OWENS FAMILY of Scott County and

OWENS FAMILY of Scott County and Jackson County Indiana
(updated Nov 16, 2014)

Willis Callaway Owens is my earliest paper documented Owens ancestor. However, his direct descendant Garry Owens took a DNA test proving he (and therefore my family as well) was descended from "Trader" John Owens of Washington County, Pennsylvania  (also known as "Ten Mile Country")  The likely route of descent is Trader John Owens>Captain David Owens>John Owens and Sarah Jackson of Clark County Indiana>John Owens (Jr) and Rachel Callaway>Willis Owens. DNA testing shows Callaway DNA in Rachel's line in two Owens descendants.  Circumstantial evidence:  Willis's middle name was Callaway (the middle name is often the maiden name of the mother); Willis named is first son John and first daughter Rachel;  Willis named a son "William Jackson Owens" likely after his presumed uncle William Jackson Owens.   A John Owens of Scott County, and wife Lavinia, sold a part of John Owens Sr's land, making it likely he was the grandson of John Owens of Clark County;  line of descent likley John Owens and Sarah Jackson>John Owens and Rachel Callaway>John Owens and Lavinia Hopper.  John Owens and Lavinia Hopper's named one of their sons "Willis" (likely after our Willis Callaway Owens).  

Captain David died in Clark County in the early 1800's, his sons John Owens Jr and David Owens were early settlers of Clarksville, Indiana and Charlestown Indiana.  Owen Township of Clark County is likely named for John.  John Alexander Hamilton Owens an Owens descendant and Clark County Indiana historian contributed a great deal of information to the writing of  Baird's History of Clark County.   

I would dearly like to confirm this presumed connection via paper, however to date I have found nothing on paper connecting our Willis to a brother, father or grandfather.  Genetically Willis would have to be from Trader John Owens, the only "known" descendants that stayed in southern Indiana are Captain David Owens, his half-brother Captain George Owens, or possibly James Owens (a presumed son of John Owens II).  The Walter, Dan, Brackett Owens lines in the area are not descended from Trader John.

Willis Callaway Owens
Born August 2, 1811 - Indiana or Kentucky, probably Indiana
Died September 5, 1866 - near Crothersville, Jackson County, Indiana
Buried Gorrell Cemetery, just outside Crothersville, Jackson County, Indiana
Parentage unknown: There is a large Owens clan in Clark,Scott and Jackson counties. Parents possible John Owens and Rachel Callaway. 

Here is his stone.  I hired Brad Manzenberger to restore Willis' and Sarah's broken and discolored stones.  He did a wonderful job.


Sarah M. Cox
Born September 12, 1812 in Kentucky or VA
Died August 13, 1873
Buried Gorrell Cemetery, just outside Crothersville, Jackson County, Indiana

We think she might be the daughter of Nathan Cox and Alice Cummings however there is NO definitive proof of this.  It is only a theory.  Nathan had a daughter named Sarah of the right age and a William Owens married a Sarah Cox.  She was born Sept 12, 1812, the next immediate child of that family was(Eleanor Cox) born Feb 22, 1814, (there had been conflicting dates which looked like that bumped our Sarah but that was not the case) which means it's possible that our Sarah is the Sarah of this family.  DNA seems to confirm this line of descent.

Children: Spouses Children:
1) Rachel A or H Owens - February 1834
Alive in 1910 census in Indianapolis with daughter Mary E. Denham ; sister Sarah Riley nearby. There is a Crown HIll cemetery record of a Rachel Gillaspy who died 12/24/1919.  The Indianapolis Star confirms this is here. 

Indianapolis Star Newspaper, 23 Dec 1919

Gillaspy, Rachel, age 85 (?) mother of Sarah M. Riley, Jennie Staubbs (sic - Stubbs) and Mary E (?) Denham, died at the residence 721 Roache Street, December 22 (1919).  Funeral notice later (Seymour papers please copy).  I never found a copy in they Seymour paper.

1.) Alexander McDonald
2.) Andrew Jackson Gillaspy on 1/8/1863
(He was born ca. 1830, Johnson Co. Indiana and died 10/14/1865)  per Jeff Owens' research
1.1 Sarah M. McDonald born March 1850; married twice:
a.  ___ Smith, before 1896
b.   John W. Riley ca 1897
*had 6 children none survived
1.2 Elizabeth McDonald died October 15, 1853 1 yr 11 mo 1 day
1.3 Permicia McDonald ca 1853
1.4 Mary McDonald April 1858
*had 7 children 6 were alive in 1900 some are: William H. Denham, born Sept 1888 ; Nellie Denham born June 1896 (per 1900 census) she married a Cochran.
1.5 William McDonald Sept 1860 died pre 1870?
2) Elizabeth J. Owens - 1835 died between
May 22, 1880 - March 23, 1882
John R. Warman 2.1 Jennie 1853
2.2 Sally 1855
2.3 Willis 1857
(are all these Elizabeth's?)
2.4 Rachel 1862
2.5 Sarah 1865
2.6 John May 1870
3) Mary born October 9, 1837 died December 13, 1838 1 Y 3 M 5 D
Buried: Gorrell Cemetery, Crothersville IN
4) John born June 25, 1840 died March 29 1845 5 Y 10 M 4 D
Buried: Gorrell Cemetery, Crothersville IN
5) Sarah A. or H. Owens born ca 1842 died pre Sept 1866 Daniel Fowler 5.1 Willis C. Fowler born May 1859
5.2 James A. Fowler born ca 1862

6) Rebecca born ca 1844 died December 23, 1846 age 2 Y 21 D
7) Charles Wesley Owens born 12/10/1845 (?) died 1/03/1903 Sarah Melinda/Matilda Robinson 7.1 Estelle - m. Whittenberg
7.2 Pearl - m. Wisdom
7.3 Charles W., Jr. - Munn
8) Martha Ellen Owens born December 31, 1846 died August 24, 1924, buried Riverview Cemetery, Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana Andrew Keith 8.1 James Willis Keith Born February 16, 1866
8.2 William Henry Keith, Died June 28, 1869
8.3 Charles Adkins Keith Born February 16, 1870
8.4 Omer Flemin (sp?) Keith Born December 11, 1871-Died 1958 Buried Riverview Cem., Seymour IN
8.5 Alfred Martin Keith, Died April 30, 1875
8.6 Ralph Emerson Keith Born February 24, 1878
8.7 Mary May Keith, Died September 26, 1881
8.8 Cora Elizabeth Keith Born October 19, 1882
8.9 Andrew Clyde Keith, Died June 28, 1895
9) William Jackson Owens
born March 25, 1848 died Feb. 27, 1905
Serelda Lewis

Lewis Notes

Serelda Lewis Owens Bible Records

Osterman Interview about Lewis Family

Lewis Family Pictures

9.1) Harriet Rice
BIRTH: 27 Mar 1868 born Indiana
DEATH: 27 Sep 1871 Kansas
9.2) Sarah Alice OWENS
BIRTH: 29 Jun 1870 Kansas
DEATH: 20 Apr 1900 - Ladonia, Texas
9.3) Ida May OWENS BIRTH: 19 Feb 1872 Kansas
DEATH: 1942 Paris, Texas
9.4) Allen Clifford OWENS BIRTH: 5 Apr 1874 Indiana
DEATH 9 May 1961 , buried Paris, Texas
9.5) Effie Helen OWENS BIRTH: 22 Jul 1878 Texas
DEATH Jul 1967 Kilgore, TX
9.6) Silas OWENS infant death
BIRTH: 14 Jan 1880 Texas
DEATH: 14 Jan 1880 Texas
9.7) J. H. Boyet OWENS infant death (likely named after pastor in Honey Grove)
BIRTH: 16 Jun 1882 Texas
DEATH: 17 Oct 1882 Texas
10) Ensaba C. born ca 1851 Michael Freeman, Little Rock, AR, died after 1895 there* per Jeff Owens and 1880 Census of Pulaski County Arkansas:  E.C. Freeman, born ca1852 born IN, parents KY;
Michael Freeman born 1843 MD, Shoemaker; parents born MD
11) Ensema/Emma born ca 1853
12) Willis A. born ca 1855
"Willie A. Owens" was alive in 1880 as his sister Elizabeth picked up his inheritance money on his behalf at that time.

There is "a" Willis A. Owens in the 1880 census in April Hill, Hempstead County, Arkansas. The age is off by 2 years but born in Indiana so could be the same Willis A. Owens.

This same Willis A. Owens married a Rebeccah Johnson in that county on December 1, 1872. He would have been 17 if this is the same Willis.
died after 1894 per Jeff Owens; was in U.S. Navy on U.S.S. Chicago

This page concerns the line of the Owens family that resided in Scott County, then later Jackson County, Indiana. There were a great many Owens' in Scott County and I believe they are related but have no proof at this time.

