Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Paris Crossing, Indiana
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Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

Aerial photo of Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

Here's a link to a topographical map showing the cemetery and Paris Crossing

Coffee Creek Baptist Cemetery showing row of the Hill familyanother corner of the cemetery
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Click here for a labeled picture showing entrance to the "old" section while standing in the "new" facing southwest

Coffee Creek Baptist Cemetery Sources:

The Coffee Creek Baptist Cemetery records below are a compilation of the following sources. I went through and compared the records in order to come up with a comprehensive list. I also added the burials listed in the Coffee Creek minutes and the Dodd Funeral Home records. Further, biograhical details have been added as sent in by relatives or as found through other research.

1958 "Old Coffee Creek Cemetery" - Contributed by Mr.s William B. Adams, Paul Revere Chapter, Muncie, Indiana, Mrs. James A. McClintock, Regent, Mrs. J. Howard Wilkins, State Chairman of Genealogical Records, 1958"

1969 ""Old Coffee Creek Baptist Cemetery" by H.L. Morin, North Vernon, Indiana

1971 "Coffee Creek Cemetery Old" by Bernice Jones Cool, Gladys Dismore Jones, Beverly Hutoon Shirley, Carl Robert Bogardus, Sr., William Riley Greear, R. Paul Jones ; Wanda Jones Webster, Typist

1972 "A Listing of Cemetery Markers" "Old Coffee Creek Baptist" by Alan Adams

"Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cemetery" (This is for the entire cemetery and I have no attribution for it or year done but it looks to be fairly recent.)

Also referenced, the excellent "The Hoosier Journal - Jennings County Number 2" special by Naomi Keith Sexton. Naomi's work stands as a wonderful legacy to Jennings County heritage!

New: Stone pictures by Dan and Judy Harvey (Thank you for the pictures Dan and Judy!)


A partial listing of deaths is available here:

The full minutes of the Coffee Creek Baptist Church have been transcribed and are available here:

This represents hours of work by this individual.

Update:  November 2010 - I recently visited the cemetery after many years away.  The condition of the cemetery is deplorable. The stones have deteriorated far more than I thought could happen.  I've compared pictures to some a relative took a few years back and it's a amazing how much damage has occured.  Jennngs County is losing a treasure here and from what I hear most seem not to care.  It is truly a tragedy that our ancestors memories are not honored.  This cemetery contains the graves of Civil War veterans, a Revolutionary War vet, at least one vet of the War of 1812, if nothing else honoring veterans should perhaps motivate people.  To any who read this, I would be happy to help toward paying for upkeep, if people pitched in we could probably manage to at least pay for mowing.  As it is the Coffee Creek Church does not claim it, so it falls to the township trustee and they do the best they can I am sure.  Please get in contact with me if you'd be willing to regularly contribute. Perhaps if we got enough to agree we could privately hire someone. jlopp.geo at yahoo dot com .

I had previously believed that the Coffee Creek Baptist Church no longer exists as the Coffee Creek Baptist Church and was sold to another denomination. I have since been informed that it is the same denomination. I'm not sure what the situation is. However, they do not have the burial records for the cemetery. A perusal of the minutes (see below) reference the fact that there was indeed a plat book but it is now lost to us.

The church no longer owns the Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cemeterie(s) (the two sections). It is considered "abandoned" and is under the purview of the township trustee who does the best he can. The "old" section of the cemetery is in very bad condition, which is incredibly sad. The founders of the Coffee Creek Church lie here, not to mention at least one Revolutionary war veteran and many Civil War veterans.

You can read about the history of the Coffee Creek Baptist Church, Paris Crossing, Indiana, by following this link. The minutes of the church were donated to Franklin Baptist College and are available by microfilm through the LDS church (search on for the numbers). Still, it remains in memory as an icon of the people that came to that area and strove so hard to carve out a life in the wilderness.

The cemetery is actually in two parts. The "old" section and the "new" section. The "old" section is situated on a hill on the south side of State Road 250 and a short distance east of Coffee Creek, a tributary of the Muscatatuck River. It is in very poor condition, many of the stones are now broken or lost. According to Mary Lewis Osterman the church originally stood on that hill, I believe near the entrance to the current cemetery.

The following information is a combination of several headstone censuses on file at the Jennings County Library. The earliest census was done in the late 1950's. This information may only be used for nonprofit purposes. If you have corrections, deletions, or would like to add the history of an individual please free free to e-mail me at jlopp.geo AT - Jonathan R. Loppnow. Please note that I do not live in Indiana and so can not assist in the lookup of local records, however the Jennings County GenWeb site is an excellent resource to refer to and the administrator is very helpful.

This cemetery is about 1 mile west of Paris Crossing on State Highway 250. It is located in Montgomery township in the NE 1/2 of the NEQ of Section 31, township 5, range 8.

Here is a rough map done in the 60's. A great many stones are not listed in it but it gives an approximate idea of layout for the searcher.

The two listings below are in alphabetical order:

South Side - Old Section


Adams, Esther wife of J.C. Adams died 24 August 1843 aged 36 years, born ca. 1807
(1958 canvas notes: daughter of T. and S. Scott)
(Daughter of Thomas Scott and Sally Faqua Scott who are also buried here)
"Sister Esther ADAMS departed this life August 24th 1843. " Minutes: August 1, 1843
(This is wife of James C. Adams and daughter of Thomas ans Sarah Scott)

Picture of stone 

Adams, J. C. died 30 March 1847--aged 32 years, 8 months born ca 1815
(Some canvases say "J.G." not "J.C." however, it is J.C.")
(Early marriage records shows : James C. Adams marrying Esther Scott in Jennings County on 5/7/1837.)

Picture of Stone

Adams, Nancy E. daughter of J.C. and Esther - died 25 Dec. 1842 aged 9 months.

"Brother Peter ADAMS departed this life in the year of our Lord 1850. " possibly buried here?



Arbuckle, Alexander H. son of M. S. and M. 16 Nov. 1860--died 7 Jan. 1861
Son of Mathew S. Arbuckle and Mary Fields Arbuckle (they are in new section)
Picture of stone (taken by R. Sweeney)

Arbuckle, Catherine daughter of S. and S. F.--died 16 March 1852
Aged 4 years, 2 months, 9 days
Samuel S. and Sarah are her parents, listed in "new" section

Picture of Stone

Arbuckle. Ephraim, son of M. and M.--born 22 July 1847 died 6 August 1848
Matthew S. Arbuckle and Mary (Fields) Arbuckle may be his parents and are buried in the "new" section.

Picture of stone (photo used with permission, by jbmgs from find a grave)

Arbuckle, George W. son of M. and M.--born 15 Dec. 1853--died 9 May 1854
(1958 canvas says born Dec. 10 1853)
Matthew S. Arbuckle and Mary (Fields) Arbuckle, may be his parents and are buried in the "new" section.

Picture of stone (photo used with permission, by jbmgs from find a grave)

Arbuckle, Harvey F. son of M. and M. born 5 Mar. 1846 died 9 June 1855
(1958 canvas says born March 4, 1846)
Matthew S. Arbuckle and Mary (Fields) Arbuckle, may be his parents and are buried in the "new" section.
Matthew S. Arbuckle married Mary Fields in Jefferson County on 12/24/1844
Picture of Stone

Arbuckle, Mahala I. daughter of Matthew S. and Catherine M. (Smock) died 31 December 1864--aged 8 months.

Arbuckle, Matthew -died 6 Nov. 1846--aged 71 years, 10 months, 7 days
consort of Catherine Arbuckle
(1958 stone canvas says aged 51 years 10 months 7 days)
1860 Montgomery Township census : Matthew's wife Catherine was widowed and living with their son Alexander Arbuckle. She age 65, born KY, maiden name Smock). No stone but is likely here.

Picture of stone  (used with permission of jbmgs of find a grave)
Another picture of stone taken Nov 2010 by JRL

Arbuckle, Sarah I. wife of Matthew M. died 1 December 1864--aged 20 yrs 11 mos. 11 days
(1958 canvas says died Oct. 1 1864 -- aged 20 yr, 11 mo, 22 days)(This is Sarah Isabel"Ibbie" Keith, daughter of Eliza Lewis who was daughter to William Lewis and Sarah Miller Butler and who married Richard Hues Keith. Sarah Isabel mother of Samuel R. Arbuckle; died while husband was at war.)

This clan I believe came from Trimble County Kentucky.  Related to Bingamond/Benjamin Barnes, Shadrach Barnes)  There are Barnes children in the Keith Cemetery and Barnes relatives are also in First Marion Baptist Cemetery.

