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John Jenkins was born May 8th 1845 in Cowbridge, Glamorganshire, South Wales, son of Evan and Ann Davies, Jenkins. He was the eldest of the family of ten children. He, with his parents, emigrated to the United States 1850 (John was 5 years old) landing in New Orleans. From there they went up the Mississippi river to St Louis where they stayed for a short time. They continued on up the Missouri River to Kanesville (Council Bluffs) where they made their home and farmed at a place called Mosquito Creek for about 11 years until they could afford to go west. On Saturday June 22, 1861 they crossed the Missouri River to Florence, Nebraska (Omaha) and on 25 June 1861 they left there to go to Utah. They crossed the plains with Captain Duncan's Company to Salt Lake City, arriving in time for the October 1861 Conference. They moved up to Farmington where they made their home.

In June 1927 a Cache Valley Herald reporter interviewed John Jenkins and recorded his autobiography.  The reporter wrote:  

"Recently John Jenkins, 82 years of age, was in the office of the Cache Valley Herald. He had just returned from a horseback trip to the reservation, where he delivered a bull, right side up, with care and seemed none the worse for his hard trip. While we were talking we suggested to him that he give us a story of his varied experiences since coming to the West, and he agreed to do so.  Here is the narrative in his own words:

"Pioneer Tells his Life Story"
John Jenkins, 82, writes interesting of early days in the West

"I was born in Cowbridge, Glamorganshire, South Wales, on the 8th day of May, 1845. My parents joined the Church before I was born. My father used to go out on the streets and preach the strange doctrine called Mormonism, and he would take me up to his arms so the people would not throw rotten eggs at him, as it was such a new thing to them they thought he was crazy. When nearly 5 years of age I, with my parents, left our native land, leaving Liverpool February 18, 1850 (6), and crossed the ocean, which took eight weeks, on the good ship Josiah Bradlee (6). We arrived in New Orleans April 16, 1850 (6), and went up the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, landing just below Winter Quarters. From there we journeyed four miles east to Council Bluffs and five miles east to Mosquito Creek, where we lived for eleven years. When we arrived there our earthly belongings consisted of a few dishes and two feather beds, one of which they soon traded for a cow, the first we ever owned..."

To read the rest of his story CLICK HERE

[John Jenkins, "Pioneer Tells His Life Story", CACHE VALLEY HERALD, Wednesday, June 22, 1927; John Jenkins, 82 writes interesting of early days in the West.]

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