So far I have only gotten as far back as the following individual:

Willis Callaway Owens
The middle name of Willis comes from land warrant records online at BMI
Born August 2, 1811 - Indiana or Kentucky, probably Indiana
Died September 5, 1866 - near Crothersville, Jackson County, Indiana
Buried Gorrell Cemetery, just outside Crothersville, Jackson County, Indiana

Married (marriage date unknown but first child Rachel born ca 1833)
There is a record of a William Owens marrying a Sarah Cox in Jackson County, April 5, 1831.
Sarah M. ___
Born September 12, 1812 in Kentucky
Died August 13, 1873
Buried Gorrell Cemetery, just outside Crothersville, Jackson County, Indiana
May be born in VA
Census 1880 - JACKSON VERNON TWP  Series: M593 Roll: 326 Page: 477
shows a Sarah Owens, widowed, age 60

Willis Callaway Owens Parentage

Update:  DNA evidence from an Owens surname relative indicates ancestor is Trader John Owens but still unknown how Willis descends from him.  Willis would either be a grandson or great-grandson but through which son is unknown.  Trader John had at least:  John Owens Jr, Capt. David Owens, Capt. George Owens (and likely others).  Capt. David Owens died in Clark County, Indiana (not Bracken KY as some sources state) and the John Owens of Clark County Indiana in Baird's History of Clark County is the son of Captain Daivd; the sons of Capt. George Owens, George Jr and Thomas Owens also settled in Indiana. 

So, here is my current theory - John Owens, son of Captain David owens, and Sarah Jackson came to the Indiana Territory, among many sons they had a son, John Owens who married Rachel Callaway.  I believe he is the father to Willis. 

Willis Callaway Owens
Farmer and Justice of the Peace at Crothersville, IN
Listed in "Jan 1843-Dec 1847 Marriage Records" - Seymour Library, Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana.

Resided in Scott County around 1837 per land records, then Jackson County 1840-1866.
In 1840 Census in Jackson County, Indiana, page 15.
One boy under 5 (John who died at age 5), One man 25-30 (Willis)
One girl under 5 (Elizabeth), One girl 5-10 (Rachel), One woman 20-30 (Sarah M.)
1850 Vernon twp, Jackson County, page 160
Daughter Rachel on same page, married to Alexander McDonald with daughter Sarah M. McDonald 2/12, census taken September 23, 1850 so Sarah M. born born July/August 1850.
1860 (p 810) census in Vernon Township, Jackson County Indiana.


1) Rachel Owens born ca 1833 died 1910 to 1920– married Alexander McDonald and Andrew J. Gillaspy
Andrew McDonald died on Sept. 13, 1861 and is buried in the Bedel Cemetery, Vernon Twp, Jackson co. IN.
Also buried there is a daughter, Elizabeth, died October 15, 1853, age 1 year, 11 mo, 1 day.
Andrew J. Gillaspy died January 8, 1863

2) Elizabeth Owens born ca 1835 – married John R. Warman

3) Mary born October 9, 1837 died December 13, 1838 1 Y 3 M 5 D

4) John born June 25, 1840 died March 29 1845 5 Y 10 M 4 D

5) Sarah Owens born ca 1842 married Daniel Fowler died pre Sept 1866

6) Rebecca born ca 1844 died December 23, 1846 age 2 Y 21 D

7) Charles Wesley Owens born 12/10/1845 (?) died 1/03/1903 Delta County, Texas

8) Martha Ellen Owens born December 31, 1846 died August 24, 1924 married Andrew Keith

9) William Jackson Owens born March 25, 1848 died Feb. 27, 1905 married Serelda Lewis

10) Ensaba born ca 1851

11) Ensema/Emma born ca 1853

12) Willis A. born ca 1855

Heirs listed in land records:

Rachel Gillaspy (Rachel Owens)
Elizabeth Warman (Elizabeth Owens)
Charles W. Owens
William J. Owens
Martha Keith (Martha Owens) and husband Andrew
Minor Heirs:
Willis A. Owens
Ensaba C. Owens
Emma Owens
James A. Fowler (son of Sarah A. Owens Fowler)
Willis C. Fowler (son of Sarah A. Owens Fowler)
(Sarah must have died prior to October 1869)

Details for children of Willis C. Owens and Sarah M.

1) Rachel A or H Owens
Note: middle initial comes from settlement of her mother's estate records.

b. ca. 1833 in Indiana.
Married 1.) Alexander McDonald on 17 May 1849, book a-b p 220 Jackson Co. IN. He died
Andrew McDonald died on Sept. 13, 1861 and is buried in the Bedel Cemetery, Vernon Twp, Jackson co. IN.
Also buried there is a daughter, Elizabeth, died October 15, 1853, age 1 year, 11 mo, 1 day.
Married 2.) Married Andrew Jackson Gillaspy on ____. He died January 8, 1863 (per Jeff Owens)

1.1 Sarah M. McDonald born 1850
1.2 Elizabeth McDonald died October 15, 1853 1 yr 11 mo 1 day
1.3 Permicia McDonald ca 1853 (named after Alexander's sister who married Hezekiah Carpenter
1.4 Mary McDonald 1857
1.5 William McDonald Sept 1860
There was a 6th child, unknown, per 1900 census, only 3 living by then (Sarah, Permicia and Mary?)

They lived several houses down from Willis and Sarah in 1850 and 1860.

1860 census -
1860 p 798, Vernon Twp, Crothersville PO, Jackson Co IN
Alexander McDonald 30 Merchant
Rachel 26
Sarah M. 10 (2/12 in Sept 1850)
Pernsica 7
Mary 3
William 9/12
A hired laborer was also with them but I'm sure not a relative.
Alexander died Sept. 13, 1861.
Second marriage -
A Rachel McDonald marries an Andrew J. Gillaspy
January 8, 1863 Book D p. 515
He died January 8, 1863 (per Jeff Owens) . Rachel did not remarry after this per census records.

Land settlement from her father's estate was June 6, 1870 and she is listed as "Rachel Gillaspy" at this point.

1870 census -
p. 182a, Vernon Twp, Seymour PO, Jackson Co IN
Rachel McDonald (She is widowed from Andrew J. Gillapsy but is using her previous surname) 35
Sarah 20
Pernica 17
William and Mary are gone but Mary shows up in Indianapolis with Rachel living with her in 1900. I can not read the surname of her husband.

By 1880 Rachel is widowed and living back in Crothersville,
working as a nurse and boarding with the Alexander Adams family. She is age 45 reports
mother was born in KY. Sarah and Permicia are likely married by now.

By 1900 Rachel is living with daughter widowed daughter Mary in Indianapolis, says only 3 children living likely Sarah, Permicia and Mary;
By 1903 Rachel is living at 2615 Annate St., Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana* (per Jeff Owens)
By 1907 resided at 836 W. 26t St, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.* (per Jeff Owens)
By 1910 Rachel is living with widowed daughter Sarah M. Riley

Series: T624 Roll: 367 Page: 155 Previous PageNext Page
Surname GivenName Age Sex Race Birthplace State County Location Year

Sarah M. McDonald married twice, first to an unknown Smith before 1896; second to a John W. Riley in 1897. They are found in 1900 census in Indianapolis. *
Mary is found in 1900 census in Marion County Indiana, Rachel is living with her widowed daughter, census says on 25th st (should be 26th?)
Can not read last name of Mary ___


2) Elizabeth Owens
born ca. 1835 in Indiana
Likely died pre March 23, 1882 as husband claims inheritance of wife at that time from death of Elizabeth's mother Sarah M. ___ Owens.
Married a John R. Warman between 1850-1860
John R. Worman/Warman born November 1826 in KY source 1900 census
(Source 1860 census, Vernon twp, Jackson Co. IN, page 811 and land records)

1860 Census
Lived a few houses away from Willis Owens in 1860
John R. Warman 39 IN
Elizabeth 21 IN
Jennie 7 IN (Elizabeth would have been 14 if this is her child)
Sally 5 IN
Willis 3 IN

In 1870
Series: M593 Roll: 326 Page: 476
Notice erratic ages and birth places. I feel pretty confident that this is our Elizabeth Owens and that she was not born in Prussia.
John 42 Indiana
Elizabeth 36 Prussia
Willis J. 15 Kentucky
Aaron 10 Indiana
Rachel 8 IN
Sarah 5 IN
John 5/12 IN
Next door is the widowed Sarah Owens born VA? Ours?

Vernon twp, Jackson County, p 231 A
John R. "Worman" remarried to a Martha
This is consistent with the inheritance records for the estate of Sarah M. Owens as it shows the husband claiming rights via his deceased wife.