Barnes, Elizabeth E. died 28 May 1857 aged 23 yrs, 1 month 3 days
wife of G.W. Barnes

Believe this to be the wife of George William Barnes, son of Bigamond Barnes.  However he was born in 1797 and if she was only 23 in 1857 she would have been born in 1834 so I don't think the age is right on this transcription.  So either it is an error or this is not her.  If it is her this is Elizabeth Beach who married G. William Barnes (  1797 1871)  Children were: Zerelda Barnes 1819 1861 buried below married her cousin, Nathan Barnes 1822 1878, William Barnes   1826 1863,  Melkisabeth Barnes 1833     Shaderick Barnes   1835 1907 )
Picture of Stone

Barnes, Emma V. died 24 July 1863 aged 2 years, 4 months, 4 days
daughter of J.M. and L. Barnes

Picture of Stone

Barnes, Flora A.--died 30 July 1863 --aged 4 years 9 months, 6 days
Daughter of J.M. and L. Barnes
(1958 canvas says aged 5 years 2 months 6 days)

Picture of Stone

Barnes, Lucinda died 10 Sept. 1831 aged 4 years, 7 months

Barnes, Lucy C. died 20 June 1864 aged 7 months, 18 days
daughter of J. M. and L. Barnes

Picture of Stone

Barnes, Reuben died 13 Aug. 1865--aged 70 yrs. 6 months
(1958 canvas says August 18 1865 79 yrs 6 months 3 days)
(1969 canvas says born Feb 6, 1795 and died August 15, 1865)
Husband to Susan Barnes below
Found in 1820 census in Jefferson County, Indiana
Said to be son of Bingamond Barnes and Ellander Stapleman

Picture of Stone

Barnes, Susan died 13 July 1863--bottom of stone broken off
(1958 canvas says died August 12, 1862)
Believe this is wife of Reuben above

Barnes, William born 17 Sept. 1820 died 17 April 1860 or 1866  
(son of Reuben) married Zeralda Barnes his cousin Nov. 30, 1841
See this link

Wife: Barnes, Zeralda died 3 November 1864 aged 42 years,7 months,13 days 
Daughter of George William Barnes and Elizabeth Beach, married her cousin William Barnes, son of Reuben
(1958 canvas says aged 42 years 7 months 2 days)
(Children of William Barnes and Zeralda Barnes: 
 William R. Barnes  1842
 Trevanion Barnes  1848
Susan Barnes  1850 )


Blankenship, Allen C, son of J. and M. Blakenship
(Teenage son of John Blakenship)
(Born ca 1843)
Died June 20, 1857
(13 or 14) yr, 7 mo 1 day
(This stone is only shown in the 1958 canvas)

Allen's Uncle James Blankenship was an early Baptist preacher in Pulaski County, KY - per Wendell Butte
picture of tombstonePicture of stone
Another picture of stone taken Nov 2010

Bridges, Polly - There is no stone and she may be buried elsewhere but the Coffee Creek Baptist Church records show that she died September 1832. Likely buried here.

Brittingham, Fielden A.--son of J. H. and M. A. died 8 April 1865 - aged 7 months 13 days
Must be son of
MELISSA ARBUCKLE, b. 1839 (daughter of Samuel Arbuckle - she is buried in "new" section);
m. JAMES H BRITTINGTON, March 26, 1859.Notice the question of the spelling of the surname.

Picture of Stone

Buckles, Alexander born 16 Nov. 1860 --died 5 July 1861

Butler, Basil B.--son of S. W. and F. L. Butler--   (the transcriptions put "and E. L. Butler"
however I feel that the is Florella Mayfield Butler; if you study the photo of the stone you can see an indicaton of the top bar of the "F"  and no cross bar at the bottom to make it an "E".
Born 1 April 1875
Died 17 June 1875

(I suspect that this is son of Silas  W. Butler and Florella Butler.  Silas is a son to Sidney who is in the "new" section.)
Picture of Stone

Byfield, Elmira M., daughter of C.C. (Charles Carel) and M.A. (Mary A. Tobias) Byfield
Died May 6, 1865
aged 3 years, 2 months, 1 day
(This stone is only listed in the 1958 canvas)
b. March 17, 1840, Wabash County, IN;
d. March 10, 1899;
m. MARY A TOBIAS, April 11, 1861.
Charles was son of George Washington Byfield (b: BET. 1793 - 1800 in PA) and Magdalena Simonson
(b: BEF. 1805 in Ohio) and brother to Lewis Freeman Byfield (listed below).

Byfield (Senior), Lewis Freeman - husband of Ruth Ann Byfield--died 10 Jan. 1849
aged 23 years, 11 months, 20 days
Lewis F. Byfield married Ruth Ann Kashow in Jefferson County on 4/3/1845.
Note that a Mary Kashow married a Tobias. See new section.

Carlock, Hiram P. son of Shadrack B. and Juda Ann Carlock
Born 18 December 1839 died 8 September 1840

Carlock, Juda Ann died 6 August 1844--aged 32 years--consort of Shadrack B. Carlock
1958 canvas lists this full inscription:
CARLOCK, - In memory of Jude Ann, consort of Sharach B.
Died August 6, 1844
In the 32 year of her age
As I search through the rooms of my house
Each door on its hinges doth moan
While searching I find not my spouse
Nor will she to me ere return.

Picture of Stone


Cobb, Priscilla born 20 January 1782 died 27 November 1868
(Priscilla Smith - She was born in Turkey Creek District, South Carolina;  married Thomas Cobb  (listed below) before Feb 1801 in Scott County, Kentucky; 8 children:  Ann, Henry John, infant; Reuben S.; Jane; Richard; Sarah)  (The son Reuben is buried in the Trosper Cemetery, Daviess County, Missouri.  Born 20 Jan 1812, died 7 Dec 1879; to see stone search find a grave with i.d. 35245252 )
Picture of Stone

Cobb, Infant--no dates

Cobb, Thomas, Sr. died 8 June 1854 aged 73 yrs, 4 months 18 days
(born  January 21, 1781 in South Carolina
Son of Samuel Cobb and Judah Peake)
Picture of stone

Note: "November first Saturday 1829 ...Received by letter Thomas COBB and Precilla, his wife, Rueben COBB, (their son)  Pleasant JONES and Lucy JONES. " (Coffee Creek Baptist Church minutes)



See Cox census records of 1850 here.
Here are notes on the Cox family.

Here's a photo of their general grouping

John Cox Sr and Leurany Cox do not have stones but are likely buried here:
"Brother John COX Senr departed this life September 1856." (Coffee Creek Baptist Church minutes)

Cox, Allen D. (likely named after Allen Hill) died 15 May 1855 aged 1 year, 3 months, 15 days
son of J. H. (James H. Cox) and M. (Minerva) Cox
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone taken in Nov 2010

Cox, Charles D.--died 28 Feb. 1859 Aged 10 months 13 days son of J.H (James H.), and M. (Minerva) Cox
(1958 canvas says 10 months 19 days)
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone taken in Nov 2010

Cox James H. born 18 Aug. 1823--died 3 August 1876
(1969 canvas lists death year as 1873) This from Judy Harvey: James Henderson Cox was born in Owen County, Kentucky on August 18, 1823. He died August 3, 1876 in Jennings County, Indiana...His wife was Minerva Hill.
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone taken November 2010

Cox,  (Jr) James H. (This info was crossed out don't know why so am including it):
died 29 Nov 1852 -- aged 8 months 28 days -- son of J.H. (James H. Cox) and M. (Minerva) Cox
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone taken in Nov 2010

Cox John A.--Civil War Comp. C-10th Indiana Cav.
No dates on stone only military enlistment
From family record:
Born:  13 April 1825
Died:  29 Sept 1876
Full name is "John Allen Cox"
1969 canvas says born 1812 died August 6, 1844 but this is obviously not correct as he is a Civil War Veteran. I believe these dates belong to Juda Ann Carlock above and for some reason they mistakenly wrote her dates by John Cox. This from Judy Harvey: John A. Cox, the Civil War veteran (10th Indiana Cavalry) buried in the old Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, was the son of Jesse Cox and Mary Ann (Polly Ann) Hill. John was born April 13, 1825 in Montgomery Twp., Jennings Co., IN. He served in the Civil War in the 10th Indiana Cavalry. The Thomas Oscar Cox family Bible has his death date as September 29, 1876."
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone taken November 2010

Cox, Leurany E.--died 9 May 1862--aged 9 years, 1 month
daughter of J. and P.A. Cox
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone taken November 2010

Cox, Martha J. (1958 canvas has handwritten note Martha James)
September 1, 1861--aged 20 yrs. 9 months, 1 day
(1958 canvas says 20 yrs 1 month 1 day)
This is Martha J. Blakenship, wife to John Allen Cox, above.
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone taken November 2010

Cox, Oliver C. died 20 Sept. 1857 aged 3 years, 30 days

(1969 stone canvas has a "Chel Davis" Born 1783 and died 10-19-1854. I think this is not a "chel davis" but Rachel Tobias, as the age and death date are the same see Tobias listing below. )

Davies Edward died 22 October 1846 aged 3 years, 3 months
(1969 stone canvas says born 10-22-1816 and died 9-10-1847 was a misread)

Davies, Edward J.--died 1 Sept 1847- aged 1 years, 3 months, 25 days
son of Daniel and Elizabeth H. Davies
(1958 canvas says September 10 1847)

Picture of stone taken November 2010

Davies, Evan--son of Edward and Ann--died June 1851 aged 26 years, 1 month
1958 canvas lists: "DAVIES, At rest Evan, son of Edward and Ann Davies, Died June 1851, Aged 26 years 2 months")
In the 1850 census Evan is living with what appears to be his siblings. All the men are blacksmiths and all born in Wales. They lived next door to Thomas Hill. Daniel "Davis" also born in Wales and also a blacksmith is in the same township.
Picture of stone taken November 2010

Deputy, Andrew*
Born: July 1802
Death: ca 1865
*There is no stone. Andrew Deputy is listed here per the record of his grandson, U.M. McGuire
"My grandfather, Andrew Deputy in the old Coffee Creek Baptist Cemetery a mile west of Paris crossing"

Deputy, Arabelle N died 28 -----1861 aged 1 year, 5 months, 24 days
daughter of S. and J. Deputy (stone chipped)
(1958 canvas says 1 year 5 month 4 days)

Deputy Hedgeman born 1830 died 1880
Wife: Deputy, Nancy born 1832 died 1873 --stone has been replaced

Picture of stone

Earl, Hannah died 25 July 1865 aged 83 yrs, 26 days born ca. 1782
Picture of stone

Earl, James died 9 June 1860 aged 85 years, born ca. 1775
Picture of stone

Earl James, son of A & E. Earl
Died May 10, 1859
Aged 7 yr, 2 mo, 10 days
(This stone is only listed in the 1958 survey. Am guessing it should be son of H & J Earl).

Fear, John -No stone but Coffee Creek Baptist records show he died August 1839
No age mentioned but an online posting says born ca 1775-1780
Was "received by letter in June of 1826"
Second wife was Isabel Fear. She is found in the 1850 census.

