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Genealogy and Family History of the Ancestors and Descendants of

Edward F. Smith and Harriet Morris

Edward F. was born in England and in 1821 he married Harriet Morris in New Jersey. They had two children, Edward Faulkner Smith and Anna Maria Smith. Edward died of cholera in New York in 1824.

In 1833, Harriet married, in New York City, George Pew Hay, a merchant tailor, and they lived in New York City up to 1837, apart from 1833-1834, when they lived in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

Two children were born in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, probably at Harriet's mother's; Elizabeth, born in 1834 and Isaac, born in 1835.

In 1837 George and his family, including Edward Faulkner, travelled to Illinois by way of the Hudson River, Erie Canal, and the Great Lakes landing at Chicago. They hired a team of horses and a wagon and continued their journey to their final destination, Bristol, near Yorkville, Illinois. Here they purchased land and made Bristol and Yorkville their home for over sixteen years before moving to Sandwich, Illinois in 1854.

Five more children were born to this union, Lawrence, 1837; Harriet, 1839; Josephine, 1842; Cordelia 1844; George Campbell, 1846.

Anna Maria Smith did not come west, but remained in New Jersey and in 1844 she married Tylee Williams Throckmorton.