John R. Worman 53 KY KY KY
Martha (I?) 52 South Carolina NY South Carolina
Willis J. 28? IN KY IN
Sarah E. 13 IN KY IN
Margaret A. Kennedy 18 stepdaughter Georgia SC SC
William C. Kennedy 13 stepson Georgia SC SC
Milton L. Kennedy 10 stepson IN SC SC

In 1900 John R. Worman and Martha are still alive. P Series: T623 Roll: 379 Page: 261 , all the children are gone.

Jennie 1853
Sally 1855
Willis 1857
(are all these Elizabeth's?)
Rachel 1862
Sarah 1865
John May 1870

3) Mary born October 9, 1837 died December 13, 1838 1 Y 3 M 5 D
4) John born June 25, 1840 died March 29 1845 5 Y 10 M 4 D

5) Sarah Harrison Owens Fowler
born ca 1842 likely died prior to October 1869
Married a Daniel Fowler, age 41 in 1870 census, born ca 1821
Marriage date: April 15, 1858
by T. N. Jorden

Had at least two children with Sarah:

James A. Fowler (son of Sarah A. Owens Fowler) born ca 1862 and

Willis C. born May 1859.

Daniel Fowler family per 1870 census, Hamilton township, Courtland PO, Jackson County, IN
Willis 11 born May 2, 1859
James 8
Other children of Daniel Fowler with Jane ___:
Ida A 6
Mary 2
Cora 2/12

Also had a Gypsy Fowler with a Sarah S. ___ in Missouri, per Candace Peebles:

# ID: I01273 # Name: Gypsy C FOWLER 1 2 # Sex: F # Birth: NOV 1892 in Missouri 2 Death: April 1976 per ss records # Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Galena, KS # Residence: 1900 Galena, Jasper, Missouri 2 # Residence: 1930 Galena, Jasper, Missouri 3 # Reference Number: 1273 Father: Willis FOWLER b: MAY 1859 in Indiana Mother: SARAH b: MAR 1861 in Missouri Marriage 1 Charles Samuel COUFFER b: 1891 in Missouri Children 1. Has No Children Jack Daniel COUFFER b: 25 JUN 1910 in Missouri

By 1880 Daniel appears to have moved to Butler Co. Missouri, is remarried again and of the above children only has Mary and Cora with him.

Willis C. Fowler is found in the 1920 Census of Jasper County, Missouri, ED 41, page 6A, married to a Sarah S. age 58, he 60, son Rufus C age 24 widowed. Willis' son Rufus had a hard life apparently, being widowed by age 24. I suspect that his illness had kicked in by 1920 which is why he is with his parents. By 1923 he was likely committed to the Veterans Hospital in Kansas City. His illness would have caused erratic behavior, perhaps even psychotic, and then would progress until he would be paralyzed and then die. What an awful thing to have happened and it must have been hard for Willis as well since his son preceded him in death.

Name: Willis C. FOWLER
*Marriage 1 SARAH b: MAR 1861 in Missouri
*Marie FOWLER b: 1890 in Missouri
*Gypsy C FOWLER b: NOV 1892 in Missouri, d. 1976 buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Galena, KS - West middle part of cemetery
*Rufus FOWLER b: JUN 1895 in Oklahoma Territory
*Per Candace Peebles on Rootsweb

Missouri now has death certificates on line and here is what I recently found out:
Willis C. Fowler
Born: May 2, 1859
Died: December 31, 1926
Burial: January 3, 1927
Death Place: Galena township, Jasper County, Missouri
Burial Place: Fairview Cemetery
Undertaker: Hurbler Ward Co (?), Joplin MO
Informant: Wife, Sarah ___________

Son: Rufus C. Fowler
Birthplace: Oklahoma
Died: January 19, 1924 Age: 29 years, 9 days
Death Cause: "general paralysis of the insane"
Death Location: U.S. Veteran Hospital #67, Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO
Duration: 1 year, 22 days
Occupation: station engineer and fireman
Burial: Joplin MO
Undertaker: H.C. Bergman, KC MO

6) Rebecca born ca 1844 died December 23, 1846 age 2 Y 21 D

7) Charles Wesley Owens
Born: 12/10/1842, Jackson County, Indiana
Died:  1/03/1903, Pecan Gap, Delta County, Texas
Burial:   Pecan Gap Cemetery, Pecan Gap, Delta County, Texas
We have a picture of his family from the attic of Ida May Owens Rogers, his niece.

1.  *Sarah A. Eddings on 8/29/1864 in Hardin Co. TN
Born:  ca. 1834, d. 3/5/1880, Bethel Springs, McNairy Co. TN)
 Child:  Had one daughter from this marriage, Martha C. Owens, b. 11/20/1869, d. before 1897 (per deposition by Sarah M. Owens in pension app.)
 *Per Jeff Owens' research
2.  Sarah Melinda Robinson, June 3, 1880, Walnut Grove, Hardin Co. TN
Born: June 5, 1855 at Savannah, TN
Died: August 13, 1944 in Durant, Bryan County, Oklahoma
Company G, 11th Regiment Missouri Volunteer  Infantry, 7/26/1861, by Capt. Carter in Lawrenceville, Illinois for period of 3 years. 
Company descriptive roll:  "age 18, 5' 7", dark hair, blue eyes, dark complexion, nat:  Jackson Co. IN  Res:  Lawrence Co IL”
Temporary assignment:  march-April 1864, 33rd Missouri Inf. during Red River Campaign. 
Group to be mustered out were marched home through Tennessee in July/August 1864.  He passed out from heat exhaustion and was taken into home of Sarah Eddings to recover.  He married her.  He did not return to Indiana until the death of Willis C. Owens, his father, in 1866.   After 1869 he returned to his first Sarah Eddings, his first wife, in TN. 
1.  Methodist Minister:  ordained June 15, 1879 by Wesleyan Methodists, Tennessee
2.  Postmaster:  became Postmaster at Pecan Gap on 7/28/1897 and remained so till death in 1903.

1.  Crothersville, Jackson County, Indiana 1842-ca 1861
2. Lawrence County, IL (briefly?) 1861
3.  Walnut Grove, Hardin County, TN starting 1864 (not in 1870 census)
Census 1880
June 15-16, 1880
Charles listed as Charles Owins, Hardin County, TN, page 88
Living with father-in-law Henry Robinson and his children
Wife Sarah
4.  ? Texas  Between 1880- December 1885 (birth of Pearl) moved Texas.
5.  Fairyland, Hopkins County, Texas starting 1889 (registered to pay taxes then)  Applied for military pension December 27, 1889, Fairyland, Hopkins County TX.  Listed himself as clergyman.  Appears in 1890 Special Census of Civil War Veterans in Hopkins County TX.  (all this per Jeff Owens research)
6.  Pecan Gap, Delta County Texas, starting at least by 7/8/1897  (On 7/8/1897 he bought a house on Lot 2, Block 25 (corner of 1st and Mill St) in Pecan Gap, Delta County, Texas for $400.00.  After his death his widow sold the house and lot on 10/8/1918 for $900.00) (again per Jeff Owens research)

1900 Delta County, Texas, page 158a
Charles W. December 1842 married 19 years ca 1880 - postmaster
Sarah M. Nov. 1855 TN
Pearl December 1885 TX
Estelee January 1888 TX
Charles W. August 1897 TX

When Charles Senior died in 1903 Sarah M. and family stayed for a time in Texas.
Sarah and two of the children are found in the 1910 census.

1910 Census of Delta County: 1910 > Texas > DELTA > 6-PCT Series:
T624 Roll: 1541 Page: 277 .
Sarah is 55, born TN, parents both born TN. She had given birth to 3 children, all of which were living.
Estellee and Charles (Jr) are living with her.
Estellee is a telephone operator, she is 22 and born in Texas.
Charles is 12 and also born in Texas.

By 1920 Sarah M. moved with Estellee and Charles Jr. to neighboring Durant, Bryan County, Oklahoma. They are found in the 1920 Census there. Texas, Roll: T625_1454 Page: 5A , State: Oklahoma ED: 17 , County: Bryan, Township: Durant . Pearl stayed behind in Texas with her husband Charles H. Wisdom in Donley County. Charles W. Jr. is working as a salesman at a clothing store. His wife's name is Myrtle (Munn), age 24, born in OK. Sarah M. is 65, listed as born in TN, but now says father born in IN and mother in "US".

Charles Owens Jr. died in 1923. Sarah M. Owens moved in with Estellee Owens Whittenberg and her family in Choctaw County, Jeter Township, and is found in the 1930 census there, ed 12-17 sheet 4b.