Field, Ida Florence died 12 Jan. 1863 aged 12 days
Picture of stone (on same stone as mother's)

Field, Martha A. died 16 jan. 1863 -aged 23 yrs, 11 days wife of Dr. M.H. Field
Picture of stone
Another picture of her stone taken November 2010 (poor lighting)
It appears Martha died from child birth. M.H. Field remarried and moved to Indianapolis, Marion County. He is found in the 1880 census there.

Field, Oskor 0. died 21 July 1862--aged 8 months, 17 days
this name on Martha A. Field's stone

Fowler, Milly M, born 27 Sept 1807 died 4 February l864
wife of Fowler, James
(Note: A Milley STORN married a James Fowler on 20 Dec 1827 in Jennings County, Indiana, according to )
Picture of stone
1860 Census: Marion twp, Jennings County
Another picture of stone taken November 2010

Graves, Benjamin - No stone but Coffee Creek Baptist Church records show that he died September 1836.

Green, Emma A. born 11 July 1867 died 11 May 1868
daughter of J. H. and Emily Green
(1958 canvas says died Nov. 14, 1868)

Possibly daughter of James Hilton Green and Emily Millizen Green??  They are buried at the Hillcrest Cemetery in North Vernon
Picture of stone
Another picture of stone closeup

Hall, Elizabeth W.
Died 15 July 1880 aged 75 years, 7 months
on same stone her as her husband Samuel Hall.
The stone is now turned with Elizabeth's showing, however Elizabeth lies to the North of the stone and Samuel to the South, per a stone census from 1969.
Note: Elizabeth Hall was the sister to Daniel Lewis, daughter of William Lewis. Elizabeth and Samuel married in New York State, likely Steuben County.

picture of tombstonePicture of stone
Family tradition holds that William Lewis and his wife Sarah Miller Butler Lewis rest next to Elizabeth's grave.  She is one of their daughters.
Another picture of stone
Another picture of stone showing the obelisk on top

Hall, Samuel died 12 Feb, 1882 aged 75 years, 5 months
Another picture of stone

Hammond, James born 22 November 1787 died 5 February 1853
aged 65 years, 2 months, 16 days
(1958 canvas says died February 7)
James Hammond married
Julia Lard, daughter of Rebecca Hammond Lard/Laird and Samuel Lard/Larid (see below) James is not thought to be related to Rebecca.


picture of tombstonePicture of Hill tombstones area

(Hill - Note - There is an excellent record of this family at

Hill, Allen born 29 Nov. 1799 died 19 March 1871
(Son of Thomas Hill Senior and Mary Stone
Born in Somerset, Pulaski Co., Kentucky)

picture of tombstonePicture of stone
Another picture taken November 2010

Hill Alva C. died 11 Feb. 1858 aged 3 years, 6 months 23 days
son of H. B. (Harvey B.) and L. (Louisa Cosby) Hill
(1958 canvas says Hill, Alba G. Died Feb 11 1858, Aged 8 years, 6 months 23 days)

Hill, Arrilla
daughter of J.W. and S.J. Hill
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone taken November 2010

Hill, Arvilla O., died 11 May 1852 aged 1 yr. 3 months, 9 days
daughter of J.W. (James Woods Hill) and S. J. Hill (Sarah Jane Brandon)
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Hill, Culver W. died 27 Jan, 1842 aged 2 yrs. 1 mo.--son of D.M. and J. Hill (Daniel (Daniel and Jane?)
(A Daniel Hill is the son of Thomas Hill, Senior and brother to Elder Thomas Hill Junior)

Hill, Daniel M. died 1 Oct. 1834 aged 10 months, 2 days son of Daniel and Jane Hill

Hill, Harvey B. (Buster) died 19 April 1870--aged 37 years, 2 months, 4 days
(born February 15, 1833)

(He was the son of Elder Thomas Hill, Jr.)

picture of tombstone Picture of stone
Another picture of stone taken November 2010
Wife's record is on the back of his stone.
Here is a shot of the entire stone

Hill, Infant son of J. W. (James Woods Hill) and S. J. Hill (Sarah Jane Brandon)(no dates)
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture taken in November 2010

Hill, John died 15 June 1854. aged 20 years, 10 months, 19 days son of A. and E. Hill
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture taken Nov 2010

Hill, John E. died 3 June 1845 aged 3 months, 15 days--son of J.W. (James Woods Hill) and S. J. Hill (Sarah Jane Brandon)
(1959 canvas says June 5, 1845)
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone taken Nov 2010

Hill, Louisa died 21 Sept. 1856 aged 3 months, 29 days daughter of H. B. (Harvey B. Hill) and L. Hill (Louisa Cosby)
(1958 canvas says died Sept 24, 1950, aged 8 mo 29 days)
Picture of stone

Hill, Mary (maiden name: Stone)--died 24 Oct. 1844 aged 74 years
Consort of Thomas Hill Sr. Baptist Minister
picture of tombstone Two pictures of stone:
A and B
Another picture taken November 2010

Hill Sarah A. (Deputy) died 21 April 1871- -aged 38 years, 1 month , 18 days
wife of Harvey B. Hill (on Harvey B. Hill Stone)
(1958 stone canvas says aged 33 years)
Back of stone of Harvey Buster Hill
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone
Another picture of stone taken November 2010
Have daughter in "new" section

Hill, Sarah J. died 4 April 1858--aged 29 yrs. 3 months , 29 days
daughter of A. and E. Hill
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone
Another picture of stone taken November 2010

Polly Mary Ann Hill Cox*
(According to Dan Harvey)
segment of stone between Sarah Hill and John Hill near Leurany E. Cox
died 11 Jan. 1862 aged 35 years, 9 months, 9 days
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Hill, Sardis D. died 16 Nov. 1851 aged 2 years, 3 months, 16 days
son of J. W. (James Woods Hill) and S. J. Hill (Sarah Jane Brandon)
James Hill and Sarah Jane Brandon, married in Jennings County on 8-10-1841
picture of tombstonePicture of stone

Another picture of stone taken November 2010

Hill, Susan (Buster) died 27 July 1865 aged 69 years wfe of Elder Thomas Hill Jr.
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone (broken in 2 pieces)

Another picture of stone taken November 2010

Hill, Thomas Reverend Sr. died 22 May 1848 aged 86 years
Revolutionary War soldier
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone taken Nov 2010

Hill, Elder Thomas Jr. Born 12 Sept. 1797 --died 27 March 1876
aged 78 years, 6 months, 15 days

(1958 canvas says died March 27, 1876, aged 78 years 6 mo 5 da)
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone taken Nov 2010

Hill, Thomas A. died 1 December 1842 aged 3 months, 6 days
son of J.W. (James Woods Hill) and S. J. Hill (Sarah Jane Brandon)
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone taken Nov 2010

Hopkins, William died 24 Dec. 1858 aged 20 years
Note: son of John Hopkins (handwritten note on file)
Picture of stone

Hudson, Annanias died 2 August 1834 age 23 years, 7 months 2 days
consort of Cynthia A. (McCroy) Hudson
(The stone census said 1832 but the minutes show 1834 which is more likely. It appears Annanias Jr and his wife died on the same day.
An Annanias married a Cynthia McCroy in Jefferson County on 11-21-1833
The Coffee Creek minutes call him "Annanias Hudson Jr" so his father was also Annanias.

Hudson Cynthia A. died 2 August 1834 aged 23
(Wife of Annanias Hudson)

The rest of the Hudson family is over in the Coffee Creek Christian church cemetery.
See this record from online:
Name: Ananias Hudson (sr)
Birth: 7 MAY 1771 in Sussex Country near Milford, Delaware
Death: 29 AUG 1852 in Paris Crossing, Jennings, Indiana
Burial: Coffee Creek (Christian), Jennings, Indiana
Father: Joshua Hudson b: BET 1725 AND 1730
Marriage 1 Magdalin Willey b: 2 JUN 1771
Married: in Morgantown, Virginia
Absalom W. HUDSON b: 22 Mar 1804 in Monongalia Co., VA
Margaret I HUDSON b: 3 Mar 1800 in Morgantown, Monongalia Co., VA *Ananias Joshua HUDSON b: 1802 in Morgantown, Monongalia Co., VA Boyd Willey HUDSON b: 22 Mar 1804 in Morgantown, Monongalia Co., VA
Sarah HUDSON b: 18 Oct 1806 in Morgantown, Monongalia Co., VA
William HUDSON b: 18 Oct 1806 in Morgantown, Monongalia Co., VA
Esther Ann HUDSON b: 2 Apr 1809 in Morgantown, Monongalia Co., VA
James Ananias HUDSON b: 1811 in Morgantown, Monongalia Co., VA

Johnson, Hannah born 28 Feb. 1839 died 6 Sept. 1844
daughter of James and Sarah Johnson
Picture of stone

Johnson, Sarah died 1 Dec. 18S9 aged 54 years, 5 months, 13 days
wife of James Johnson
Picture of stone

Johnson, James W. died 14 May 1860 aged 9 months, 3 days

Jones, Samuel D.--Civil War- Comp. G 18th Indiana Infantry
(Another canvas says Company C 16th Indiana Infantry, suspect previous listing is accurate)
born 30 August 1833 died 14 March 1874
son of John D. Jones who died 29 January 1857 and Eleanor Tobias. She born 1775-1785 and died January 7, 1840.
Per minutes of Coffee Creek Baptist: John D. JONES departed this life January 1857.
See will of John D. Jones at Jennings Co Will Book1, pages 332, 333. Will dated Sept. 1856 and filed 11 Feb. 1857.
Also: Title: The History and Descendants of John D. Jones, Welshman through the Sons, Daniel D. Jones and Samuel Jones 1817 - 1893.
Author: J. Paul Jones and Gladys Dismore Jones of The Scott County Historical Society, 1983.
Note: The Hist. and Desc. of John D. Jones"
John D. Jones died a year and a few days after his third wife, aged 80 years and 24 days. His daughter Oner and family were probably living with him as they purchased the homeplace when it was sold after his death. It is to be regretted that all of the Jones stones,carefully bought and placed in the family cemetery, were carried away before they were recorded." Source: Vivian Bailey

Picture of stone

Lard (Laird) Rebecca Hammond born 1772 in Conn. died 1855 in Jennings co. Indiana
She married Samuel Lard Feb. 1798 in Vermont, had 2 sons before coming to IN. She was one of the first women school teachers in Jennings county. She taught Squire Billy Deputy's children when she first came to Indiana in the 1820's. Samuel Laird divorced her March 4 1828 in Jenn. co. court, because she chose to teach school and not return to live with him. This is all found in history of Jenn. co. Her Great Grandmother was sister of William Penn and the daughter of Admiral Penn. The new stone says born 1772--died 1855 "she has done what she could". Some of her descendants placed it more recently.
(1958 canvas says 1772-1850 "She has done what she could" suspect this was original stone).
Read more about Rebecca here.

