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98th Cousins Reunion 2009

We especially invite and welcome our AUNTS and UNCLES

WHERE: Willow West Rotary Bowery 500 W 700 S - Logan, Utah

WHEN: FRI June 26th 10 am - 4 pm

WHAT: Friday 10 am – 12:30 pm - VISITING

12:30 pm - Picnic Lunch (Bring your own)

2:pm - Short Family Meeting

Sharing time and Visiting


Doris has reserved Willow West Rotary Park for the day schedule (9 am – 4 pm). It is close to the Logan Aquatic Center and Willow Park Zoo. The park has a covered pavilion, parking lot, restrooms, playground area.

We appreciate all your support and encouragement to keep our cousins reunion a fun event for all. It has been fun seeing our family and cousins each year.  For anyone unable to attend, please feel free to send Doris a family picture, last year's family Christmas letter, etc., etc., anything you'd like to share with your cussinz!  Doris keeps a binder with the handouts (genealogical information, life histories, pictures) and a scrapbook of the reunion with a new section each year.  This has been helpful to those not able to attend every year.

We used to get a letter out after the reunion with info, but the past couple years it hasn't happened.  Dann prepared a very nice 6-generation chart last year.  It started with all the cousins then aunts and uncles -- to grandma and grandpa (with wedding pictures) and 3 generations of greats -- all complete with dates, places , and all the children listed in the families of the greats.  Claine has brought pictures and other genealogical information, such as lists of immigrant companies for all our ancestors who came to Utah.  Milt and Dave have worked on keeping an updated contact list.  Sheldon entertained wit his harmonica.

Last year Bernell and Ed had us all laughing with auctioneer antics.  Thanks to all of you for sharing time, talents, skills, etc.

It has been suggested not doing an auction this year.  We have nearly $600 in the reunion account, so it should be sufficient to cover most of a 2010 reunion.  We will be back on schedule next year.  Please contact me if you have any suggestions for this year.  I've tried to make everything work around the bigger reunion -- leaving the morning unstructured for ay who want to go on the ATV ride.

We look forward to seeing everyone this year!

Doris Barney  (509) 877-3651
Milt Petersen   (801) 968-6986

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