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Hi Folks!

Yep, that's really me! JJ Ralph Autrey!!  I'm much better looking in person...at least, that's what Mom  tells everyone..

Finally!  After six long years, I have my own web site!  No, no genealogy or historical information here,.  You must be thinking about my Mom's  original site,  Jo's Front Porch and Genealogy......well, this isn't it.  This is MY web site and Mom's not allowed  to place any of her stuff here, ....so....well, just a link to her "My Husband's Ancestors".....

I'm not sure just what will be on my site, or when, so please visit again soon. I have a lot of ideas, but my Manager is often occupied with a  lot of other projects. Be sure to "refresh" or "reload" on your next visit.  Before you leave, please sign my guest book.  I read each message.  I don't have my own email yet, so please know how much I appreciate you taking your time to visit my gallery and for signing my guest book.  I've joined a few web rings and have some links to subjects which are of interest to me.

Thanks for dropping by,    

JJ Ralph Autrey   


Thanks, Betty Donahoe for my mailbox!

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12/20/2003 05:51:14 PM


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