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It's been almost two years since I began researching some of the names in our family. As I progress with my research on one family, I find I am constantly adding new names to research later on. I find myself obsessed with this hobby that has no end. You never really finish research on one family and before you know it you've added ten more names to your list. It's like a wonderful game that never ends. Here are some of the names I'm researching.... NEELY/NEILY,COBLEY,MORRIS,RAKE,COWEN,SHAWCROFT, WATKINS,SURGENER,CRAVENS,FUEL,HARER, GLASSCOCK/GLASSCO/GLASCOE,HARDING,BEST,DICKEY, MCINTYRE,MCKINZIE/MCKENZIE, MATTHEWS,HUTTON, HUTCHISON,JACKSON,BARTLEY,SMITH,SIDLES,SYDELL, CAMPBELL,MIDDLETON They are in no particular order and it is not a complete list. I will add others as I find more information on them.

I began with my husband's Neely family and had a lot of fun tracing them from CA. back to Nova Scotia and Ireland.

Then I started to look for information on my maiden name of Cobley. What an adventure this search turned out to be. I've found distant cousins of my Cobley ancestors as far as Australia and Wales. And what a surprise to find there are so many Cobley's in Wales and England.

Then the family I get the most excited about, my g.grandmother's maiden name was Watkins and this family were real western cowboys. They even had a small part in an Arizona range war between cattlemen and sheepmen. There was cattle rustling, hangings and shootings. A book was even written about it called A LITTLE WAR OF OUR OWN, The Pleasant Valley feud revisited. By Don Dedera.

Sometimes you are surprised with what you learn. My mother always thought her maiden name of Glascoe was Scot but I found that it used to be Glasscock and was English. I also found that her Glasscock ancestors had been in this country over a hundred years before the American Revolution.

I think that this has been my biggest surprise. Realizing how many of these families had come over either before or during revolutionary times. I think I always assumed that my ancestors had emigrated during the 1800s along with millions of others.

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