Obituary for Sarah M. Robinson Owens
Durant Daily Democrat
August 14, 1944 (front page)

Mrs. Sarah Owens, mother of Mrs. Fred Whittenberg, 1223 North Third Avenue, passed away late yesterday evening after an extended illness. Mrs. Owens was born Sarah Maletha (should be Melinda or Matilda) Robinson in Savannah Tennessee, June 3, 1855.

She was united in marriage to Rev. Charles Wesley Owens in 1879. Rev. and Mrs. Owens moved to Texas in 1884 and to this union was born 3 children, Mrs. C.H. Wisdom (Pearl), Amarillo, Texas and Mrs. Whittenberg (Estellee). She was preceded in death by her son, Charles Owens, who passed away in 1923 and Rev. Owens passed away in 1903.

At that time Mrs. Owens moved to Durant to make her home with her daughter (Estellee). She has been confined to her bed for the last 12 years. Mrs. Owens has been a lifelong church member and for the last 29 years of the First Baptist Church here.

Survived by a number of nieces and nephews. The grandchildren are Carroll, USN, Norfolk VA, Miss Virginia Wisdom, Armarillo, Texas, Charles Wisdom, Stratford, Texas, Mrs. Nayman Bowder, Biloxi, Mississippi. Robert Owens (son of Charles Jr), Hamilton Field, California, Glenn Owens, Perrin Field, S. Sgt. Owens Whittenberg South Pacific, Billy Don Whittenberg, Tulsa, and Mrs. Marshall Finney and Mrs. Karl Haggard, Durant. The great grandchildren are Carrol Wisdom III, Stratford, Texas, and Marquita Finney.

Estelle Owens Whittenberg, daughter of Charles W. Owens Sr.
2. Estelle OWENS - 340 (1888-1987)
Married Fred Mitchell WHITTENBURG - 343 (1880-1963)
ca 1912 likely in Texas. They moved to Oklahoma between 1913- Dec 21, 1914.
This from her grandson, Phillip Haggard:
ID: I545377920
Name: Estelle OWENS
Given Name: Estelle
Surname: Owens
Sex: F
Birth: 20 Jan 1888 in Pecan Gap, Grayson?, TX
Death: July 1987 in Durant, Bryan, OK
Estelle is pronounced Es-ta-lee, with the emphasis on the first syllable. Estelle (usually called Dink) was a petite, blue-eyed lady with a halo of silver hair--a dresden doll appearance. She was a devout Baptist who never missed church or Sunday school if she was physically capable of getting there, even if she had to walk. She had a well-deserved reputation for being a wonderful cook, and she invented a special recipe birthday cake that is still being used by the family.

Dink said her father was a preacher, but she didn't say what denomination. She did say her families were Baptist and Methodist. She also said both her grandfathers fought in the Civil War; one for the Union, one for the Confederacy.


In 1930 Estelle and Fred Whittenberg are living in Jeter, Choctaw County, Oklahoma. Sarah Owens, Estelle's mother is with them.

Married ca 1911

Estelle Owens Whittenberg - 1930 census
F. (Fred) M. 49
Estelle 42
Henrietta 17 TX (ca 1913)
Mildred 15 OK
Owens 12 OK
Billie D. (says daughter but is son) 4/12 OK
Sarah Owens M-in-law 74

Mildred, daughter of Estelle Owens Whittenberg, married Earl Augustus Hagggard.

Mildred W. Whittenberg Haggard
21 Dec 1914
12 Jun 1988 Durant, Bryan, OK

Mildred married Earl Augustus Haggard ca 1941,
Earl A. Haggard was the son of Charles H. and Lillian "Lillie" (Cox) Haggard, born 25 April 1904, Savoy, Fannin, TX,
25 Apr 1906 Savoy Fannin County TX
8 Jul 1998 Durant, Bryan, OK OK (1951 And 1953 ) 446-34-3998

After a short time in San Antonio, TX, managing a motel, Mildred Whittenberg Haggard and Earl Haggard returned in 1958 to Durant, Bryan, OK, where Earl rebuilt the box factory which had burned in 1956 .


Four generations of Haggard men spanning nearly a century of Bryan County, Oklahoma history have owned and operated the Durant Box Factory. Oklahoma's largest producer of hardwood pallets began as a small steam-driven sawmill on the Red River in Indian Territory. The business was founded by Enoch Haggard in the late 1800's and passed to his son Charles Haggard in 1912 and was located in the old Kemp, Oklahoma.

"Lillie, it's time we were thinking about educating the kids. If we continue to live here in Ambrose, we'll have to send them away to high school, as well as college," said Father.

"Charles," said Lillie in reply, "I don't think we can afford that expense. Besides, fourteen years is too young to send a child away to school. Why don't we move to a town that has good schools," suggested Mrs. Haggard.

"I've been thinking about that, and I am considering Durant, in Bryan County, OK. It has good schools and is also a college town," replied Mr. Haggard. "Let's sell our home and business and move there."

This idea grew into a reality in August 1920 when the family moved with their four children, Ruby Nell, Earl Augustus, Lucretia Ann and Mildred Marie. This remained their family home until August 1972 when Charles passed away. Lillie preceded her husband in death by ten years, passing away in May 1962.

Charley, as his friends and family called him, had been a lumberman since early manhood. He and his brother-in-law Ransey Duckworth bought half interest in a garage. This he sold in a mild depression. He owned and operated saw mills in Atoka County. Church played an important role in the Haggard family. They were active in the Beach Street Church of Christ.

Lillie and Charles were reared in North Texas near Bonham. Since this was a frontier community, the educational facilities were quite limited. Lillie finished the eighth grade, Charles, the ninth. Charles was an avid reader. History was of great interest to him. He was able to build or modify machinery to suit his needs.

One summer Charles announced that the family was going on a trip to Mineral Wells, Texas. They bought a tent, some cots, and a camp stove. They bought heavy khaki knickers and shirts. How they did perspire! The touring car was loaded with cots, a tent, extra clothing, bedding, cooking utensils, and six people. When a storm came up camping was forgotten. They had to seek shelter in a hotel. The trip was climaxed by a visit to Dallas where all the traffic and stop lights really shook them up.

Grandmother Haggard would visit from near Bonham, Texas, and tell how her parents came from Ireland and settled temporarily in West Virginia. Ruby, Lucretia, and Mildred graduated from Southeastern State in Durant, OK, and became teachers.

In 1929 Charles rented a building and started manufacturing chicken and turkey coops. This was a disaster. He lost it and a good farm to the banks. In 1935 his son Earl became a partner in the family business, and decided to operate a saw mill and sold bridge and custom lumber. They worked hard and long hours and finally their efforts began to pay off. They outgrew that location and moved north of town.

During World War II, the factory aided the war effort by building meat export boxes that were used by the government to ship food supplies to Europe. The factory also manufactured ammunition boxes.

In 1950 Charles and Lillie (Cox) Haggard celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary. They enjoyed their family and their church until Lillie died in 1962, and Charles in 1967 or 1972.

The year 1950 also began a new chapter for the factory. No longer needed were the old wood products of chicken coops and meat boxes. The conversion to manufacturing pallets began. the first step in a new direction was the incorporation of the family business in 1952 as The Durant Box Factory, Inc. It was advertised as supplying the entire Southwest with the famous "Bulldog" pallets.

The summer of 1956 brought disaster to the business. The factory was totally destroyed by fire, and the Haggard family moved to San Antonio. Two years later Earl returned, determined to rebuild. The new Durant Box Factory was constructed just east of the old ruined plant.

The next addition to the firm was the fourth generation of continuous family ownership -- Earl's son, Phillip Haggard, joined the company in 1965.

One hundred years of operation with the same family ownership is a proud heritage of courage and adaptability. The Durant Box Company is looking to its past in order to prepare for the future.

Pearl O. Owens

Pearl O. Owens married Charles Harrison Wisdom ca 1906 according to the 1910 census

Lived Clarendon, Donley County, Texas 1910-1930
Carral M. Wisdom 1901
Virginia Annie Wisdom 12-12-1912
Charles W. Wisdom 1917
Dorothy Wisdom 1922

1910 Census
They eventually settled in Donley County, Clarendon Township, Texas and can be found there in the 1910 census, ED 102, with no children as of yet.

1920 census, page 224
Charles H.
Carral Wisdom
Virginia Wisdom
Charles Wisdom Jr.

1930 census, page 180

Charles H 57
Pearl 42
Carrol (Son) 19
Virginia Wisdom 17
Charles Wisdom 12
Dorothy Wisdom 8


8) Martha Ellen Owens
Born December 31, 1846 at Crothersville, Vernon Twp,
Jackson County, IN (according to widow's pension application)
Died August 24, 1924
Burial: Riverview Cemetery, Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana

Married Andrew Keith on April 13, 1865 (Book E p 124 Jackson Co IN)
Marriage performed by Rev. George King at the home of Willis Calloway Owens, the father of the bride.


