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Map to Vonton Cemetery, Woodward Co., OK
Vonton Cemetery

      Directions given from downtown Woodward, starting at 9th Street & Oklahoma Ave.
      7 1/2 mi. SE on US 270, just past the Indian Creek Bridge, (right turn onto a dirt road) 1/4 mi. W. (road curves) & 3/4 mi. S of Woodward, OK. The cemetery is on the corner of the section lines. The gate is next to the small building.

      The cemetery received its name from the middle name of the donor of the plot of ground on which it is located, namely, Rev. W. Vonton Kneisley.

      This cemetery was first canvassed on 4 April 1960. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Stillwater Branch, member Mrs. J. H. Arrington, assisted by Mrs. L. L. Snow, Oklahoma Honorary State Regent, Mrs. John Duane Logan of Woodward chapter - D. A. R.

      Cemetery recanvassed on 30 January 1984 by Norman C. Roan Jr. and Maudie B. Roan, members of the Northwest Oklahoma Genealogical Society.

      Updated 1 Jun 2000, by Donna Dreyer

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathSpouse/*Parent
BARNETTAurilla E. 18741946*John MOSER
(Age 73 years) Father - Rev. John Moser who was a Baptist & U. B. minister.
BLASINGAMEBillie R. 28 Jul 193326 Nov 1984Vesta F. BLASINGAME
BLASINGAME Vesta F.4 Jan 1934  Billie R. BLASINGAME
CHAPMANEva 12 Apr 186523 May 1902Robert L. CHAPMAN
Age 37 y 1 my 11 d. Daughter of Benjemen Endersby. First wife of Robert L. Chapman.
COOPERLeon Lester29 Jul 190027 Jan 1984 Ruth COOPER
Buried 30 Jan 1984. Good Samaritan Mortuary - Woodward
COOPERRuth16 Dec 1908Aug 1985Leon L. COOPER
Good Samaritan Mortuary - Woodward
CRITES?ills O.   
CRITESCatherine20 Aug 184611 Aug 1937David M. CRITES
"Wife of David M. Crites" (same stone)
CRITESDavid M.28 Sep 184617 Mar 1922Catherine CRITES
"Husband of Catherine Crites" (same stone) Father of Emanuel, Jake, Arthur, William
CRITESDora14 Mar 187621 Sep 1903W. F. CRITES
Age 27 yrs 6 mos 7 da Wife of W. F. Crites
CRITESRobert O.   
DEWALDLogan Wade4 Aug 19827 Aug 1982  
Asleep in Jesus" (Stetcher Morturay)
DRAKEDoris Pearl12 Apr 191523 Jul 1915 *Jess A. DRAKE
"Daughter of J. A. and L. L. Drake" Budded On Earth To Bloom in Heaven
DRAKEJess A.18791951Lillie L. DRAKE
Wife - Lillie Drake"
DRAKELillie L. 18831964Jess A. DRAKE
Husband - Jess A. Drake"
DRAKERussell C.19161928 
ELGINM. Jane1864 1925*John MOSER
"Daughter of Rev. John Moser"
Cousin: Charles Clarence Endersby"
ENDERSBYCharles Clarence3 Dec 18421904 Ruth ENDERSBY
"Wife - Ruth Endersby"
ENDERSBYDennis McCarty 7 Apr 187512 Oct 1938Margaret E ENDERSBY
(with Margaret E. Endersby) Personal knowledge of Marliyn Endersby Gibson
Dennis McCarty Endersby son of Charlee & Ruth Endersby
ENDERSBYHanson Duffield11 Aug 18731941 *Charles C ENDERSBY
