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This site last updated: September 10, 2008

Jerry L. Wear

The Wear database has undergone many corrections since last year, check for corrections.
As usual only the vital data is displayed here, Contact me for source material.

As with any good genealogist, corrections and additions to the databases are always appreciated!

The Wear Family
My personal family tree has been updated significantly since the last posting.
The Warnock database is now integrated in my personal family tree.

The Wear Album
Coming soon photos, documents, legal documents and portions
of a family history I wrote last year for the cousin reunion!

The Warnock Album

A collection of photos and facts, on the descendants of

William James Warnock of Greenup County Kentucky

Dick Family Tree
My wife Sheila Dick's family tree. Her family is tree has grown substantially,

The Cropper Album
This database is the research efforts of John Higgins and Ray Wiltshire.
These fine researchers have decided to share their research efforts with you.

The Weird Family DNA Site
Coming soon the DNA facts and my experiences with it.
A collection of  facts I have gathered during my Wear family research
of over 12 years from OH, PA and VA. Due to the proliferation of
online databases continuing to add to this database seems futile.


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