Picture of stone

Broken mystery fragment of what was a very large stone?

Lewis, Elisha A. died 2 May 1854 aged 65 years, 9 months, 3 days
(1958 canvas says 65 yr 3 mo)
Picture of stone

Lewis, George died 15 Sept. 1851 aged 10 months, 16 days
son of C.A. and C.A. Lewis
Note:  I believe these are the children of Charles A. and Cynthia A. Lewis, whom you can find in the 1850 census in Jennings County. However, Martha is not listed there, there is a George.  George is gone by the next census. 
Biography of their father:  CHAPMAN A. LEWIS, harness store, Greenup, was born in Rush County, Ind., January 10,1824. He was raised on a farm, attending school in the winter season. Being apt in learning, he generally stood at the head of his class. His father was poor, and only afforded his children each one pair of shoes a year, and required all their time in hard work on the farm, except a few months, each winter, at school. In 1845, he married Miss Cynthia A. Earl,' of Jennings County, Ind. At first he farmed for three years, then went into the grocery business one year at West Paris, Jennings County, then bought a saddle and harness store in the same place. He carried on a large business and learned the trade of harness-making. After three years he went to farming, continuing until 1864, when he came to Cumberland County, Ill., and farmed ten years; then came to Greenup and established his present business. He now has the largest establishment and the best trade in the place. He was reared in the Methodist faith, and is highly respected by the 'community. Eight children have been born to them, viz.: Oliver, David D., Elizabeth, Charity, Leroy, Martha A. (deceased), George (deceased), Jephtha (deceased).

Picture of stone

Lewis, Martha A. died 14 Oct. 1851 aged 2 years, 8 months, 16 days
daughter of C. A. and C. A. Lewis

Picture of stone

Lewis, Sarah (Miller) Butler (No stone)
"Sister Sarah Lewis departed this life November the 26th, 1848 in the 67th year of her age." Sarah was a widow of a ______ Butler when she married William Barber Lewis. She brought two sons into the marriage Sidney Butler and Lewis Butler. She came to Indiana with William Lewis in the 1820's. Note: This listing is placed here based upon Lewis family tradition and a record of a Sarah Lewis in "Record of Coffee Creek Baptist Church, 1822-1867, Jennings County Indiana" which is at the Franklin Baptist College and available via microfilm through the LDS church.

Lewis, William (No stone)
Born ca 1783 and died May 1864, around the age of 81 (per Coffee Creek Baptist Church records, Volume III page 296).
There is no stone but church records when he died and Lewis family tradition holds that he is buried here. He married Mrs. Sarah (Miller) Butler ca 1844-1852. He brought his family to Jennings County Indiana in the early 1820's. Family tradition holds he is buried next to his daughter Elizabeth Lewis Hall. He is listed in the index of the 1969 stone canvas but not on the actual page it lists.

Lowry, Alexander born 23 March 1796 died 27 Oct. 1875 - had good stone
aged 79 years, 7 months, 4 days
Alexander's parents: James Lowry (1755-1837) and Catherine (1765-1839) settled in NE Scott County, Indiana. Their children were Robert (1789-1848) (Paris Crossing, Indiana); Alexander (1796-1875) (Comminskey, Indiana); and Mariah (1803-1857) (This per David Philip Lowry on Lowry GenForum).
(Alexander's wife, Elizabeth is in the "new" section)
Picture of stone

Picture of the 3 pieces of the stone

Lowry, James Madison died 16 Feb. 1861 aged 29 years
stone is -lying on the ground and run over by mowers.
son of Alexander Lowry

Lowry, Maria died 7 August 1857 aged 57 years
(Presume to be sister to Alexander?)
Picture of stone

Lowry, Nancy Emily died 13 Aug. 1853--aged 23 years

(Lowery, Robinson died March 1871 ; son of Robert and Mary Robinson Lowery; Mary daughter of
Nathan and Anne Leach Robertson- per Richard Parker)

(Wright, Serelda (Lowry) born 28 April 1840 died 20 March 1875
wife of Thomas J. Wright daughter of Alexander Lowry, her stone is near his.)

Husband:  Thomas Wright, born 1833
Children:  Ellen, born 1862
Mary, born 1864
Anna, born 1866
per 1870 census, Jennings County

Thomas L. Montgomery family
Thomas L. Montgomery was the son of David Montgomery and Elizabeth Troutman born about 1835.
Savannah Ellen Montgomery may be the daughter of Sidney Butler, half brother to William Lewis.
One stone witth mother Savannah E. Montgomery and two of her children listed on it
Stone is now shattered
A Savana Ellen Butler married a Thomas L. Montgomery 27 Sep 1865 Jennings Bk 6 P 459
If this is the same Thomas he remarried:
Alice M. Washer Thomas L. Montgomery 19 Feb 1873 Jennings Bk 7 P 565

Montgomery Ella died 8 Sept. 1871 aged 15 days
daughter of Thomas L. and S. Montgomery
On stone of Savanah E. Montgomery

Montgomery Infant son died 30 Aug. 1870 aged 3 months, 7 days
son of Thomas L. and S. Montgomery
n stone of Savanah E. Montgomery

Montgomery, Savanah E. (Ellen in 1870 census) died 4 Sept. 1871 aged 24 years, 2 months, 13 days.
wife of Thomas L. Montgomery
(appears she died after childbirth)
(had a daughter named Carrie in 1870 census aged 4 years)
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone (fragment) taken November 2010

Peregrine family

Peregrine family - see link here
James was a Presbyterian Minister and Schoolmaster in Bishop's Castel, Shropeshire, England. He emigrated to the United States in 1828 with seven children. Three more sons were born in the U.S. The came to New York, then moved to Hamilton County, Ohio, then to Scott County, Indiana.

picture of tombstoneGroup of stones for Elizabeth Peregrine and James Peregrine;  Elizabeth's original is on left and James' original is on right with joint replacment in middle:

Peregrine (nee Seaman), Elizabeth died 15 Sept. 1858 aged 62 years, 11 months
wife of James Peregrine
picture of original stone
joint replacement stone

Peregrine James  (Rev.) died 22 Feb.1862 died 72 years
consort of E. Peregrine
picture of original stone
joint replacement stone

Peregrine, Mary A. died 13 June 1862 aged 33 years, 2 months, 13 days
daughter of James and Elizab
eth Peregrine
picture of original stone

picture of tombstoneEarlier shot of replacement stone
picture of replacement stone

Fragment of stone--son. of J. and E. Peregrine

(If you know the name and dates for this son please contact me;  I've never seen the fragment)
Listings on ancestry show a "Henry" born 1829 (same year as Mary?) but no death date as opposed to the others.  Could this be him?  He is not listed in the 1850 census:
1850 Census Scott County, Indiana shows:
James Peregrine 60 Wales
Elizabeth Peregine 55 England
Mary Peregine 21 England
Ebenezer Peregine 18 Ohio
Aaron Peregine 16 Ohio
Reuben Peregine 14 Ohio

Robinson, Sarah died 27 August 1835 aged 36 years
Father was Nathan Robertson.
Picture of stone taken November 2010

(Robinson, Nancy, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Scott, died 1872, wife of Rev. Jesse Wells Robinson per Richard Parker)

Scott Family

Scott, Cora E. died 4 Feb. 1865 aged 3 months 2 days
daughter of T. R. and S. A. Scott

Scott, Cyrus died 1 Nov. 1857 aged 54 years
Picture of Stone (used with permission of Richard Parker)

Husband to Sally Scott who died 31 Aug 1865
1850 Census, Jennnigs County, shows he lived near Samuel and Elizabeth Hall and Sidney Butler.
In household:  Gabriel Scott, a brother  Born 1813 Kentucky
Adams, Sally A. born 1838 in Indiana  (grandaughter through daughter Esther who married James C. Adams)
Adams, Thomas H. born 1840 in Indiana  (grandson through daughter Esther)

Scott, Polly died 5 Sept. 1847 aged 42 years daughter of Thomas and Sally Scott
Picture of stone by Lisa Smith

(Scott, Polly Elender, died August 1859 per Richard A. Parker)

Scott, Sally died 31 Aug. 1865 aged 55 years
Picture of stone (used with permission of Richard Parker)
Another picture of stone comparing deterioration from last picture

Scott Sally wife of Thomas Scott died 7 Nov.1838 aged 62 years
Maiden Name:   Sally Fuqua
Picture of stone (used with permission of Richard Parker)

Another picture of stone taken November 2010

Scott, Thomas died 8 Dec. 1834 aged 63 years
Father of Cyrus Scott listed above
Will of Thomas Scott mentions these relatives:
wife, Sarah
sons:  Aaron, Cyrus, Gabriel
daughters:  Sally, Nancy, Polly, Esther
Supposed to be another son:  William perhaps pre-deceased?
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

The Staples children buried here are the children of Thomas J. Staples and Elizabeth Staples, who are buried in the Marion Baptist Church Cemetery in Marion Township, Jennings County. Thomas J. Staples was born Nov. 22, 1808 and died July 30, 1882. Elizabeth Staples was born April 17, 1822 and died July 30, 1882 (There is an LDS record which states that there was an Elizabeth Holeman, born 1822 at Johnson, Indiana who was the daughter of Moses HOLEMAN and Rebecca PATRICK. There is more on Moses Holeman if you do a further search.)

