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Welcome ! This site is just beginning. There are 256 names in this family tree that I plan on transferring over to here. The most recent event is the marriage of Daniels, Rhonda Jannette and Farrell, Chris in 2005.

My name is Jannette Santos and I am the webmaster of this site. If you have any comments or feedback please write to me at jn46036@yahoo.com. Some time this summer of 2006 I would like to plan a Family reunion. If any one is interested please contact me by e-mail.

If you are part of the family and have more information, or pictures you would like to add, please contact me. I will gladly accept family information. Remember this is for you're children and there children to come! I will respond to all e-mail.

List of Last Names

Alcantar Cleavland Green Miller Schavers Barnett Colsow Harrison Moody Sharp Bartlett Cook Horner Morris Shewmaker Bogard Coolie Jones Northcutt Simpson Bruner Cos(t)low Kennedy Ochoa Swick Burgin •Coslow Koohns Peavler Tedford Burns Creason Lee Perez Thomas Burton •Daniels Lukenovich •Perry Troutman Buttler Davis Magers Prescott Urbina •Caldwell Dean Mateo Robberts Waggoner •Carey Duncan matherly ( ) Robinson Warner Cary Evans McGill Ross Whitehouse Casey Farrell McGinnis Ruby Chausser Frye •Medley Salines Chaussuer Gosa Middleton Santos

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