James Willis Keith Born February 16, 1866
In 1930 there is a James Keith living as a boarder in Jackson County, right age may or may not be him.
Note that his first name is likely after Andrew's father James Keith and the middle name after Martha's father Willis Owens.

Charles Adkins Keith Born February 16, 1870
The obituary of Martha places Charles in Arkansas at the time of her death in 1924.
Note that he was given the same middle name as Samuel Adkins Keith, his uncle. Adkins is likely a surname being preserved in the Keith line.

Omer Flemin (sp?) Keith Born December 11, 1871
Died: 1958, buried Rieverview Cemetery, Seymour Indiana.
Omer married a Nancy ___ and lived in Jeffersonville, Clark County, Indiana.
In the 1920 census there are shown there was a granddaughter Rosalene(sp?) Thompson age 11
Omer is 48, Nancy is 54.

Ralph Emerson Keith Born February 24, 1878
Ralph lived at home still in 1920 with Martha.

Cora Elizabeth Keith Born October 19, 1882

The children that did not make it to adulthood
(Andrew does not list the birth dates):

William Henry Keith, Died June 28, 1869

Mary May Keith, Died September 26, 1881

Alfred Martin Keith, Died April 30, 1875

Andrew Clyde Keith, Died June 28, 1895

Andrew Keith was born in Jefferson County, Indiana to James Keith and Lucy Wilson, on November 17, 1833.
James was the father to Frances Keith, who was the second wife of Daniel Lewis
and uncle to Daniel's first wife Harriet Keith. Harriet and Daniel Lewis were the parents
of Serelda Lewis who married William Jackson Owens, brother to Martha E.

Andrew Keith was 5'11" (tall for that time), with blue eyes and light hair. He was an artist before the war.

He died October 30, 1917 at the National Military Home at Marion, Grant County, Indiana. The cause of death was senility. It is likely that Martha sent him there because she could not care for him at that point Andrew is likely buried there, not known were Martha is buried. Andrew lists his residences as follows: Jennings County in 1865, Jackson County in 1866, Daviss/Davies County in 1891,"then back to Jackson County" and lived there till went to military home on September 27, 1917.

Martha had lived at Seymour, Jackson County,Indiana in her later years with 2 of her sons at 415 East 4th Street, before that on II East Brown Street. She is listed there in the 1920 census. The pension records show her at RR 1 Commiskey at the time of her death. Could she have been with one of her children there, perhaps her daughter?

Obituary for Martha Ellen Owens Keith:

"Brownstown Banner, August 27, 1924, Brownstown, Indiana

(Frontpage, toward bottom 2nd column)

Mrs. Martha E. Eith died at her home, near the Marion church (First Marion Baptist, Commiskey, Jennings County, Indiana)
Thursday night, aged 77 years. She was born near Crothersville, December 31, 1846 and spent most of her life in Jackson County. She was the widow of hte late Andrew Keith, who died in 1917. She leaves four sons and one daughter, James, Ralph and Elizabeth at home, O.F. (Omer Flemin) Keith, of Jeffersonville, and Charles Keith of Arkansas. Funeral services were conducted a the First Baptist church in Seymour. Burial in Riverview Cemetery (Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana)."


9) William Jackson Owens
Born March 25, 1848 died February 27, 1905
buried Evergreen Cemetery, Paris TX
William Jackson Owens stood 5'4" at age 18. He had blue eyes and "light" hair, with a fair complexion.

Married Serelda Lewis on April 10, 1867.
Serelda was born November 19, 1848 and died June 16,1919.
She was daughter to Daniel Lewis and Harriet Keith.

Daniel Lewis was the son of William Barber Lewis, Sr. and Sarah Miller Butler Lewis. Harriet was the daughter of Samuel Adkins Keith and Isabel "Ibby" Parks. Isabel was the daughter of James Parks and Jane Buchanan.


9.1) Harriet Rice (Daniel spelled it Rias but it was likely Rice as that is a surname passed on in the Keith family) Owens
BIRTH: 27 Mar 1868 born Indiana
DEATH: 27 Sep 1871 Kansas

9.2) Sarah Alice OWENS
BIRTH: 29 Jun 1870 Kansas
DEATH: 20 Apr 1900 - Ladonia, Texas

9.3) Ida May OWENS married George Newton Rogers
BIRTH: 19 Feb 1872 Kansas
DEATH: 1942 Paris, Texas

9.4) Allen Clifford OWENS married Idella Katherine ______
BIRTH: 5 Apr 1874 Indiana
DEATH 9 May 1961 , buried Paris, Texas

9.5) Effie Helen OWENS married Lemuel K. Peters
Marriage Date: 26 Apr 1898 Bowie Co. TX
BIRTH: 22 Jul 1878 Texas
DEATH Jul 1967 Kilgore, TX

9.6) Silas OWENS infant death
BIRTH: 14 Jan 1880 Texas
DEATH: 14 Jan 1880 Texas

9.7) J. H. Boyet OWENS infant death
BIRTH: 16 Jun 1882 Texas
DEATH: 17 Oct 1882 Texas

William Jackson Owens Narrative:

William Jackson Owens came into this world and looked upon his mother with his blue eyes for the first time on March 25, 1848. William's youth was spent on a farm near Crothersville, Jackson County, Indiana.

William's father, Willis Calloway Owens supported his family by farming, but he was also Justice of the Peace at Crothersville. He was not always above the law though as he had a run-in in his youth in Scott County when he was charged with horse racing, fortunately he was cleared of all charges. William's mother, Sarah M. hailed from either Kentucky or Virginia originally and it might be that her maiden name had been Cox. Willis family were early Indiana pioneers as he was born in Indiana on August 2, 1811. Willis and Sarah M. are both buried near Crothersville in the Gorrell Cemetery which is down a two track road in the midst of a grove of woods.

However, before that sad event occurred their young son William, and his brother Charles, were keen on supporting the Union in the Civil War. It appears that William felt strongly about it. He supported the Union cause by working as a Teamster prior to July 1863. At age 15, this five feet, four inch fair haired young man joined Company C, 117th Regiment Indiana Volunteers on July 31, 1863, being honorably discharged February 25, 1864. This regiment lost 95 enlisted men to disease. (Incidentally it was during this time the William contracted what was to be a lifelong health problem.)

William then joined Company E, 22nd Regiment Indiana Infantry, March 10, 1864 just shortly before his 16th birthday. Interestingly Willis had to write a permission slip for William six days after he had already enlisted, on March 16, 1864. This Regiment lost 343 men during service, 14 Officers and 139 enlisted men were killed, and 190 died from disease. One can imagine that William was thankful to have survived.

After the war William's mind turned to raising a family. He married Serelda Lewis, daughter of Daniel Lewis and Harriet Keith. Daniel was the largest land owner in Jennings County Indiana at the time. The marriage took place on April 15, 1867 in Jennings County, Indiana. The service was performed by the bride's uncle, Rev. William B. Lewis (II). Interestingly, William's sister, Martha, married Andrew Keith, a cousin to Harriet.

William and Serelda's first child, a daughter, was born just 2 days after William's 20th birthday. Harriet Rice Owens came into this world March 27, 1868 in Indiana. Harriet was undoubtedly named after Serelda's mother, Harriet Rice Keith Lewis. Rice was an old surname passed down in the Keith family via Harriet Keith's mother Isabel Parks.

The U.S. government was interested in seeing the West settled and gave incentives to Civil War veterans to migrate there. Apparently William was persuaded as he and Serelda left Indiana sometime between March 27, 1868 and 1870, and began homesteading in Kansas, near Belleville, Republic County. In order to secure the land William and Serelda had to live on the land 3 years and improve it before it was theirs legally. The couple wasn't alone in the wilderness however. Serelda's brothers, Charles Newton Lewis, Eli Lewis, and Timothy Lewis had already gone to Kansas by wagon train immediately after the war; as had her Uncles Rev. Timothy B. Lewis and John W. Keith. In fact many people from Jennings County had traveled together on that journey.

Even with family around one can assume that homesteading life was extremely difficult. Trying to build a home, till the land and raise a family is not an easy task. The family started settling on their 160 acre parcel of land on February 28th, 1870. Five months later on June 29, 1870 Serelda gave birth to their second child, Sarah Alice Owens. Sadly the following year, Harriet died on September 27, 1871.