According to the LDS records on there was a Thomas Jefferson Staples who married an Elizabeth Holeman on June 5, 1837 at Johnson, Indiana.

Staples, James M. 10 Aug. 1845 --died 5 Jan. 1873 (1958 canvas says 1872 but it seems to be 1873)  see closeup here
son of T.J. and E. Staples
Picture of stone taken November 2010

Staples, Julia Ann - born May 1850 died 22 Nov. 1861
dau. of T.J. and E. Staples
Picture of stone taken November 2010

Staples, Mandy M.
Born November 26, 1858
Died January 11, 1862
daughter of T.J. and E. Staples
(This stone only listed in 1958 canvas)

Staples, Moses B.
Born June 25, 1854
Died April 30, 1859
son of T.J. and E. Staples

Picture of stone taken November 2010

Staples, Rebecca J.
born 13 Jan. 1842
died 16 Feb. 1862
daughter of T. J. and E. Staples

Picture of stone taken November 2010

Staples, Theadoore   
born Feb 25, 1861
died Dec 8, 1861
daughter of T.J. and E. Staples
(stone only listed in 1958 survey)

Picture of stone

Staples, William H.
born Jan. 10, 1848
died Sept 12, 1853
(stone only listed in 1958 survey)
Picture of stone (fragment) taken November 2010

Thompson, Samuel P.
born 8 Sept 1785
died 24 May 1835
aged 49 years, 8 months, 24 days
Picture of stone taken November 2010


Tobias, Cassius M.
died 16 Oct. 1857
aged 1 year, 7 months, 23 days
(1969 stone canvas says born 4-23-1856 and death 12-16-1857 however it is Oct 16)
son of J.J. (John J. Tobias. He was son of John Tobias and Mrs. Maria Jones nee Jones) and M.H. (Mary Hannah Whitsett) Tobias
Picture of stone taken November 2010

Tobias, James B. born and died 16 Sept. 1854
son of J. J. and M. H. Tobias
son of J.J. (John J. Tobias. He was son of John Tobias and Mrs. Maria Jones nee Jones) and M.H. (Mary Hannah Whitsett) Tobias
Picture of stone taken November 2010

Tobias, Rachel died 19 Nov. 1854 aged 71 years
Picture of stone taken November 2010

Tobias, Viola S, born and died 16 Jan. 1861
daughter of J.J. and M. H. Tobias
daughter of J.J. (John J. Tobias. He was son of John Tobias and Mrs. Maria Jones nee Jones) and M.H. (Mary Hannah Whitsett) Tobias
Picture of stone taken November 2010


Wells, Harvey
Death: June 9, 1835
(Stone only listed in 1969 canvas, and with no age; stone is on map next to Willam Wells)

Wells Infant son born and died 29 May 1877 son of U. M. (Ulysses M.) and Flora Wells (She is buried in "new section".)
Picture of stone taken November 2010

Wells, William H.  born 8 Nov. 1849 died 20 July 1855
son of W.H. and C.C. Wells (both buried in new section).
Picture of stone by C. M. Reed
Note: William Wells and a Charity Arbuckle married in Jennings County on 11/19/1846. She would be the daughter of Matthew Arbuckle and Mary Fields (buried in new section).


Wilkerson, Anna died 14 June 1851 aged 69 years
Consort of John Wilkerson
Picture of Anna and John Wilkerson's stones

Another picture of Ann's stone

Wilkerson, Carrie Bell died 25 Aug. 1864 aged 1 year, 7 months, 3 days
daughter of H.P. and S. E. Wilkerson
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone taken November 2010

Wilkerson, John died 24 March 1857 aged 71 years.
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone taken November 2010



Winscot, Cynthia died 17 Jan. 1854 aged 12 years
(1958 canvas adds: daughter of L.S. and W. Winscot)
This is likely Cynthia Wainscot, daughter of Lewis Wainscot and Nancy Wainscot. They are found in the 1850 census in Montgomery Twp, Jennings county. Lewis Wainscot 37, Nancy 39, James 13, John 11, Cynthia 9, William 6, Elizabeth 4. The parents born in KY but children all in Indiana. They live near Cornelius Wainscott, 37, also born in KY. This family was still there in 1870.

Note: Tuesday Sept 4th 1838
Received by experience for baptism Lewis WINSCOTT and Nancy WINSCOTT and by relation Melinda HOPKINS.

Joseph Wainscot joined Coffee Creek Baptist Oct 1837 deceased Jan 1861 according to minutes.
December 1st Saturday 1838 . This Joseph Wainscott appears to be living with his daughter Rachel and son in law William Earl in 1850.

The church met and after praise and prayer 1st On motion brethren Pleasant JONES, Balaam LETT and Thomas COBB are appointed to ascertain what amount will be required to support Brother Joseph WINSCOT for one year and report at next meeting


Wood, Eliza A.
Died Feb. 27, 1851
Aged 8 months, 8 days
Daughter of J & E Wood
(stone only listed in 1958 canvas)
these two stones are now fragments

Wood, Stephen F.
Born Dec. 26, 1852
Died Aug. 23, 1863
Son of J & E Wood
(stone only listed in 1958 canvas)

Picture of stone fragment taken November 2010

Wright, Serelda (Lowry)
born 28 April 1840
died 20 March 1875
wife of J. T. Wright daughter of Alexander Lowry, her stone is near his.
(1958 canvas adds inscription:
"A noble minded, loving and loved wife of J.T. Wright, whose mortal remains are here interred, but whose immortal soul, thank God, still lives in Paradise of its God")
picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone taken November 2010

(Husband:  Thomas Wright, born 1833
Children:  Ellen, born 1862
Mary, born 1864
Anna, born 1866
per 1870 census, Jennings County
Believe he was a store owner in the Mount Zion Community)


Young Christian died 15 March 1871 aged 46 years, 4 months, 25 days consort of Maria (Byfield) Young
His full name is Christian Waldsmith Young. A Christian Young married Maria Byfield in Scott County on 10/1/1846. She is sister to Lewis Freeman Byfield listed above. She was born May 17, 1828, IN; d. 1853-1854 according to family record at
picture of tombstonePicture of stone

Another picture of stone taken November 2010

Here is a picture of the line of Young children burials

Young, Harriet, born and died 2 August 1847
daughter of Christian and Maria Young

picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone taken November 2010

Young, Infant born and died 28 December 1860
daughter of Christian and Maria Young

Picture of stone

Young, Jefferson (born November 12, 1861) died 11 May 1863 aged 1 year, 6 months, 29 days
Son of Christian and Maria Young
(1958 canvas says aged 1 year 5 months 29 days)

picture of tombstone
Picture of stone (on same stone with Christian Young)

Young, Minerva J. (Jane) (born November 2, 1856) died 29 Sept. 1857 aged 10 months 27 days
daughter of Christian and Maria Young

picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

another picture of stone taken November 2010

Young, Olive C. (Clara) (born August 21, 1854) died 26 Sept. 1857 aged 3 years, 30 days
daughter of Christian and Maria Young

picture of tombstone
Picture of stone

Another picture of stone taken November 2010

Young, William C. (Crawford) (born Dec 11, 1850) died 11 March 1853 aged 2 years, 3 months
son of Christian and Maria Young
(1953 canvas says 12 years 3 months but it is 3 years.)
picture of tombstonePicture of stone

Another picture of stone taken November 2010


1958 canvas adds these notes about fragments:
Flag Stone: ?, Williams
(Is the Williams fragment this:Sister Anne WILLIAMS departed this life March the 20th 1834. )

Alenter ?
Flag Stone: ?, Nancy
Bat- M9
From 1971: Ste__? Top of stone missing son of J. & E. born 12-21-1860 died August 23, 1863. Footstones near by E.A.W. and W. This is undoubtedly for Stephen F. Wood which was in the 1958 canvas, after which the stone is gone.

Another fragment, February 27 _____ age 18 month 3 day This is undoubtedly for Eliza Wood.

Footstones: S.R., T.S., Z.B., J.M.L., R.B., M.T.

Fragment from 1972: ________ January 11, 1882 (should be 1862) 35 years This is the same fragment listed as that found among the Hill's stones but year is 1862 there. This is Mary (Polly) Ann Hill Cox.

North Side of Road - "New" Section

Adams, Edward E. 17 June 1865 died 6 January 1928 age 62

Adams, Ida M. 1 March, 1868 - 3 May 1901
Wife of Edward E. Adams

Adams, Katherine 1846 - 5 May 1922 age 78

Adams, Nora 1880 -1957

(Edward Adams and Nora Adams on same stone)

Adams, Thomas H. Sgt. 1840 24 July 1907 age 67 served in Civil War Comp. H 27th Regt. Indiana Volunteer
His stone matches Katherine Adams stone

Link to information on Arbuckle family, many details added to this section are from this link.

The senior Matthew Arbuckle is buried in the "old" section of the cemetery. He was married to Catherine Smock. See listing above.

Arbuckle, Alexander H. 18 Aug. 1827 - 5 Aug. 1895
Civil War Company L; 9th Regt. Indiana Volunteer

Arbuckle, Ellison B. 1853 - 12 May 1925 age 72

Arbuckle Mary Hester 1849 - 28 Nov. 1928 age 77 (wife of Ellison)

Ellison is son of Alexander H. Arbuckle above.

