September 1912

Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

September 1912

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September 26, 1912 to October 24, 1912


Steamer Crucible of the Crucible Fuel Co docked September 26, 1912 for new sheet iron and other repairs  she was formerly the W.C. Jutte 1- Chas. Ritz (Ritts) Captain -  Ollie Robinson  Engineer - Red Kenan  Mate

Steamer Boaz on Wednesday October 2, 1912 for new chain fastening  12 patches in her sides  chain brace repairs  cylinder head had blowed out and broke one brace off  repairs to Samsons posts and wheel chains - Morgan went on vacation October 11 to see his parents - they live in Kansas

Steamer Boaz towed away via Steamer Little Fred  October 13, 1912

Steamer Crucible off the Ways Wednesday October 16, 1912

Steamer Robert Jenkins in the River Thursday October 17, 1912  she now sets in the Water - Plumb level and square   the Ex Super John Wiegel told the combine heads she could not be straightened  that she had been built that way at Brownsville also he had his brother Dunck   ( Duncan) on her seven years ago  almost rebuilt her  she now proves they were at fault  they would acknowledge it  that was not the Wiegel way

Steel Barge Clairton of the American Steel & Wire Co docked October 17, 1912 to be scraped and painted   size 12' x 36' x 200'  with steel cargo box

This Robert Jenkins job mentioned above was a big job and cost a lot of money.  finished October 24, 1912 and left Monday October 28, 1912  had been docked September 11, 1912 (details of this job in my little book)

1)  This is an error as the CRUCIBLE was previously the CHARLEY JUTTE

September 26, 1912 to October 24, 1912

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