The family had a new addition to ease their sorrow on February 19, 1872 with the birth of Ida May Owens. Interestingly Ida May was born at Greenleaf in the adjoining county of Washington. They did not move there as they had to still occupy their land in Republic to fulfill the homestead requirements. It is likely they went to the home of Serelda's brother, Eli Lewis for help giving birth. Eli lived at Greenleaf.

William and Serelda obtained legal claim to their land after fulfilling the 3 year requirement and immediately sold the land on April 1, 1873 to William Creviston of Indiana. Given the difficulties of life in homesteading it is not surprising that William and Serelda took Sarah Alice and Ida May and returned to Indiana. One can only assume that they stayed in either Jackson or Jennings County while there.

On April 5, 1874 the couple had a son, Allen Clifford Owens in Indiana. Perhaps it was during this time that William began an interest in preaching. We don't know when they left Indiana but by 1878 they were in Texas; perhaps moving there as a part of William's Baptist ministry. One has to wonder about the religious roots of the Owens family as William's brother Charles W. also became a minister and moved to Texas.

We know that William, Serelda, Sarah Alice, Ida May and Allen Clifford were in Texas by July 22, 1878 as that is the day Effie Helen Owens was born, in Texas.

The 1880 census shows the family residing in Precinct 7 of Lamar County, Texas. It was during this time that Serelda gave birth to Silas Owens on January 14, 1880, but unfortunately he died the same day.

An online record of the history of the Ladonia Baptist Church shows that a "W.J. Owens" pastored there sometime between the years of 1879-1896. It is highly likely this is our William Jackson Owens as they named their next to last child John H. Boyet Owens, probably after the first pastor of the Ladonia Baptist Church, Rev. John H. Boyet. The baby did not fair well. He was born June 16, 1882 and died October 17, 1882.

By 1890 it is believed that family lived in Fannin County, likely near or in Ladonia. There is a letter from George Newton Rogers to Ida May Owens at Ladonia in 1889. There is further proof of his Ladonia residency in an Invalid Pension William submitted from Ladonia on January 21, 1892.

Ida May left the family next in 1889 and married George Newton Rogers. The couple traveled by train to Cana PO, Jennings County, Indiana and were married at the home of Serelda's father, Daniel David Lewis. William accompanied them and was present as a witness. After they returned to Texas, George and Ida settled at Ladonia to begin their family. It is likely that William and Serelda still resided in the area as Sarah Alice married John H. Wilder on December 19, 1893 and they settled at Ladonia, Fannin County as well.

It was sometime after this that there was a big change in William and Serelda's life. They left the Baptist denomination. According to Helen Gambrell, granddaughter of Effie Helen Owens (Peters), William Jackson Owens, departed from the Baptist denomination due to a good deal of infighting over money issues. He joined the Methodist denomination and became a "circuit rider". We don't know the exact year this happened but he was definitely a Methodist circuit rider by 1896, if not before.

One of the first areas, if not the first, that William pastored in as a Methodist preacher was New Boston, Bowie County, Texas. According to a letter he wrote to the Texas Christian Advocate, William pastored there from 1896-1898. It was while here that Effie Helen met her future husband, Lemuel K. Peters. Effie Helen and Lemuel married on April 26, 1898 in New Boston, Bowie County.

It was shortly after that, in December of 1898, that William and Serelda left New Boston, Bowie County, and moved to Rusk County, Texas where William was to work the "Troupe-Overton" Methodist circuit. We know that they resided there till at least September 8th, 1899 as William wrote an obituary for one of the Troupe-Overton parishioners by that date.

By June 6, 1900 William and Serelda had moved to Minneola, Wood County, Texas. All the children had left home and William was still working as a circuit rider minister.

It was also in this year that the family suffered quite a blow with the death of Sarah Alice Owens Wilder. Sarah Alice passed away, along with her newborn infant, on April 20, 1900, not having yet achieved her 30th birthday. Her husband, John, expressed his grief by providing a large beautiful monument for her and his newborn daughter in the Oddfellows Cemetery at Ladonia. One can only imagine how difficult this event must have been. A flier announcing the burial of "Mrs. J.H. Wilder" was found in the attic of Ida May Owens Rogers home in Paris, Texas.

The other children of William and Serelda fared much better. In 1900 Ida May Owens Rogers and Effie Helen Owens Peters both resided in Paris, Lamar County, Texas, with their large families.

Allen Clifford Owens was still single at this point, age 26. He worked as a farmhand at the farm of Luther Masters in Kaufman County and is found there in the 1900 census. He was not single for long though as he met Idella Catherine ____ and married her around 1901. The 1910 census shows her father was born in Georgia and mother in Tennessee which might indicate that Luther Masters was her brother, as his parents were also born in Georgia and Tennessee. Allen Clifford went on to be a teacher and principal. Raising his family in Dallas, Dallas County. He retired back to Paris in his latter years, living alone in a small house on the edge of town.

William and Serelda had spent around 20 years of their lives in ministry and by 1900-1905 it was beginning to take its toll. William's obituary states he "asked to be located" and became a salesman for the Tennison Saddlery Company of Dallas. It is not known exactly what year this occurred but it had to be between June 6, 1900 and February 2, 1905. It is interesting to note that William and Serelda had a financial investment in a saddle shop in Ladonia. At some point family tradition holds William also ministered at Blossom, Lamar County, Texas, but is unknown at what time he did this. The children were sent to school at Blossom as well but I don't have the details of that.

William bought property in Paris, Lamar County, Texas on April 15, 1900 . It was located on Woodlawn Avenue, just around the corner from the home of Ida May Owens Rogers, which was located on SW High Street.

It is not known how long William actually worked as a saddle salesman but this new career was cut short by his sudden death on February 2, 1905. The cause of death was listed as "apoplexy", likely a stroke. William Jackson Owens was laid to rest at the Evergreen Cemetery of Paris, Lamar County Texas. (Location: 15-31-01)

At the time of William's death in 1905 Allen Clifford was working as a principal in Petty, Texas and likely resided there with his wife, Idella Catherine. Ida May and Effie Helen both still lived in Paris with their husbands.

Serelda used her sewing skills to help support herself after William's death. We find her living in the Woodlawn house in the 1910 census as a "dressmaker". One presumes that the children helped support her. She also managed to obtain William's Civil War pension.

Ida May Owens Rogers and Effie Helen Owens Peters continued working as homemakers to raise their families. They are found in the 1910 census still in Paris. Allen Clifford Owens, however, had moved from Petty to Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. He and Idella are found there, with their children. He is working at a teacher, likely at the Bryan Street High School.

Serelda lived for about 14 more years after William's death. She died June 16, 1919 at the home of Ida May Owens Rogers and was laid to rest in the Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar County, Texas, next to her husband. (Location: 15-31-02). At that time Effie Helen was living in Shreveport, Louisiana with her family and Allen Clifford was still in Dallas.

The house that William and Serelda lived in in Paris, Texas is now gone. Ida May Owens Rogers had purchased her siblings' interest in the house and had rented it out. It was even used as a "guest house" for visiting family at times. It stayed in the Rogers family until February of 1946 when Ida May's children sold it.

Ida May Owens Rogers, Effie Helen Owens Peters and Allen Clifford Owens all made their mark on this world and passed on. Ida May rests next to her husband, and Allen Clifford lies in an unmarked gave beside his parents, in the Evergreen Cemetery in Paris, Fannin County, Texas. Effie Helen Peters was laid to rest in Kilgore Texas. However, the legacy of these three Owens children and of their parents, William Jackson Owens and Serelda Lewis Owens lives on through their descendents.


Misc notes:

William Jackson Owens was a civil war veteran, having served Company C 117th Regt Indiana Volunteers on July 31, 1863 - discharged Feb. 25, 1864.
He had been under age and got signed permission from his father Willis C. Owens to enlist.
He re-enlisted in Company E 22nd Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry on March 10, 1864
discharged July 24, 1865.

They went to Republic County Kansas between 1867-1870 , likely 1870 as that was when William submitted an application for land. They homesteaded long enough to get possession of the land, and left in 1873 back to Indiana.

A wagon train comprised of some of the Lewis brothers (Eli, Charles Newton, Timothy M., their Uncles Timothy B. and JohnW. Keith; others of the Keith family and many others from Jennings County, went to Kansas right after the war.

Here is the homesteading record:
Filed a Homestead application, number 5194, on January 18, 1870 at the land office at Junction City, Kansas for 160 acres in Republic County, Kansas. He settled on the land on February 20, 1870.

Built a wood house 12 feet by 16 feet in size, with a board floor and shingle roof. It had one door and two windows. They lived in that house beginning February 28, 1870 up to April of 1873.

William cultivated 19 acres of the 160 acreage, and besides the house built a stable, corn crib, chicken house and dug a 63' foot deep well. Planted fruit trees and grape vines. Quite a lot to accomplish in so short a time!