68 yr 7 mo 2 da Son of Carlie Clarence & Ruth Endersby"
ENDERSBYMargaret E 19 Mar 188321 Dec 1968 Dennis ENDERSBY
(With Dennis M. Endersby) Personal knowledge of Marilyn Endersby Gibson
Margaret Evaline Metz daughter of Shasta L. & Barbara Metz
ENDERSBYMarion W. 2 Apr 190419 May 1956 Wilda ENDERSBY
"wife - Wilda Endersby - son of Denis & Eva Metz Endersby"
ENDERSBYRobert Leroy17 Oct 19358 May 1969 
"Father" I have fought a good fight I have finished my course I have kept the faith.
ENDERSBYRuth18 Apr 1846 1914Charles C ENDERSBY
Wife of Charlie Clarence Endersby"
ENDERSBYWilda 23 Apr 190412 Sep 1994 Marion ENDERSBY
ENDERSBYWilliam Harrison 10 Jul 187712 Jun 1954 *Charles C ENDERSBY
Age 76 yr 11 mo 2 da - Son of Charlie Clarence and Ruth Endersby -Stetcher Mortuary
EVANSEthel24 Jul 191213 Jun 1998 
Laduesau - Evans Mortuary Marker
GALESExie Guthrie28 Sep 191922 Jan 1974 Raymond W. GALES
With Raymond W. Gales. 2nd husband - Stanley MITCHELL
Now Loving Jesus Our Families & Friends Eternal"
GALESRaymond W. 26 Nov 1920  Exie Guthrie GALES
(with Exie Guthrie Gales)
GUTHRIECharles Dean 6 Mar 1929 8 Jun 1929 *Reuben M. GUTHRIE
"Infant son of Reuben and Edna Root Guthrie"
GUTHRIEDavid4 Mar 1844 27 Mar 1929 Eunice GUTHRIE
"Wife - Eunice Guthrie"
GUTHRIEE. George 9 Jul 189310 Apr 1945 Hazel GUTHRIE
"Wife - Hazel Guthrie"
GUTHRIEEdna V. Root 3 Sep 1909   Reuben M. GUTHRIE
(with Reuben M. Guthrie)
GUTHRIEElick Franklin10 Apr 1888 20 Jun 1957 *David GUTHRIE
Age 69 yr 2 mo 10 da - Son of David and Eunice Guthrie
GUTHRIEEunice Marthey 9 Mar 1856 6 May 1927David GUTHRIE
"Husband - David Guthrie"
GUTHRIEFlossie Tingler 22 Jan 189731 Jan 1918R. M. GUTHRIE
"Husband - R. M. Guthrie" Blessed Are The Pure In Heart For They Shall See God
GUTHRIEHazel2 Aug 1900 14 May 1983E. George GUTHRIE
"Wife of E. George Guthrie"
GUTHRIEHazel M. 31 Jul 189431 Oct 1962 
GUTHRIEKenneth Earl Jr.29 Apr 194330 May 1965*Kenneth GUTHRIE
"Son of Kenneth & Leona" Photo on headstone.
GUTHRIELarry D. Sr.04 Apr 194028 Oct 2000Nancy GUTHRIE
GUTHRIENancy Louise Kline09 Mar 1941 Larry D. GUTHRIE Sr.
GUTHRIEReuben M.22 Apr 189811 May 1970 Edna V. Root GUTHRIE
(with wife Edna V. Guthrie)
GUTHRIERoy Lee19451946*Kenneth GUTHRIE
Age 5 mo 20 da Son of Kenneth & Leona Brumbly Guthrie"
HAYWARDBrazelton16 Apr 185620 May 1920Leni Leota HAYWARD
"Wife - Leni Leota Hayward"
HAYWARDLeni Leota 26 Aug 185528 May 1918 Brazelton HAYWARD
"Husband - Brazelton Hayward"
HICKEY E. Louise8 Apr 1918 Lester E. HICKEY
Married 8 Jul 1936
HICKEY Lester E. 5 Apr 191117 Feb 1996E. Louise HICKEY
CM3 US Navy
HICKEYPeggy Coleen11 Dec 193828 Dec 1938*Lester HICKEY
"Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lester Hickey"
KNEISLEYInfant 1 Apr 19021 Apr 1902*W. Vonton KNEISLEY
buried in same grave with mother Lula
KNEISLEYLula27 Nov 18811 Apr 1902W. Vonton KNEISLEY
