Town Scenes

Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

Town Scenes

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                        Elizabeth, PA   Town Scenes


Postcard dated 1907 showing Second Street, elevation of road has changed since then.

This photograph shows the road in front of the Elizabeth Cemetery.  The house at the far end of the road is the house that JW Lynch lived in from 1910 until his death in 1948.  This photo is dated 1910.

Postcard showing Elizabeth American Legion Auditorium dated January 29,1910.


Elizabeth, PA  1915

This postcard looking down Bayard Street is best dated by the car parked behind the bush left lower corner, possible circa 1920

Elizabeth, PA  Center Avenue 1939


Photo is dated October 11, 1906  Elizabeth, PA  

This could be showing the bridge over Fallen Timber Creek, just outside the downtown area.

Postcard Showing Elizabeth Waterworks Filter Tank is dated 1937


Residences of Old Elizabeth


Circa 1870 drawing from "Illustrated Atlas of the Upper Ohio River Valley from Pittsburgh, PA to Cincinnati, OH"   circa 1870    Similar colorized version of previous picture from collection of Historic Elizabeth  

These lithographs show the Neil Brother's homes located in the area known as "Town Hill" and show these homes next to each other.  This property was eventually used for the Elizabeth High School for many years.  The second drawing on the right is the same home as shown on the left side of the first drawing but from a different angel. One of these homes can be seen in the last photo of the Elizabeth Public School  Third Street below, possibility the home on the right of the first drawing above.

Photo of house on left of lithograph above, circa 1920.  From collection of Norma Werner.   Photo of house on right of lithograph above, circa 1920.  From collection of Norma Werner


Dr. James Van Kirk residence, photo circa 1920 from collection of Norma Werner  S. A. Bryce residence photo circa 1920 from collection of Norma Werner  Wycoff residence, photo circa 1920 from collection of Norma Werner From collection of Historic Elizabeth James Gamble House from a postcard dated early 1900s



Elizabeth Public School   Third Street


Third Street School, date unknown     Elizabeth Grade School from the other angle  Another view of Elizabeth School   Close up of schools steeple with date


Elizabeth Public School from collection of John Dizama    Colorized version of this postcard  Date of picture is unknown, of interest is the One Way traffic sign that is now visible. This is the best photo of the school on this web site.   Photo from collection of Historic Elizabeth shows group of students standing in school yard next to fence  

From collection of Art Swartz   

Photo showing the Third Street Elementary School was apparently taken from the roof of the Masonic Building located "katy-corner" from the school, and which still stands today.  On the hill behind the school is the home and pavilion of W. W. O'Neil a prominent coal baron and boat owner.

Amos Myers writes that the smoke behind the school is coming from Marraccini's warehouse as they roasted coffee and he noted that the odor was strong.  Amos lived on Tanner Avenue behind the school.




Churches of Elizabeth, PA

A few of Elizabeth Churches postcard dated 1915


St. Michael's Church was built in 1851 and closed in 1987.   St. Michael's Rectory was located next to the Church.  Colorized postcard of interior of St. Michaels is dated 1908  Postcard dated 1936 showing interior of St. Michael's Catholic Church  Closer view of interior of St. Michaels from collection of Historic unknown


added 6/23/18    Prebysterian Church prior to 1907  Prebysterian Church in Elizabeth   Photo is dated 1913.  The Prebsyterian Church in town with sign reading Round Hill Prebsyterian

Photo of Presbyterian Church above left shows the building without the brick entrance as seen in next two photos, church records indicate this entrance was added during 1907.  Also note that the Old Elizabeth Cemetery has a few headstones visible.  This photo is from the collection of Dorothy Trumbo II and made available by Barrett McAuliffe.

         Elizabeth, PA  Methodist Church with Parsonage on the left of church. Early Photo.    Interior of Methodist Church, photo is dated 1902.   


Original Baptist Church was located in area near exisiting Rt. 51 Bridge   Original United Prebysterian Church was located in area under existing Rt 51 Bridge.  The new UP Church was built on the former High School Field near the exit from the new Rt. 51 Bridge into Elizabeth.  

An additional Church related photo can be viewed at Elizabeth Teams & Groups.


United States Safe Company located in Elizabeth, PA    close up of United States Safe Company    From collection of Historic Elizabeth shows the rear of the Safe Works...note the field, with crossbars and group on field apparently in front of fire.  

This building was built in 1892 and the United States Safe Company took over production of safes here in 1905.  The location is in the area of the present day Wylie Field at the bottom of Blaine Hill.  This location means the safe factory was very close, in fact next to the Elizabeth Marine Ways. The photo on the right shows the EMW in the center of the photo, the large white building with a boat on the upper yard next to the white building. The Safe Works building was torn down during the 1930s. Glenn Meyers wrote that he cleaned 12,000 bricks from this building as a nine year old, earning $ 1.50 per thousand.



 From collection of Kirk and Tetta Lynch Hall Plum Street combined with previous gives a panoramic view  Approach to Bridge

Market Street  Third Street with School

Aieral View from 1959 Souvenir Book     

The photos above are from the collection of Kirk and Tetta Lynch Hall.



Railroad Tracks / Train Station along 1st Avenue



The seven photos below are from the Historic Pittsburgh Image Collections, donated to them by the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad. This set of photos will take you along 1st Avenue on July 18, 1911 and I am assuming they are showing the single railroad track running through Elizabeth during and prior to the installation of a second set of tracks to be used in addition to the existing set or as replacements for the existing set of tracks. These photos appear to have been taken at the crossing streets of the tracks. Note the first and last photos show work gangs and also track switching signal poles which might indicate that there were already two sets of tracks coming into and out of town and that a second set of tracks were about to be installed running through town. My assumption only.

  Photo 1, coming into town from Lock 3 area.  Note that a track switching signal post on the right side of photo next to an existing set of merging tracks.  Photo 2  Photo 3

Photo 4  Photo 5, Train Station on right and Flour Mill on left.  Photo 6

Photo 7, last photo taken.  Photo appears to show existing track switching signal poles in the distance which could indicate that a second set of tracks already existed from that point.    


The photos below are dated August 1911, less than a month after the above seven photos were taken and appears to show a new set of tracks, based upon the earth work around the track and the new appearance of the ties.


From collection of Historic Elizabeth   Close up of part of previous photo   From collection of Historic Elizabeth   From collection of Historic Elizabeth 

The background of the above photos shows the familiar Flour Mill but of interest is the building with an awning which is apparently a small store which sells fruit and also a Hotel, based upon the words written on the awning and building, note the little girl walking in front of the store.

 Then and Now

Below are similar scenes as above photos but with trains going thru Elizabeth on the again single set of tracks.  The photo on the left is dated February 1986 and the photo on the right during the early 2000s. 

Dated February1986 showing the old toll booth and the corner of the Old Mill.       


Elizabeth Train Station in early 1900s

Postcard dated 1907

     From collection of Historic Elizabeth

Elizabeth Train Station in late 1900s


Looking up the track on May 23, 1955 with Train Station and Milling Company in view   Close up of Train Station   Close up of Milling Company

This photo looking up Plum Street is dated May 25, 1956, one year later than those above.   A close up view of previous photo   

These photos are from the Historic Pittsburgh Image Collections.  They are from the collection of Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad and based upon the dates given on the two sets of photos were taken a year apart, May 1955 and 1956.     


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