Completed the homesteading process and received ownership on April 9, 1873. As soon as they obtained legal ownership they sold it to William Creviston of Indiana on April 10 of 1873.

We know they returned to Indiana because Alan Clifford was born there on April 5, 1874. It's not inconceivable that they stayed with Daniel Lewis.

The obituary for Ida May Owens Rogers says that she moved to Texas with her family when she was 3, which would have been 1875. This fits with the facts as we know them as Effie Helen Owens was born July 22, 1878 in Texas but Allen Clifford was born in 1874 in Indiana. So they had to have moved 1874-July 22, 1878 to Texas from Indiana. They are found in the 1880 census in Lamar County, Texas.

They lived at Ladonia by January 21, 1892.


In the Petty, Texas newspaper:

Feburary 1904

"William J. Owens, aged 57, a resident of Paris for twenty years, died suddenly Monday night. He had been unwell for a month, but it was not thought that he was in a serious condition. Mr. Owens was formerly aorg Methodist minister, but he was located at his request and went on the road for the Tennison Saddlrey Co., of Dallas. He leaves a wife and three children - Prof. A.C. Owens, of Petty, and Mesdames L. K. Peters and Geo. N. Rodgers of Paris."

This tells us that in 1905 Allen Clifford Owens resided in Petty and that he was likely teaching at that point. Effie Helen Owens Peters resided in Paris as did Ida May Owens Rogers.

William and Serelda had part ownership in a saddle shop in Ladonia, per her widow's app. for a pension. We also know that William had left the Methodist church and became a Baptist minister, per a descendent of Effie Helen Peters.

In the April 14, 1905 issue of a Seymour, Indiana newspaper we find the following obituary:

"Wm. J. Owen is dead at his home at Paris, Texas. He was a brother of Mrs. Andrew Keith (Martha Ellen Owens Keith) of East Brown Street, this city, and was born and reared in this county (Jackson County, Indiana), which he left 21 years ago (1884- incorrect was already in Texas per 1880 census). He was 57 years of age, and wasformerly a minister of the Methodist church, but had recently been a traveling salesman. He leaves a wife and three children, Prof. A.C. Owens, principal of a school in Texas, and Mrs. Geo. N. Rodger and Mrs. L.K. Peters, both of Paris Texas."

This tells us that Allen Clifford was not only a teacher but a principal of a school in Petty. It also identifies that Martha Ellen Owens had married Andrew Keith

Obituary for Serelda Lewis Owens:

The Paris Morning News

Tuesday, June 17, 1919

"Death of Mrs. Rodgers (sic) at home of daughter"

"Mrs. W.J. Owens, who was making her home with her daughter, Mrs. G.N. Rodgers on South 26th street, died at 4:20 o'clock yesterday morning. She was born in Marion (township, Jennings County) Indiana, and was seventy-one years of age. She had been a resident of Paris the past seventeen years (1902) and was the widow of Rev. W.J. Owens, who died fourteen years ago (1905) at their home on Woodlawn Avenue. She was a devoted member of the Methodist church and had affiliated with Lamar avenue church ever since she came to Paris. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs Rodgers of Paris (Ida May Owens Rodgers), and Mrs. L.K. Peters (Effie Helen Owens Peters) of Shreveport (LA), and by one son, Allen C. Owens of Dallas. The funeral service will be held at the home of Mrs. Rodgers at 10 o'clock this morning"

This tells us that by 1919 Effie Helen Owens Peters had moved from Paris to Shreveport. Allen Clifford was settled in Dallas and Ida May Owens Rogers was still in Paris. It also tells us that Serelda had been taken in by her daughter Ida during her failing years.


Details of Children:

9.1) Harriet Rice OWENS
27 Mar 1868 (in Indiana) - 27 Sep 1871 (in Kansas)
9.2) Sarah Alice Owens
BIRTH: 29 Jun 1870 Kansas
DEATH: 20 Apr 1900 - Ladonia, Texas, Oddfellows Cemetery

Married J. H. Wilder December 19, 1893

9.3) Ida May OWENS
19 Feb 1872 - 1942
Buried Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar County, Texas.
Married George Newton Rogers on March 15, 1889.

Ida May Owens was born at Greenleaf, Washington County, Kansas (likely at the home of Serelda's brother Eli Lewis who lived there).

George Newton Rogers was born August 20, 1865 at Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas. Died January 4, 1928, buried Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar County, Texas. He was the son of James Rufus Rogers/Rodgers and Mary Melissa Davis. James Rufus Rogers was likely the son of John Rogers and _____ found in the 1850 Census of Denton County Texas. It is likely this John Rogers came from Jackson County, Tennessee and is somehow related to the Ralph Rogers clan that came from that area. There is no proof of this as of yet but there was a high concentration of people from Jackson County, Tennessee in that area; as well as a large concentration of Rogers' from there.

Ida May Owens and George Newton Rogers traveled likely by train back to Indiana to be married by Ida May's great-Uncle Rev. William B. Lewis at the home of her grandfather, Daniel Lewis' home; which is still standing and being lived in. It is near Paris Crossing, Indiana, Marion Township, Jennings County, Indiana.

Ida May Owens and George Newton Rogers (also spelled Rodgers) lived at different places in Fannin County, notably first at Ladonia (where their first child William Carl was born in 1890) and Honey Grove, Texas. They eventually settled in Paris, Lamar County, Texas, around 1900, where they had built two different homes on what is now 8th Street. One was a one story, replaced by a two story house. The house still stands on 8th street in Paris, though in poor condition. The second story was set up like a dormitory in order to accommodate the many children. George Newton Rogers was a salesman, of good reputation. He worked for the H.S. Bettes Hardware Company, Paris for 8 years and 21 years for Texas-Moline Farm Equipment company. After his death Ida May did the best she could to raise her remaining children. It is said she ruled the house with a velvet glove over an iron fist : ) She was a small woman but was a dynamo apparently.

She passed on to her children a love of music and education. I think she may have been a teacher in her youth. (She and her sisters had gone to Hockaday's School for Young Ladies.)

9.3.1 William Carl ROGERS
Born January 2, 1890 Ladonia Texas
Died April 4, 1957 El Dorado, Kansas
married Mary Little and Evangel Meade

9.3.2 Alice Ione ROGERS
Born August 30, 1891 Blossom, Texas
Died January 21, 1967 New Boston, Texas
married Homer Russell, June 22, 1916 in home of Ida May and George Newton.

9.3.3 George Owens (known as either Owens or "Bo") ROGERS
Born June 5, 1894 McKinney, Texas
Died April 2, 1972 Denver, Colorado
married Clara Campbell

9.3.4 Avery Wesley ROGERS
Born April 1895 Honey Grove, Texas
Died August 27, 1974 Manila, Arkansas
married Marie Jacqueline DeGraffenried and Maudie Drye

9.3.5 Mae ROGERS
Born May 28, 1898 Paris, Texas
Died December 3, 1987
married a Dr. Rogers and Bruce Horton Smith

9.3.6 Hazel Ruth ROGERS
Born April 1, 1900 Paris, Texas
Died July 1990 Amarillo, Texas
married Robert L. Combs

9.3.7 Effie Helen ROGERS
Born December 15, 1902 Paris, Texas
Died November 24, 1981 Paris Texas
married C.L. Frazier and Garst Cullum "Doc" Maneely

9.3.8 Doris ROGERS
Born January 16, 1906 Paris, Texas
Died March 17, 1988
married H.G. Shedlebar -lived LV Nevada (he drowned in Lake Mead) and Albert Harris Aug. 21, 1929 - lived Shreveport and Lycurgus "Curgie" Fabian - lived Amarillo.

9.3.9 Isabel ROGERS
Born July 19, 1912 Paris, Texas
Died April 19, 1956
never married, Downs Syndrome child. Cared for by Mae Rogers Smith after death of Ida May. Eventually placed in Terrel County Mental Hospital where she died.



