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School Districts

Submitter:Plains Indians & Pioneer Museum (PIPM)
Dist #Name - Other NameEstablishedClosedLocation
001Woodward19 Jan 1894 T23 R20-21
002Elm Grove23 Jan 189406 Sep 1921T21-22 R18
003*Pea Ridge04 Apr 190810 Jul1923T26-27 R18-19
004Tony Day05 Feb 189415 Jun 1921T21-22 R19
005Bar "N" / Cedardale19 Apr 189416 Jun 1947T21-22 R17
006Spring / Rose Valley06 Mar 189416 Jun 1947T23 R20-21
007Rutman / Pleasant Valley21 Mar 189416 Jun 1947T23 R19
008Chapman / Lively26 Mar 189407 Jul 1949T20-21 R21
009Shuck / Elm Grove23 Apr 189416 Jul 1947T20-21 R17
010Steadman / Vonton25 Apr 189416 Jul 1947T21-22 R20
011Cavin / Lone Star25 Apr 189403 Jun 1946T20-21 R17-18
013Hays / Richmond23 May189422 Aug 1921T20 R17-18
014Valley / Sand Hill30 Apr 189408 Sep 1926T23-24 R21
015Bar / Dewey02 May 189416 Jul 1947T20-21 R19
016Holdron / Sunnyside21 May 189416 Jul 1947T22 R19
017Wood / Sharon22 Jun 189412 Aug 1920T21 R20
018Greer / Woodward View07 Jun 189413 Aug 1947T22-23 R21
019Reynolds / Persimmon11 Jun 189410 May 1928R20-21 R19
020Indian Creek11 Jun 189416 Jul 1947T21-22 R20
021Crites / Mooreland12 Jun 189429 Jun 1921T23 R19
022*Happy Hollow30 Jan 190816 Jul 1947T22 R17
023Taylor / Dudley20 Jun 189411 Oct 1913T20 R19-20
024Green / Pearl Valley27 Jun 189410 Apr 1948T20-21 R17
025Ward27 Jun 189422 Aug 1921T20 R17
026Stone / South Persimmon30 Jun 189412 Aug 1920R20 R20
027Harmany22 Jun 190816 Jul 1947T21-22 R19
028Atkins / Greenvale27 Sep 189416 Jul 1947T23-24 R20
029Pleasant Valley /Miller05 Oct 189416 Jul 1947T21 R18
030Cedar / Lost (Canyon)28 Nov 189416 Jul 1947T22 R17-18
031Pleasant 22 Dec 1894 T22 R19
032*Peach05 Sep190816 Jul 1947T21 R21
033McManis / Liberty21 Jan 189513 Aug 1947T23 R21-22
034Oak Valley08 Feb 1895 T21 R18-19
035Happy Valley02 Oct 190816 Jul 1947T22 R21-22
036Curtis09 Feb 189506 Sep 1921T23 R18
037Wingett / Red Rock16 Mar 189516 Jul 1957T22-23 R20
038*Round Top08 Oct 190816 Jul 1947T23-24 R19
039Baker / Union / Morgan / Mutual30 Mar 189516 Jun 1920T20-21 R18-19
040Pleasant Valley02 May 189516 Jul 1947T20 R17-18
041* 17 Dec 190806 Jun 1910T24 R22
042Mountain View (later split to #94)17 Dec 190820 Jun 1947T25 R19
043Moscow11 May 189520 Jun1947T21 R19
044Round Timber / Two-By-Four01 Jun 189526 Apr 1945T23 R18
045*Oakgrove08 Nov 191016 Jul 1947T21 R18
048Green / Prairie View28 Sep 189508 Jul 1952T22 R20-21
049Lincoln00 Dec 189506 Jun 1909T23 R17-18
050Tucker/ Bunker Hill/ Belva16 Jan 189616 Jul 1947T22 R17
051Jenkins / Boggy08 Feb 189619 Jun 1948T22-23 R19-20
052* 20 Apr 1909 T21 R21
053Dunston18 Nov 189608 Jul 1913T21 R19-20
055Forest09 Apr 189804 Apr 1927T24 R21
056Star / Chiminey Creek18 Oct 189816 Apr 1947T24-25 R17
057Ft. Supply10 Nov 189823 Jul 1921T24-25 R21-22
060Hall / Enterprise04 Apr 189903 May 1928T20 R18
061McKenna21 Oct 189925 Aug 1925T22-23 R22
062Bricker28 Oct 189930 Apr 1946T20-21 R18
063Chick06 Nov 189915 Jun 1921T23-24 R19
066Sibel05 Jun 190016 Jul 1947T20 R19
067Opal / Tangier06 Jun 190027 Jun 1919T22-23 R22
071Mayfield10 Jul 190008 Jul 1953T22 R17
072Mitchel / Pleasant View10 Jul 190002 Jul 1948T22 R19-20
073 04 Aug 190023 May 1921T23-24 R22-23
074Rugby14 Nov190012 Aug 1920T122 R19-20
075Hardscrabble / West Liberty24 Dec 190006 Sep 1921T22 R18
