about the town, its history and its residents. The links below will take you to that information.

As a fifth generation native of the town, and having been born and raised there, I have always been interested in the history of Mt Barker and its surrounding areas. I have collected a lot of information over the years, which I am happy to share with others. If you find an item here, and would like to know more about it, please contact me by email.

History - Discovery to Settlement
Hotels, Inns and Wine Shanties
Schools and Academic Institutions
Doctors, Midwives and medicine
Blacksmiths and other businesses
Fire Fighting
Law and Order
Cemeteries and Final Resting Places
Keeping the Faith
People and places
Maps, diagrams and photographs of the area
Research Resources for Mt Barker and District
Sport in Mt Barker

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