Arbuckle, Isabella - 4 Mar. 1821 - 30 June 1833

Arbuckle, Mary 11 May 1821 - 25 Aug. 1893
(on Matthew S. Arbuckle's stone)
Wife to Matthew S. Arbuckle, maiden named Fields, daughter of Harvey Fields and Rachel Arbuckle, born 1821 in Indiana.

Arbuckle, Matthew S. 2 Oct. 1824 - 12 Nov. 1874

Arbuckle, Martha 12 Feb. 1829 - 28 Dec. 1926
This is the wife to Alexander H. Arbuckle, maiden name Phillips.

Arbuckle, Samuel S. 28 Nov. 1818 - 22 Apr. 1902

Arbuckle, Sarah 4 Mar. 1820 - 30 June 1883
(on Samuel S. Arbuckle's stone)
(Wife to Samuel S. Arbuckle, maiden name Lett)

Arbuckle S. W.
Age: 35
February 22, 1909
Per Dodd Funeral Home Records

Ashton Family of Jefferson and Jennings County

Ashton, Harry R. born and died 20 Aug. 1908
son of Milo and Rosa Ashton Lot 38

Ashton, Infant son of G.W. (George Washington Ashton) and S.E. (Sarah E. Lowry) Ashton 23 July 1875

Ashton, Elise May dau. of Milo and Rosa (Milo is son of James Ashton and nephew to George)
born 20 Aug. 1908 20 - Aug. 1910

Ashton, George W. 5 May 1839 - 2 May 1904 (son of John Ashton of Jefferson County)
Civil War--Company G, 22nd Indiana Volunteer

Ashton Infant of George W. Ashton born and died 23 July 1875

ASHTON Milo (son of James Ashton and grandson of John Ashton, nephew to George above)
November 25, 1912
Per Dodd Funeral Home records

Ashton, Sarah E. 26 Oct. 1844 -12 April 1905 (Sarah E. Lowry, daughter of Alexander Lowry in old section and Elizabeth in new)
(On George W. Ashton's stone)

Austin, Alice 24 Jan. 1853 -16 Nov. 1895

Austin, Bessie M., Wife of Eugene W. Austin 1884 -1923

Austin, Eugene W. 1879- 1932
Age 54y 10m 15d died Dec. 20 1932
Parents Henry T. Austin and Alice Stevens
*This from USGENWEB - BURKHOLDER FUNERAL HOME RECORDS File 182 Jackson County, Seymour, IN: USGENWEB NOTICE: In keeping with our policy of providing free information on the Internet, data may be used by non-commercial entities, as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages cannot be reproduced in any format for profit or other presentation.

Austin, Louisa d. 12 July 1857 - 19 Nov. 1939
Age 82y 4m 4d - d. Nov. 17 1939
Parents James King and Mary Alice Barkman
*Burkholder Funeral Home Record 491

Austin, Henry T. 16 Dec. 1853 - 7 Aug. 1923
Father to Eugene Austin, and husband to Alice presumably, see Eugene's listing above.

Bishop, Ruth Pearl 18 July 1900 - 9 Sept.1902

Blades, Charlotte L. 18 Jan. 1914

Burtch, Martha A. born 1859 age 54 died July 9,1913
Wife of Thomas J. Burtch. They married July 28, 1880
Source Jennings County Book 9 Page 50
(Note: This is Martha A. Lawrence, daughter to Lavinia Lewis Lawrence and granddaughter to Daniel Lewis of Jennings County, IN).

Burtch, Thomas J. 1850 -1918

Butler, Katie 1866 - 1947
(On Milton Butler's stone)

Butler, Milton 1857 - 18 Dec. 1936

Butler, Lusanna 1827 - 1915

Butler, Oliva E. (Hoard) 1860 -1888

Butler, Sidney 5 June 1803 30 Oct. 1877
aged 74 years, 4 mons. 25 days

Caldwell, Infant 3 Aug. I926

Campbell, Keen 1895 - 1968

Cline, Mary

Cline, Simeon R. 18 Feb. 1843 - 18 Feb. 1915
Sgt. in CiviI War Company L--9th Indiana Cav.---Comsy. Sgt.
wife Mary Cline

Age 32
July 18, 1901
Per Dodd Funeral Home Records

Cave, Mary E. 1861 - 14 Dec. 1950 - age 89 on same stone with Boardman, Tufa M. 1894
and husband Boardman, George E 1892-1967

Husband: Simon
Age: 64
October 3, 1908
Per Dodd Funeral Home records

Cole, Henry W. 14 June 1825 - 28 Sept. 1896
wife Cole, Mary S. 23 Feb 1840 - 20 Sept. 1903

Conway, John H. 18 Nov. 1826 - 21 Feb. 1915
Wife: Conway, Rebecca A. 17 June 1841 - 2 Oct. 1917

Cover, Arlettie J. 7 Dec. 1868 - 18 July 1901
wife of I. H. Cover

Darin Jennie M. 20 Oct. 1882 - 17 June 1935 (Mother)

Darin, John 1880 - 1964 (Father)

Darin, Lula (Terrel) 2nd wife of John Darin

Davis, Martha E. 12 Feb. 1856 - 14 Jan. 1942
on same stone
Davis William H. 4 June 1847 - 11 Feb. 1917

Davis, William J. 8 Apr. 1887 - 29 Oct. 1963 (Mason)

Deputy, Ann 1836 - 1886 wife of Handy Deputy

Deputy, Arthur J. 1865 - 1925
Wife Nellie M. Deputy

Deputy, Arthur J. age one year,4 months, 9 days 3 Sept. 1886
son of C.O. and N . E. Deputy

Deputy Doctor*
Born: ca 1847
Died: September 12, 1900, age 53
*Per Dodd Funeral Home Records

Deputy, Emily M.
2 Nov. 1858 - 2 May 1906
wife of William Thomas Deputy

Deputy, Floyd
1879 -13 Sept.1930

Deputy, George E.
5 Mar. 1894 - 24 Oct. 1971
World War I--Pvt. in company F--112 MMO

Deputy, Handy
26 Jan. 1830 - 7 Nov. 1904
served in Civil War
(Dodd Funeral Home records show birth date of 1835)

Wife: of Handy Deputy
Deputy, Leanna 1835 - 1886

Deputy, Lucy
22 June 1871 - 10 Oct. 1893
daughter of Handy and Leanna Deputy

Deputy, Nellie M.
1875 - 13 August 1929
her stone matches Arthur J. Deputy's stone

Deputy, Maggie L.
2 Dec. 1870 - 2 March 1951
Deputy, Guy 18 Apr. 1867 - 2 Nov 1941

Deputy, Ora O.
2 March 1883 - 1 Oct. 1894
On Emily M. Deputy's stone

Deputy, William Thomas
1854 - 1934

Dixon, Benjamin H. 1861 - 1922

Dixon, Eva (Conway) 1872 - 1964
2nd wife of Harmon Dixon

Dixon, Jay Truman 1858 - 1937

Dixon, M. Belle 1855 - 1936

Dixon, Nancy 8 Aug. 1816- 6 Dec. 1895
wife of Williamson W. Dixon

Dixon, Williamson W. 5 March 1815 - 21 March 1886
Note: he was one of the Tailors of Paris, Indiana

Dixon, Williamson O. 1853-1935

Dodd, Lottie (Wagner) 1858 - 3 Dec. 1943

Dodd, Joseph P. 1915 - _________
1st wife: Dodd, Vondola (Resse) 1915 - 8 Dec. 1951

Dodd, Cora (Deputy) 1891
husband was Dodd, Eldo 1885 - 1965

Dodd, Roger Deputy 28 Feb. 1923 - 1923
son of Eldo and Cora Dodd

Dodd, George A. 1917 - 1968
wife: Dodd, Gladys (Dixon) 1916 - _______

Dodd, Ella (Graham) 11 Feb. 1856 - 28 Feb. 1887
wife of George W. Dodd

Dodd, son of George and Ella Dodd 21 Mar. 1878 - 1 Nov. 1892

Dodd, George Washington 24 Sept. 1842 - 30 March 1924
Civil War Corpl. Company I, 117 Indiana Volunteer Regt.

Dodd, Otto 21 March 1878 - 1 Nov. 1892
son of George W. and Ella Dodd

Dodd, Russell R. 13 Aug. 1870 3 Aug. 1908 aged 37 years, 11 mons. 23 days

Engel, George E. 5 May 1901 - 1 August 1957

Engel, Mildred 10 Feb. 1904

Elliott, Ann Eliza 13 June 1846 - 18 Sept. 1903
on John Elliott's stone

Elliott, John 14 Dec. 1844

Elliott, Rebecca E. 4 Oct. 1883 - 9 May 1962

Eador, Ernest E. 9 Feb. 1898 - 12 April 1961

Eador, Laura

Fitch, Clem 20 Aug. 1877- 9 December 1958

Fitch, Nannie 19 July 1882- 16 March 1971

Graham, Sallie 1834 26 July -1875 age 41 years
wife of William J. Graham

Graham, Susan 18 Jan. 1836 - ___________

Graham, William J. 19 Oct. 1822- 1 March 1908

Granger, Elizabeth Wright 1862 - 1898

Hedges, Donna Jean daughter of Chester Hedges
19 Nov. 1930 - 2 Sept. 193__

Hedges, Charles E 1883-1971

Hedges, Maud 27 December 1961

Higgins, Earl 1859- 27 April 1939

Higgins, Elizabeth 31 March 1868 - 4 November 1911
2nd wife of Earl Higgins

HIGGINS J. Elizabeth
Age: 48
February 17, 1913
In Dodd Funeral Home records not sure if same as above with wrong dates?