(Lula died at the birth of infant which is buried in same grave)
Died age 20 years 4 months 5 days
At foot of grave is a small stone with L. A. K. engraved on the top.
(This is the oldest son of the 2nd wife of Rev. W. Vonton Kneisley)
KNOLESCurtis C. 18841955 
Age 71 yr 7 mo 2 da
LUDWICKJames Harvey23 Jan 186428 Jan 1949 
"Age 85 yrs 0 mos 4 days"
METZBarbara A.7 Jul 18597 Aug 1943Shasta L. METZ
"Husband - Shasta L. Metz"
METZShasta L. 23 Jul 185414 Nov 1938 Barbara A. METZ
"Wife - Barbara Metz"
The son & twin sons - infants of Charles Mitchell who moved to Idaho
and Ruth Mitchell who died a few days after her son and
her body was shipped to Kansas for burial - sister Alda Mitchell)
MITCHELLViola Mae9 Sep 1936Sep 1936 *Stanley MITCHELL
"Age 4 days - Daughter of Stanley & Exia Guthrie Mitchell"
MOSERAlfred Mc. 18641917Mary L. MOSER
"Father - Wife Mary L. Moser"
MOSERAlisha Mollie4 Jul 1983 4 Jul 1983 
Stetcher Mortuary
MOSERBathsheba Guthrie5 Aug 189030 Dec 1978John Floyd MOSER
"Mother" (Buried with John Floyd Moser1st husband
and there were 9 or 10 children of this union; 2nd husband Floyd A. Plunkett)
MOSERDaniel W.18961925 
MOSEREdith Elizabeth19 Dec 1913 John Chester MOSER
(with John Chester Moser)
MOSEREtta E. 24 Aug 1875 William G. MOSER
"Mother - Husband William G. Moser"
MOSEREunice C.7 Mar 192418 Mar 1924 *John Floyd MOSER
"Age 11 days - Daughter of John Floyd and Bathsheba Guthrie Moser"
MOSERJohn Chester "Chet"2 Oct 19099 Nov 1981Edith E. MOSER
(with Edith Elizabeth Moser - Good Samaritan Mortuary)
MOSERJohn Floyd30 May 188724 Apr 1951Bathsheba MOSER
"Father - Wife Bathsheba Guthrie Moser"
MOSERMary L. Guthrie18651934Alfred Mc. MOSER
"Mother - Husband Alfred Mc. Moser"
MOSERWilliam G.1 Sep 186826 Jan 1938Etta E. MOSER
"Father - wife Etta E. Moser"
"Darling - Child of Barnie and Leatrice Patterson"
PHILLIPSCharles Todd21 Sep 196225 Sep 1962 
Stetcher Mortuary
PLUNKETTFloyd A.6 Mar 188928 Feb 1960 Bathsheba MOSER
"Wife - Bathsheba Guthrie Moser" (Byron Mason Mortuary)
ROOTDavid D. 23 Sep 187329 Mar 1925Emma D. ROOT
"Father - Wife Emma D. Root"
ROOTEmma D.3 Oct 187616 Jun 1954David D. ROOT
"Mother - Husband David D. Root"
ROOTHallie L.4 Sep 1903 *David D. ROOT
"Infant daughter of David D. and Emma D. Root"
ROOTJessie24 Jul 1904 David D. ROOT
"Child of David D. and Emma D. Root"
SEEMANLaura Louise187311 Aug 1941 
"Age 68 yrs 5 mo 7 da" (Byron Mason Mortuary)
STEADMANAnna May20 Nov 188724 Aug 1972George H. STEADMAN
"Wife of George H. Steadman - daughter of Peter Scrambling"
STEADMANCaroline L. M25 Aug 18489 May 1918Joseph L. STEADMAN
"Husband - Joseph L. Steadman"
STEADMANEdward W.8 Feb 188115 Apr 1968Hattie E. STEADMAN
(with Hattie E. Steadman)
STEADMANEmma B.18881957Joseph C. STEADMAN
"Husbad - Joseph C. Steadman - Father: ----- Clark, Brother: Glen Clark"
