Blake Township
Moose Hill
Surveyed in 1850 & then again in 1900

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Blake Township was named after Edward Blake 1833-1912. Born in Adelaide. Middlesex Co., Ont. He was educated in Toronto at the Upper Canada College and University of Toronto. He was called to the bar of Ontario in 1859 and became an acknowledged leader. from 1867-1891 he was also a member of the Dominion House of Commons & leader of the Liberal Opposition in the House Of Commons from 1878-1887. Edward Blake retired in 1907.

The first Post Office also known as Moose Hill P.O. was first located at the farm of Stanley Provonost on 1 June 1913, Mr. Provonost resigned from this position 23 April 1917. He lived on the Scott Highway, about a mile from the Clapp farm where the last P.O. was last located.. It was then located at James Maley's home from 1 August 1917-8 March 1920 who also resigned this position. The post office then found a new home at Jack Hamilton's on Highway 61, just south of the Highway 608 intersection. Mr. Hamilton ran the post office from 31 May 1920 until his death in May of 1947. It was then moved to Clapp's Store across the road which was owned by Kenneth Clapp & was also known and still is as "Clapp's Corner". The post office finally closed in June of 1966 and the store closed not long after due to re-routing of the new highway.

One of the Slate River Bailey Bridges. This one was located on Highway 608, about 1/4 mile from Highway 61 or the Scott Highway as it was also known as. As seen in the picture, the Slate River had flooded its banks, the river at that point not being much more than 15 or 20 feet wide and not very deep.

Some of the Early Pioneers

Alex Stephenson was Blake Township's first councillor in 1881

Mireault Family came from Rodin, Quebec to the township in 1885

Serene Robbins lived in Blake from 1903-until his death at age 83 in 1946

Miller Family had the first child, a daughter born in Blake in the year 1904

Joseph Miller Joseph Miller was born in McKillop Township, Bruce Co, and came to this district in 1898 and took up a homestead in Blake Township. In 1903 he married Miss Ida Cleveland Ferry of Slate River. He had always taken an active interest in the affairs of the community and for 20 years served as councillor on the Neebing council. In earlier years he also served on the Blake school board.

Jack Hamilton was an early postmaster of Blake Township & lived on Highway 61 just south of the turnoff to Highway 608.

John Carlson resided in Blake Township since 1917 & sold in 1969 to Darryl Whittaker

David Rea

Percy & James D. Clapp - The Original homestead was located Con 3 Lot 11 & his son Percy Clapp was at Con 2 Lot 11, Percy received the land under the Homestead Act in Dec 1906. In the summer of 1914, John Clapp & his family came up from Madoc, Ont & resided at Con 3 Lot 11 here until about 1916 and then moved to Fort William. James later sold the farm to the Hamilton family & moved to Schreiber about 1920 where he died in Dec 1930. Percy Clapp then gave ownership of the farm at Con 2 Lot 11 to John Clapp in 1926 & moved out west to Edmonton, Alta. John Clapp, with his family returned to Blake Township by 1933 & settled on the farm & is remembered today as "Clapp's Corner.

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