Higgins, Emma 1879 - 1974
name on Earl Higgins stone

Higgins, Jane (January) 1825- 1913 (nee Jane Sampson)
wife of Milo Higgins

Higgins, Milo age 82 (September) 1828 -17 May 1911
record taken from Eldo Dodd's records

Hill, M. Etta 11 Nov. 1860 - 25 May 1889
aged 29 years, 6 mons. 9 days--daughter of H. B. and S. A. Hill

Hoard, Olive E. 1860 - 1888
(on Lusanna Butler's stone)

Jackson, Martha A. age 44 years,7 mons. 5 days - 6 August 1875

James, Edna May 30 Aug. 1911 - 17 May 1913
daughter of Laura and L. A. James

Judy, Ira 1879 - 29 April ,1943

Judy, Wilbur L. 1885 - 1954

Kail, Ardell or Amanda (Riley) 1867 - 1954

Kay Infant
Twins of Walter Kay (is this 2 burials?)

June 6, 1909
Per Dodd Funeral Home records
Krenning Barney-born 1812 - died 25 April 1879 aged 67 years

Krenning, Benjamin 1848 died 17 July 1912 aged 63 years

Krenning, Edna 1895 - 1975
name on Henry Krenning's stone

Krenning, Elizabeth died 17 February1897
name on Barney Krenning's stone

Krenning, Florence A. (Rector) 1854 - 6 January 1925 aged 70 yrs.
wife of Benjamin Krenning

Krenning, Henry 1891 - 23 November 1918
wife Edna Krenning

Krenning Infant of Henry
August 27, 1915
Listed in Dodd Funeral Home records, does not give burial place but likely here.

Land, Jessica Langdon, Britt 6 Jan.1906 - 4 May i972

Langdon, Sam (Father) 9 Apr. 1879 - 26 July 1958

Langdon, Martha Born 18 May 1905
wife of Brit Langdon

Langdon, Lowell Dean 26 May 1935 - 4 August 1955
son of Martha Langdon

Hasser, Joseph 29 June 1882 - 4 March 1901

Lawrence, Reverend William H. 17 May 1821 - 25 January 1897
Inscription on stone: "Born in Clark County, Indiana. He has preached the word of God to
sinful men many years, near where his mortal remains now rest. Father, it is
the prayer of your children who mark your resting place that their lives be
as pure and their deeds as good as yours."
Lefeber, Anna R. 11 May 1865 - 24 November 1935

Lefeber, John W. 1939 -1923

Lefeber, Sarah A. 1838 --aged 70 years- 1 Dec, 1909
name on John M. Lefeber's stone
(father A. Albert per Dodd Funeral Home records)

LEMEN Jerry G.
Age: 35
Died: February 8, 1905
Per Dodd Funeral Home Records

Lewis, John P. 1848 - 20 Nov 1912
Had Odd Fellows emblem on stone
Note: Son of Daniel Rowland Lewis who came to Indiana in the early 1800's from Steuben County New York. and was the brother of William Lewis who came to Indiana ca 1820. Daniel R. Lewis' nephew was Daniel Lewis one of the largest landowners in Jennings County.

Lewis, Sarah E. 1853 - 1895
on John P. Lewis's stone
Sarah Lawrence -wife to John P. Lewis. granddaughter to Daniel Lewis and grand niece to John P. Lewis' Father Daniel R. Lewis.

Lindley, Frederick M. Sr. 1884 - 1961
( in W. L. McGannon enclosure)

Lindley, Frederick Jr. 1915 - 1928

Lindley, Mary McGannon 1888 - 1951
husband Frederick M. Lindley Sr.

Lowry, Charles A. 18 May 1842 - 9 March 1918

Lowry, Elizabeth (Mother) 26 Oct. 1803 - 11 April 1893 (wife of Alexander Lowry who is in "old section")
on same stone as Minerva J. Lowry (Spear)

Lowry, James Madison 1874 - 5 May 1941
(F and A.M, Emblem on stone)

Lowry, Minerva J, (Spear) 22 June 1827 - 3 April 1905 (maiden name is Lowry)
*Parents: Alexander Lowry & Elizabeth (Sanders) per Dodd Funeral Home Records

Age: 37
July 15, 1905
Per Dodd Funeral Home Records

Husband: Robertson
Parents: Evan & Maria D. Jones
Age: 79
December 20, 1908
Per Dodd Funeral Home Records

Lunsford, Ellie 17 Sept, 1909 - 13 Jan. 1957
wife: Lunsford, Birdie Born 26 Sept. 1915

MADDOX Francis
Husband: James
Age: 65
March 23, 1911
Per Dodd Funeral Home Records

MADDOX Joe Tilden
Age: 25
July 21, 1901
Per Dodd Funeral Home Records

Malcomb, Celestine 2 Jan. 1858 - 5 Oct. 1942
wife of W.A. Malcomb

September 2, 1901
Per Dodd Funeral Home Records (confusing listing is the infant named Charles?)

Malcomb, Eva 1880 - 6 March 1919

Malcomb Frank 1869 - 19 June 1950
Note: Married second on 11/22/1906 - Cora Meek Malcomb, daughter of Samantha Lewis Meek who was daughter to Daniel Lewis and granddaughter to William Lewis. She is buried in the Tea Creek Cemetery.

Malcomb, Lou 1866 - 25 Dec. 1901
On Frank Malcomb's stone. Is this his first wife?

Malcomb, Hellen Louise 1911 - 9 Oct. 1946

Malcomb, Martha aged 8 yrs. 1910 - 26 Feb. 1919

Malcomb, Mort 1877 - 1953

Malcomb, Gale 1906 - 10 July 1907

Malcomb, Nancy 20 Sept. 1805 - 9 April 1887
on Samuel Malcomb's stone

Malcomb, Ronald W. 1891 - 1981
served WW I

Malcomb, Samuel 20 Sept.1808 - 30 May 1884

Malcomb, Wesley A.or L. 22 May 1835 - 1 May 1901
aged 65 years, 11 mons. 9 days
Civil War--Company L 9th Ind.
Legion Volunteer
Believe this may be father to Frank Malcomb??
Marriage records show Frank's Father was a "Warren L. Malcomb" and a ________ James.

Age: 76
March 21, 1917
Per Dodd Funeral Home Records

Mallory, Paul A. (Infant) son of Janette Mallory Died 20 Feb. 1860

Marquett, Nellie 29 June 1896-28 Dec. 1896

Marquett, Mary A. Born 22 Sept. 1906

Age: 66
April 19, 1901
Per Dodd Funeral Home Records

Marquett, Theo Fay 25 June 1894 - 11 October 1895

McClellan, Carney C. 1889 - 1928 (Father)

McClelland, Mary 1894 -1965

McClelland, Frank 16 Sept. 1849 - 23 Mar. 1919

McClelland, Oliva 25 May 1856 - 28 Feb.1908
wife of Frank McClelland

McGuire, Luella 8 Dec. 1868 - 15 Nov.1891

McGannon, Albert Died Born 1856 - 15 Nov 1916 age 60

McGannon, Elizabeth (Lizzie) 1872-9 Dec.1915
on Melvin McGannon's stone

McGannon, Maggie--aged 79-- 1859 - 6 Mar.1939
on Albert McGannon's stone

McGannon, Martha A. 31 Aug. 1853 - 4 0ct.1915
wife of W. L. McGannon

McGannon, Melvin 1866 - 17 Jan.1928
husband of Elizabeth McGannon

Age: 54
March 12, 1914
Per Dodd Funeral Home Records

McGannon, W.L. 4 Apr. 1850 - 20 May 1926

Murphy, M.J. 15 Mar. 1848 - 21 Dec.1877
wife of Thomas J. Murphy
(This is Mary Jane Lewis, daughter to Rev. Timothy B. Lewis who is buried in Riley County, Kansas. She and her husband had traveled with him to Kansas but they had returned to Indiana where she died during child birth. This according to a descendent)

Nay, Mary aged 87 years born 1799 - died 20 Oct. 1886 wife of Bennett Nay
Mary Nay was born Mary called Polly Robinson/Robertson abt 1799 in KY to Nathan and Ann Leach Robinson/Robertson. They helped to establish Coffee Creek Baptist Church. Polly/Mary was listed on the membership roll of 1822. She married Robert Lowry about 1822 in Jennings County. He died in 1848 and is buried in Coffee Creek Baptist Cemetery in the "old" section. She married again to Bennet Nay on 18 Apr 1850. She is a cousin to Mary Jane Wells who married Eli Wells. They are in this cemetery too.