STEADMANGeorge H. 11 Mar 18753 jan1951 Anna May STEADMAN
"Wife Anna May Steadman - son of Joseph L. and Caroline Matthews Steadman"
STEADMANHattie E.9 Mar 189714 Feb 1973Edward W. STEADMAN
(with Edward W. Steadman)
STEADMANJoseph C.18791940Emma B. STEADMAN
"Age 61 yrs - wife Emma B. Steadman son of Joseph L. & Caroline L. Matthews Steadman"
Dear Parents Tho we miss you much we know you rest with God.
STEADMANJoseph L.25 Dec 184624 Nov 1916 Caroline L. STEADMAN
"Wife Caroline L. Matthews Steadman"
TICE---- A.  *William TICE
"Son of Bill & Jennie Tice - Grandparents: Oliver C. & Sarah L.Tice
TICEJennie E.7 Jun 18964 Jun 1978William TICE
"Loving Mother" (Next to William Tice - Stetcher Mortuary)
TICEOliver C.23 Oct 18494 May 1918Sarah L. TICE
"Father - Wife Sarah L. Tice"
TICESarah L.25 Nov 185418 Oct 1923Oliver C. TICE
"Mother - Husband Oliver C. Tice"
TICEWilliam18911970Jennie E. TICE
(Next to Jennie Tice - Stetcher Mortuary)
WALLSDoyle Dean2 Jul 193529 Mar 1989 
Father of Doyle Jr, Sheila G., Vicky L.
WHITEBert L.8 Aug 190420 Jun 1984 Laura V. WHITE
with Laura V. White
WHITECharles H.1870 1954Mable M. Tice WHITE
"Wife Mable Tice White"
WHITELaura V. 31 Dec 191319 Jan 1973Bert L. WHITE
(with Bert L. White)
WHITEMable M. Tice 28 Mar 1884Mar 1968 Charles H. WHITE
"Husband Charles H. White - daughter of Oliver and Sarah L. Tice"
WYATTAnna7 Feb 189620 Aug 1983Rufus A. WYATT
WYATTGlen A.14 Apr 19251 Feb 2000 Marcella WYATT
WYATTMarcellaAug 1928 Glen A. WYATT
Our Children Rhonda, Mark,Jeff
WYATTRufus A.28 Mar 18946 Mar 1984Anna WYATT
The following stones and locations were unmarked graves, no names or unreadable

no name:
6 stones all alike in Row 1 on east side of cemetery.
3 stones south of Jennie Tice
2 stones next to William Tice
1 stone next to Sarah L. Tice 1 stone in Row 2 on east side looks like stones in row 1

Row 11 first grave south of Eva Chapman
Row 10 north of William G. Moser
Unreadable stones:
Row 2 - 4 stones
Row 4 - 2 graves north of Joseph L. Steadman
Row 6 - 1 stone south side of W. H. Endersby
Row 11 - 1st stone north of W. F. Crites (wife Dora)
Row 11 - 2nd stone north of W. F. Crites

          Note: Several of the stones that are unmarked or unreadable are small stones about 10 inches wide and 18 inches tall. About 6 inches down from the top of the stone is an area about 3X5 inches covered with a piece of plastic. Some of them have what might have been a card or piece of paper behind the plastic but the elements and time have erased what possibly held information as to the identity of the person buried there. DD.

Unknown1  Unknown2  Unknown3  Unknown4  Unknown5  Unknown6  Unknown7
Unknown8  Unknown9  Unknown10  Unknown11  Unknown12  Unknown13  Unknown14
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