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...Connecting the Dots...

Families Location Associated Families
Boisclair - Beauclair                 France - Quebec - Michigan   Metay, Campau, Riopelle, Pelletier
Dix Alsace - Massachusetts - Michigan Webster, Woodworth, Cummings, Ewing, Deering
Hotson Scotland - Ontario - Michigan Veitch - Murray - Ritchie - Hounam - Nichol
Johns Devon England - Ontario Walter - Kempthorne - Bond - Thorn
Moore Ireland - Pennsylvania - Michigan Chalfant - Chase - Kelly
Murray Scotland - Nova Scotia - Illinois Reid - McIntosh
Pickard Devon England - Ontario - Michigan Courtice - Marquis - Wood - Reese - Crocker
Schoenheide Germany - Ontario - Michigan Heideman, Ludke, Pinel, Pronger
Steckling Germany - Wisconsin - Nebraska Preusker - Mittlestadt - Rathke

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