Phillips, Mary L. 3 Feb. 1888 4 Feb. 1883 daughter of A. W. and A. Phillips

Phillips, Sarah A. 2 Dec. 1836 - 6 Mar. 1886
Wife of A. W. Phillips

Ray, Ruby Velma 28 June 1914 - 7 May 1927

Ray, Caroline--aged 80 yrs.-- 1855 - 28 July 1935
wife of Daniel L. Ray

Ray, Alice 3 Nov. 1909 - 20 Sept.1916

Ray, Clara 3 May, 1898 - 11 Jan.1897

Ray, Ronald, Daniel (Infant) 13 Oct. 1918 - 6 Nov.1918

Ray, Daniel L.--aged 90 yrs.- 1853 - 5 Apr. 1944

Ray, Roy 24 Sept. 1887 - 15 Apr.1974
wife: Ray, Effie Jane 2 June 1888 - 18 Dec. 1968

Ray, Edith K. 14 March 1919 - 15 June 1986
husband: Ray, Harold W. 18 April 1916 - 31 Mar. 1986

Ritchie, E.L. 1894 - 1969

Ritchie L.H. 1898 - 1972

Rose, Laura E. 1901 - 1967

picture of tombstone Rose, Thomas C. --aged 44 yrs. 1899 13 Dec. - 1943

Rowland, Thomas E. 1860 - 1937

Rowland, Viola A. 1858 - 1940
wife of Thomas E. Rowland

Robbins, Sarah Ellen (Clark) 9 July 1855 - 24 Mar. 1904

Robbins, Valentine 18 Mar. 1852 - 17 July 1917
(Husband and wife they married April 15, 1873 in Scott County, Book D. page 524.)
A Valentine Robbins married an Anna Robbins on October 30, 1904 in Scott County, Book 7, page 336)
(Likely son of William Martin Robbins and Mary Chastain. )

Scott, Aaron (Deacon) aged 76 yrs.3 __ months. 15 days: 19 Jan. 1800 - 24 Apr. 1876

(Scott, Louise died September 1840, 1st wife of Aaron Scott and daughter of Nathan and Anne Leach Robertson. Believed to be buried here per Richard Parker)

Scott, Rachel 9 Oct. 1815 - 22 Sept. 1876
wife of Aaron Scott
An Aaron Scott married a Rachel Wattson on August 19, 1841 in Scott County

Stribbling, Sarah A. 18 Jan. 1825 - 23 Dec. 1910 on Silas S. Stribling's stone

Stribling, Silas S. 7 Sept.1823 - 9 July 1905

Tate, George - 8 July 1839 - 28 Jan. 1925

Tate, Jennett I. 16 Dec. 1845 - 3 Oct. 1908
wife of George Tate

Tate, Jesse, Sr. --aged 81 yrs. died 20 July 1888
wife: Tate, Mary aged 88 yrs. died 15 Aug. 1901

Age: 88
Died: May 16, 1901
Per Dodd Funeral Home Records

Tate, Ruth. L. 1900---1943
infant son of Ruth 1930

Terry, William 1881 - 22 June 1937
wife: Terry, Dicy A. 1883 - 1 May 1949

Teegardin, Mary McClellan 1894 - 1965 (Mother)

Tillett, Rebecca E. 4 Oct. 1883 - 9 May 1962

Terrell, Marion E. 25 May 1916 - 8 Dec. 1949
served WW II as Sgt. 31st Infantry Div.

Tobias, Alma C. or G. 27 Oct. 1885 9 Nov. 1889
daughter of T. and Olive Tobias

Tobias, Elias 3 Nov. 1805 -30 Mar. 1889
husband of Sally Tobias
Born Ohio, father Wales, mother Pennsylvania ; likely brother in Scott County was David J. and John J. below)
An Elias Tobias married a Sally McClain in Scott County on January 1, 1829
(Note: Coffee Creek Baptist Minutes say: Brother Elias TOBIAS Junr departed this life December the 26th 1849, probably a relation to above)
1850 census
23 896 896 Tobias Elias 44 M . farmer 1,200 Oh . . . . .
24 896 896 Tobias Sally 39 F . . . Ky . . . . .
25 896 896 Tobias Simon 18 M . farmer . Ia . . . . .
26 896 896 Tobias Martha J 12 F . . . Ia . . . . Not listed as attending school
27 896 896 Tobias Lydia 9 F . . . Ia . . . . Not listed as attending school
28 896 896 Tobias James F 4 M . . . Ia . . . . .
(This James is Travanian Tobias born 1846 so probably James T)

29 896 896 Tobias Charity E 1 F . . . Ia . . . . .
30 896 896 Murphy Sarah E 18 F . . . Ia . . . . Not listed

Tobias, Eunice 10 Nov. 1882 - 25 Oct. 1889
daughter of T and Olive Tobias

Tobias, Eva M. 4 June 1898 - 2 Nov. 1899
Daughter of T. and Olive Tobias

Age: 78
February 11, 1913
Per Dodd Funeral Home Records
(This is Francis M. Tobias, son of John Tobias and Mary Kashow born ca 1834)

Tobias, Infant son 23 Oct. 1891 - 19 Sept.1900
(infant of Merrit per Dodd Funeral Home Records)

Tobias, John 25 Oct. 1812 - 15 Mar. 1890
John Tobias, born Wales, married to Mary Kashow (see below)
Resided Paris, Jennings county in 1880 census

Tobias, John J. 16 Mar. 1809 23 Feb. 1878 (born Ohio) (lots of confusion is the middle initial a J or a T)
(resided Scott County in 1860 census)
Wife: Maria born 1807 Wales)
Children: Minerva, Susan b 1839 (married a Belch had daughter Uzetta , Elinor b 1840 (married John D. Jones?), Emily b 1843 (married Travinan Boyd March 1864), Mary Alice 1844 , Margaret 1847 , Clorinda/Florella 1849 , Elias?

Tobias, Lydia A. 5 Aug. 1841 - 22 Dec. 1901
(A Lydia McClain, sister to Sally below possibly, married a David Tobias, March 5 or 14th, 1827 in Scott County; David Tobias was son of Enos Tobias, Sr)

Tobias, Maria D. 3 July 1806 - 11 June 1885
on John J. Tobias' stone

(This is Maria Jones, born Wales, daughter of John D. Jones, widow of Evan Jones, married John J. on March 24, 1831 in Jennings Co.)
(The Coffee Creek Minutes say she died of paralysis)

Tobias, Mary K. 17 Jan. 1813 - 24 Dec. 1897
Wife of John Tobias
A Mary Kashow married a John Tobias in Jennings County on August 2, 1831
Mary Kashow was born in Hunterdon Co., New Jersey to Daniel Kashow and Elizabeth Higgins

Tobias, Merrit 1864 - 17 June 1948

Tobias, Minnie 1865 - 1942
wife of Merrit Tobias

Tobias, Infant son 17 Mar. 1900 - 18 Mar. 1900

Tobias, Sally 24 Feb. 1811 - 18 Feb. 1895
Wife of Elias Tobias
Sally McClain and Elias Tobias married 1 Jan 1829 in ,Scott,Indiana,USA

Tobias, Travanion 16 May 1846 -2 Dec. 1895

Thompson, Michael Dean 5 May 1969 lived one day

Tuttle, George E. 1885 - 5 July 1958 aged 73 yrs.

Wagner, Lottie Dodd 1858 -1943

Walker, James 4 July 1826 - 24 July 1899

Walker, Sarah 15 Jan. 1835 - 28 Jan. 1900
On James Walker's stone

Weeks, Frank D. 1861 - 1922

Weeks, Harmon W. 1905 - 1922

Weeks, Laura E. 1873 - 1922

Wells, Albert A. 1850 -1943

Wells, Caroline 1875 - 1961
daughter of Eli and Mary Jane Wells

Wells, Charity 29 April 1830 - 14 Aug.1907
wife of William A. Wells
A William Wells married a Charity Arbuckle in Jennings County on November 19, 1846.
(Likely daughter of Matthew Arbuckle and Mary Fields.)

Wells, Delia 22 Oct. 1847 - 7 July 1927
Wife of Matthew Wells---death record from Dodd's records

Wells, Eli --age 69 : 1839 - 12 Mar. 1908

Wells, Ulysses M. age 71 : 1851 - 3 Apr. 1923
death is from Dodd's records

Wells, Infant son of Howard and L.J. Wells 8 June 1875

Wells, Flora aged 74 1852 - 28 Feb. 1927
Wife of Ulysses M. Wells - Infant son is buried in "old" section.

Wells, Mary Jane ---aged 70 1845 - Dec. 1915
Wife of Eli Wells

Wells, Matthew A. 15 Sept. 1847 - 31 Aug. 1915

Wells, William A. 12 Mar. 1825 - 23 Oct. 1907
(He is husband of Charity (Arbuckle) Wells)

Wilkerson, Alty 27 Mar. 1895 - 8 Apr. 1895

Wilkerson, America A. 1862 - 9 Dec. 1928, aged 66 years
Wife of Willard Wilkerson

Wilkerson, Cordia E. 1891 - 1938
husband: Wilkerson, Maurice R. 1887 - 1936

Wilkerson, Emily 26 Aug. 1837 - 25 Jan. 1914
Full name is Susannah Emily Lawrence
wife of Henry P. Wilkerson

Wilkerson, Henry P. 6 Dec. 1827 - 13 Mar. 1898
husband of Emily Wilkerson

Wilkerson, Hellen M. 1896 - 1978
Husband: WiIkerson, Harmie E. 1897 -1981

Age: 26
Death: January 22, 1908
Per Dodd Funeral Home Records

Wilkerson, Iva L. 13 Dec. 1893 - 17 May 1921

Wilkerson, John E. 1861 - 6 Nov. 1924
wife: Sarah Wilkerson

Wilkerson, John Byford --aged 14 1909 - 22 May 1924

Wilkerson, Lucius 16 Aug. 1865 - 17 Mar. 1913
Wife: Wilkerson, Mary A. 16 Mar. 1864 - 31 Mar. 1950
(This in March 14, 1900 Banner Plain Dealer:
"COMMISKEY: Lucius Wilkerson has sold his farm to Eutene Austin.")

Wilkerson, Sarah E. --aged 63 yrs,-- 1859 - 5 Aug. 1923
Wife of John E. Wilkerson

Wilkerson, Willard 1871 - 1939

Williamson, Clara 8. 21 May 1876 - 15 Sept. 1913
Wife of Williamson, George T. 9 Aug. 1866 - 26 May 1924

Williamson, George Dodd 16 Oct. 1904 - May 1907

Williamson, Forest (T.) 19 May 1901 - 29 Aug. 1901

Williamson, Leva Died 1 July 1899 Born 6 Feb. 1900
daughter of George T. and Clara B. Williamson

Williamson, Martha 28 Sept. 1902- 5 July 1903

Wilson, Adell 1891 - 1969
wife of William E. Wilson

Wilson, William E. aged 71 : 1877 - 11 Mar, 1949

Wright, Frank 1872 - 1951

Wright, Elizabeth (Granger) 28 Aug. 1862 - 27 Oct. 1898

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