9.4) Allen Clifford OWENS
Born April 5, 1874 Marion Township, Cana PO, Jennings County Indiana
Died ca 9 May 1961, Grand Saline Hospital *per obituary
Buried Evergreen Cemetery, Paris Texas
Unmarked grave next to Serelda Lewis Owens and William Jackson Owens.
Married Idella Catherine Adams, October 2, 1900, Dallas * per Garry Owens, grandson

Idella Catherine Adams
Born: 14 Apr 1875 at: Heath, TX (Rockwall Co.)
Died: 2 Mar 1923 at: Dallas, TX
Father:John Thomas Adams
Mother: Mary Ann Darr
*per Garry Owens, grandson

Ivan Esque Owens
Born: August 4, 1901, Greenville, Lamar, TX
Died: March 23, 1973, Houston, TX
Burial: March 25, 1973, Houston, TX (Telephone Rd)
Spouses: Gladys Driggs, Beatrice Frances Bandy
Children: private

Relda Loree Owens TX
Spouse: ___ Hill
Born: 03 Apr 1904 29
Died: Jul 1996
Death place likely Emory, Rains, TX
SS: 467-74-5383
*dates source SS records

Lewis Clifford Owens
Born: January 10, 1906
Died: December 25, 1986 (I believe) in Ellis county.
Elizabeth Lera (Lena?) Sanders
Paula Kendrick
Doris M. born May 6, 1927
Paula Kay Owens born September 13, 1947, Dallas

Katherine Idabel Owens TX
Born: ca 1907/1908
Note: There is a Social Security record for A
Katherine "O" Lockhart
Born June 8, 1908
Died: August 28, 2002
Does not give area of last benefit
SS: issued New Mexico where she lived 525-88-7479
Spouse: John Lockhart


Allen Clifford Owens worked as farm laborer in 1900 in Kaufman County, Texas, a principal in Petty, Texas in 1905, a school teacher in 1910, bookkeeper in 1920, security guard in 1930. He was widowed by 1930.

Obituary for Allen Clifford Owens:

The Paris News, Wednesday, May 10, 1961

"Allen C. Owens
Graveside rites for Allen Clifford Owens, 87, who lived at 55 Porter Street, here, were held Tuesday in Evergreen Cemeteryby the Rev. Gene Burgess of Immanuel Baptist, where Mr. Owens was a member. Mr.Owens, former teacher of Lamar County and at the present Bryan Street High School in Dallas, died Sunday in a hospital at Grand Saline. He was born in Cana, Indiana in 1874 (ed. note - Cana is just a p.o. region, it would have been in Marion township, Jennings County, Indiana), son of the late Rev. W.J. and Serelda Owens. He leaves these children:
L.C. Owens, Dallas
Ivan Owens, Emory,
and Mrs. John Lockhart, Texico, N.M.;
18 other descendents, and a sister, Mrs. L.K. Peters (his sister Effie Helen Owens Peters),Kilgore.

He was an uncle of Mrs. Mae Rogers Smith, 509 8th Street SE here. Here for the service were Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Russell, New Boston (ed. note - this is Ione Rogers, daughter of Ida May Owens, Clifford's sister and of course niece to Allen Clifford) Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Owens and daughter Kay, Dallas; Mrs. John Lockhart and Mrs. Loree Hill Texico, N.M.;

From Emory: the Rev. Douglas Brewer; Avon Rice, Mrs.Frank Miers, Mrs. Jennie Pounds, Mrs. Vera Fletcher, Miss Jeffery Vaught, Mrs. Kathleen Gunter, Mrs. Mattie Kearney, Mrs. Ray Kearney, Mrs.A.A. Tarbutton, Mr. and Mr.s Earl Clyde Hill, Charles Lewis Hill, Johnny Doya, Dewey Fleming, Mrs. H.D. Garrett, Mrs. Joel Lennon, Mrs. Ardis Alexander, Mrs. Helen Broom and Mrs. Cal Willams.


1900 Census:

Allen Clifford (called "Uncle Clifford" by most in the Rogers family) worked as a farm laborer in 1900, is listed in the 1900 census for Kaufman County, ED 77, Sheet 12.

1910 Census:
Dallas, Dallas County Texas, Vol. 36, ED 74, Sheet 5 A (stamped page 156)
Cunningham Avenue or Birmingham Avenue ? hard to read
Allen C. Indiana 36 married 9 years school teacher public school owned his home
Idella C. (Catherine) 35 TX married 9 years
Ivan E. Owens TX 8
Relda T. Owens TX 6 (same as Lorine F. later?)
Louis (Lewis) C. (Clifford) Owens TX 4

1920 Census:
Dallas County Texas, Vol 45, ED 74 Sheet 14, Line 36
Allen C. 44 IN
Katherine Owens 44 TX
Lorine F. 15 TX
L.C. 14 TX
Katherine 11 TX
He was a bookkeeper - laundry co.

1930 Census
Dallas County, TX ED 57-11, Sheet 1B
Allen Clifford Owens, 55 alone , security guard
Roomed at the home of Minnie Ogle.

His latter years were spent on Porter Street, in a very small house on the edge of Paris, Texas. It had a wood stove for heat, a cot, and rocker. He lived alone. The family remembers he loved to talk, quoted the Bible a lot (probably due to William Jackson's influence) and smoked a pipe. He was often at the house of his sister Ida May Owens Rogers. He was very poor in his later years. There was a deal of fighting over the settlement of Serelda Lewis Owens' house, which was just around the corner from Ida May Owens' Rogers. Clifford sued Ida May to make her sell. She bought his share out and her sister Effie's share as well. The house wasn't sold till the late 40's by the Rogers children.

Serelda died in Ida May's' house where Ida May cared for her.

Details of children of Allen Clifford Owens:

Lewis Clifford Owens
born January 10, 1906 - died December 25, 1986 (I believe) in Ellis county.
Lewis Clifford married Elizabeth Lera (Lena?) Sanders

1930 Census
ED 57-72 Sheet 38 A Stamped 91
Dallas, Dallas, Texas
Owens, Lewis C. 25 TX Father IN Mother TX
E. Lera (?) 20
Doris M. 2 10/12 (Doris May Owens born May 6, 1927)
Had a daughter named Kay as well (source obit of A.C. Owens)
There is a record of a Lewis Clifford Owens and a Paula Kendrick having a Paula Kay Owens on September 13, 1947 in Dallas.


1930 Census
El Paso, Texas ED 71-76 Sheet 23 B
Owens, Ivan E. Corporal 28 Father Indiana, Mother Texas
Fort Bliss, El Paso Texas

In 7th Cavalry, U.S. Army
Their motto, battle cry, and song was the “Garry Owen”. Ivan named one of his children after this motto.

Ivan Esque Owens was transferred to Junction City, Kansas in 1941, where he and his family stayed for several years before being transferred to Ft. Bless, El Paso, Texas. Ivan E. Owens was transferred to Camp Bowie, Brownwood, Texas, in 1946.

Garry Owens grew up there, just a few miles from the "Hill Country" where Alice Lurline Peters Roddy, the daughter of Effie Helen Owens Peters, lived.

Garry’s sister ________ has lived in New Braunfels (in the heart of the "Hill Country") since 1953.

Relations between Ivan E. Owens and brother Lewis C. Owens were strained, as was the relationship with their father Allen Clifford.. When Garry Owens was quite young they visited Allen Clifford Owens at his home in Paris, the only time Garry ever knew of the two of them communicating, excepting a time when Allen Clifford visited his son Ivan at Brownwood, while Garry was away in the navy. It did not go well and Allen Clifford left abruptly.



9.5) Effie Helen OWENS
Born 22 Jul 1878 Texas
married Lemuel K. Peters on April 26, 1989, New Boston, Bowie County, Texas
lived Paris TX, Shreveport LA, then Kilgore TX -
descendents live in San Antonio, have a guest ranch "Roddy". Have Serelda Lewis Bible.


Lemuel Peters, Jr
Born March 6, 1905 Paris, Texas
Died June 16, 1944 at Camp Swift, LA
Married Opal Gibbs Broadnax on Aug. 6, 1929, Shreveport LA

James J. Peters
Born August 19, 1915 Paris, Texas

William McMillan Peters
Born June 10, 1917 Shreveport LA

Alice Lurline Peters *
Alice inherited the Serelda Lewis Owens family bible that had been given to Serelda by her father Daniel Lewis. Images of this are online at:
(see right side of screen there for bible records link) married Rhea G. Roddy

Helen Peters married ________ Gambrell
Child: Gretchen Gambrell , she married Keith Asbury

“The Hill Country has been part of my life for many years. Starting in the 1930's, my grandparents Allie and Rhea Roddy and my mother Helen spent summers, holidays and weekends here. As I was growing up, my own family came here summers and every chance we got. Later on, Rhea and Allie had a place down the road everybody called the Roddy Tree where they welcomed family and friends. Today in honor of two wonderful people who first introduced us to a tradition of hospitality and love for the Texas Hill Country, my parents and Keith and I continue this love affair at Roddy Tree Ranch. “

Source: http://www.roddytree4sale.com/html/history.html
Gretchen Gambrell Asbury

9.6) Silas OWENS infant death
BIRTH: 14 Jan 1880 Texas
DEATH: 14 Jan 1880 Texas

9.7) John H. Boyet OWENS infant death
BIRTH: 16 Jun 1882 Texas
DEATH: 17 Oct 1882 Texas