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Rest Haven Cemetery Gate
Tangier/Resthaven Cemetery

Location: Section 27, T 23 N, R. 22 W, Woodward County, Oklahoma

     The Tangier Cemetery was first started in the 1800's when a covered wagon was traveling by and had a child die. They buried the child in what was later to become the Tangier Cemetery. On the 19th of September, 1924, Si and Fern Myers gave an acre of land to the Cemetery Association. Around the year of 1940 the cemetery was renamed to be Resthaven Cemetery.

     A search is under way to attemp to locate the records of the Cemetery Association so that exact locations of graves, along with names of those buried there. If you have any information regarding burials, please contact webmaster.

     In April, 2003, an Airdale, named Dax, was brought to the cemetery by her owner, Jim. Dax is trained to sniff out human remains. To keep her skills sharp, Jim brings Dax to rural cemeteries to locate unmarked graves. Linda Fox, President of the Ellis Co. Historical Society and Donna Dreyer, webmaster, joined Jim and Dax in her search for buried bodies.

     When Dax locates a grave, a flag is placed on the spot to mark the location. A total of 94 graves were flagged. A map was made showing the existing headstones and all graves located by Dax.      On 29 July, 2003, Jay Miller passed away. His family said he had often told them that he wanted to be buried in the Tangier Cemetery. On 01 Aug 2003, Jay was laid to rest in the cemetery near his home.      The cemetery is now owned by Northwest Oklahoma Genealogical Society. It is called by both names by the people of the community.

Canvassed by Mrs. Rita M. Boyle Woodward, Oklahoma

Headstones in Rest Haven Cemetery

     Headstone photos taken May 2001. Some of the stones are broken or have fallen over. Most of the stones are difficult to read. A few of the graves had flowers on them. Simon P. Teague has the earliest death date in 1896. In July, 1994, a headstone was placed in the Hayes lot in memory of Thomas & Glayds Hayes. They are not buried in this cemetery. The last known burial was Joseph R. Tune in 1978 until 2003, when Jay Harvey Miller was buried.
SurnameGivenMiddleBirthDeath Photo
BOSSERMANLoisEunice02 Apr 190612 Apr 1908 
BOSSERMANBentonE. 25 Jul 1900 02 Jun 1922Photo
BOSSERMANSarah  29 May 1878 09 Jul 1911Photo
BUNCHHarvey   10 Aug 191610 Aug 1916 Photo
BUNCHHubert   07 Jul 191707 Jul 1917 Photo
BYNUMDayton  26 May 188711 Feb 1909Photo
CHESTEROrval  17 Oct 190318 Nov 1903 Photo
CRAMERBaby   27 Feb 1909  Photo
CRAMERLot    Photo
CRAMERFlora G. xx xxx 1880xx xxx 1910 Photo
EDWARDSGracie B.  17 Feb 1911Photo
EPLEYJ. J. 19 Dec 1830 11 Jun 1911 
EPLEYWalter Oliver 16 Sep 191002 Jul 1911Photo
GARTRELLElsie Jane 07 Jan 1907 03 Jul 1918Photo
GILLBAUCHIda Ann21 Apr 186214 Jun 1912Photo
GUINNAnn E. xx xxx 1848 xx xxx 1936 
GUINNThomas W.xx xxx 1870xx xxx 1932 
GUINNWilliam   xx xxx 1852 xx xxx 1935 
HAMMONDMatilda Ann 16 Feb 1848 21 Aug 1930 Photo
HAYESGladys Lurene22 may 190610 Jul 1994Photo
HAYESElizabeth   23 Mar 1824 21 Oct 1912Photo
HAYESNora   11 Nov 1867 21 Mar 1914 Photo
HAYESP. O. 06 Mar 1868 20 Mar 1908 Photo
HAYESThomas   27 Aug 182111 Mar 1912Photo
HAYESThomas Hunter03 Jan 190402 Nov 1994Photo
HAYESThomas Winfield 01 Mar 1856 19 May 19411  2
HEEKIN  xx xxx 1913xx xxx 1913 
LOYDLouisa J.12 Mar 188408 Feb 1905Photo
LOYDVivian   12 Sep 1904 27 Sep 1904Photo
LUCUSMary  xx xxx 1859xx xxx 1911Photo
MADDANMary Estella14 Jan 1909 27 Jan 1909Photo
MEHLEddie   11 Apr 1904 09 Apr 1904Photo
MILLERJay Harvey12 Jan 193129 Jul 2003Photo
MITTENPaulena  03 Jan 1905 11 Jul 1905 Photo
MORELANDJeremiah E. 30 Aug 185820 Nov 1901Photo
PRATTWilliam H. 21 Jan 1861 18 Jan 1917Photo
ROYHerbert P. 30 Mar 1905 03 Apr 1905  
SPARKSMary E. 13 Aug 183919 Jan 1907Photo
TANNER Leonard E.  Photo
TEAGUEGeorge  13 Aug 184319 Apr 1903Photo
TEAGUELillie E. 28 May 185615 Oct 1906 Photo
TEAGUESimon P. 02 Apr 189017 Aug 1896 
THOMASONL. Wesley31 Aug 190905 Jul 1910 Photo
THOMASONPearl  07 Dec 187907 Oct 1909Photo
TUNEAngline  xx xxx 1893xx xxx 1928Photo
TUNEJason W. 9 Sep 1913 28 Apr 1932Photo
TUNEJohn  xx xxx 1921 xx xxx 1928 
TUNEJoseph R. "Dick" xx xxx 1888 xx xxx 1978Photo
TUNEMartha Spence 6 Jul 1852 27 Apr 1947Photo
TUNES.  xx xxx 1924 xx xxx 1926Photo
TUNETherla  xx xxx 1913xx xxx 1948Photo
TUNE Clyde R. 20 Feb 191322 May 1948Photo
TUNEWilliam R. 09 Jan 184704 Jan 1932Photo
WISEMatilda H. 24 Feb 1873 06 Mar 1913 
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