077Haskew / Sunny Slope23 Feb 190108 Jul 1952T25-26 R18-19
082 13 Mar 190101 Oct 1921T21 R22
084Pleasant Hill29 Apr 190116 Jul 1947T22 R18
085Prairie Flower12 Apr 190110 Sep 1913T24 R18
088Dillion24 Apr 190110 Sep 1913T24 R18
092Plainview15 May190116 Jul 1947T24 R17
094"BIG FOOT" (also #42 later)17 May 190113 Sep 1947T25 R19
095Edmission18 May 190116 Jul 1947T22-23 R17
096Ellendale15 May 190107 Jul 1950T26 R19
097West Union18 Jun 190116 Jul 1947T25 R18-19
099Doris18 Jun19OI16 Jul 1947T21 R22
106Pleasant Ridge 16 Jul 1947T20 R22
107Dripping Springs29 Jun 190116 Jul 1947T24 R17
110Pleasant Hill03 Jun 190116 Jul 1947T24 R19
111Enterprise00 000 190816 Jul 1947T24 R18
112Paradise24 Jul 190116 Jul 1947T24 R19
114SANDCreek06 Jul 190110 Jun 1947T24 R17
116Quinlan20 Aug 190127 Jun 1919T23 R17-18
117Red Top20 Aug 190116 Jun 1920T23 R17
119Oak View "Hardscrabble"18 Oct 190116 Jul 1947T21 R17
129North Star02 May 190106 Sep 1921T23 R18
135Mitton03 Jun 190127 Jun 1919T22 R22
137Willard07 Mar 190207 Jul 1950T24 R20
140Webster10 Mar 190216 Jul 1947T20 R20-21
143Pickett / Prairie View12 Mar 190228 Mar 1935 T24 R21
144Sterling Grove21 Mar 190206 Sep 1921T20 R18
146Red Top11 Apr 190227 Jun 1919T22-23 R17
150Locust Grove10 Apr 1902 T22-23 R21-22
151Enterpirse11 Apr 190216 Jul 1947T21 R22
155Pleasant Shade22 Apr 190222 May 1948 T21 R17
162Quickel / Science Hill05 Jun 190205 Sep 1927T22 R22
165Star20 May 190227 Jun 1919T23-24 R22
167Jewel08 Jun 190216 Jul 1947T21 R22
171Fairview06 Jun 190216 Jul 1947T22 R22
177Hawkeye26 Jun 190220 Jun 1947T24 R18
182Nigley12 Jul190216 Jul 1947T20 R21
186Prairie Center09 Sep 190316 Jul 1947T20 R22
187Golden Belt09 Oct 190216 Jul 1947T25-26 R18
191Fishbaugh / Pleasant Valley23 Oct 190316 Jul 1947T24 R20
192Cherry Hill27 Oct 190216 Jul 1947T20 R22
196Freezeout24 Feb190320 Jun1947T25 R19
205Hackberry08 Jun 190316 Jul 1947T20 R19
212Cedar Bluff (Doe Creek) 31 Jul 1917T25-26 R17
215Pleasant Hill23 Jun 190302 Jul 1948T22 R21
216Little Jewel23 Jun 190316 Jul 1947T22 R21
217Prairie Gem10 Jul 190325 Jun 1947T21-22 R21
218Straight Creek16 Jul 190310 Aug 1918T23 R18
219 30 Jul 190310 Jul 1915T20 R20
224Paine (joint/HarperCo)10 Sep 190316 Jul 1947T24-25 R20-21
 (became Woodward Co)07 Nov 1930  
229(it May be) Pleasant Valley26 Jan 1904 T24 R20-21
236Morning Star12 Apr 190422 Jun 1945T26-27 R19
239Senate07 Oct 190416 Jul 1947T24 R21
241Sterling23 Dec 190416 Jul 1947T20 R21-22
247Evergreen01 Jun 1905 T26 R17-18
249Silver Springs22 Jun 190516 Jul 1947T24-25 R17-18
251Black / Union31 Jul190516 Jul 1947T24 R19
258Hohweiler / Sand Hill04 Apr 190609 Aug 1924T22 R22
263Oakland11 May 190715 Jul 1947T20 R21
*Indicates a number assigned in another county, but re-assigned in Woodward County after statehood

The following consolidated schools were formed
#1Quinlan27 Jun 1919
#2Tangier27 Jun 1920
#3Mutual16 Jun 1920
#4Sharon12 Aug 1920
#5Ft. Supply10 Jun 1921
#6Mooreland19 Jun 1921
#7Curtis05 Sep1921
#8Richmond06 Sep 1921

Woodward County Independent Schools - 1993
I # 1Woodward
I # 2Mooreland
I # 4Sharon - Mutual
I # 5Ft. Supply

These schools have some areas in Woodward County - 1993
Dewey CountyI # 5Vici
 I # 8Seiling
Ellis CountyI # 3Arnett
Woods CountyI # 3Freedom

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